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  1. @Nalates Urriah I dug a bit through my inventory and found the main problem I'm having with BOM. I'm Frankensteins Monster of mesh systems. My body is fine. It can do BOM. The HUD is unfortunatly complex in that aspect, but whatever. The head can't do BOM and will probably never, as LeLutka does their evolution heads now... but forgot making a cute head, that would follow the style of "Chloe" (my head). But the nightmare doesn't stop there, as the creator for my skin seems to sleep on BOM...unless you use a freaking genus head ofc... So I would need thousands of Lindens and countless hours to go full BOM, as I would need to replace both my head and skin.
  2. Those 2007 furnished sex dungeon homes with the RL porn on the walls? Their owner are particular terrible when it comes to decoration.
  3. <stares> I'll buy the entire store. <Sims shopping music starts playing>
  4. I was here when we just had system layers (I joined in 2010). So I never struggled with system layers. I used them just fine until I switched to a mesh body. But BOM is just... The whole HUD section for that stuff on mesh body parts is ten times as complicated as appliers were. With appliers you just wear the thing, click a button, done. Now I have this wild puzzle of some mesh parts can do it others can't. I had such a nightmare getting a new skin, because with BOM it suddenly mattered what system skin I was wearing, but I also need an applier, because the head can't do BOM. But if I get a new head, then I'm not sure if it still supports my big collection of make up appliers... So I don't really feel like stuff got easier.
  5. It doesn't really puzzle me, because I do not believe that this is about "misrepresentation". Its about guys being absolutly repulsed by the whole concept of accidentally flirting with another male user. As if this would make what they did somehow "gay" and that thats the worst possible thing. Its basically homophobia. Just think about this: There are a milion things that can differ between an avatar and its user. Yet we have this reduction of prefered RL gender = suitable romantic/erotic companion in SL. Yet in reality, that doesn't say anything about how attracted a man would be to the woman he just met in SL, even if you just focus on physical apperance.
  6. You just got lucky with your houseboat then 😉 I had some awfully shallow boats in the past, with water not deeper than 3m.
  7. Forget gender, the true question is why would someone write their entire post in bold + underlined text?
  8. First half of Christmas decoration was put up today in the office. The tree will follow after the 29.11.
  9. BOM is the one step that makes everything so much more complicated. Another fking system to balance on top of it all. I did well with appliers and mesh in general, but this thing... I hate it. But its now shoved down our throats, if you want anything new these days. And I feel like creators use it to squeeze more money out of people.
  10. <googles when Thanksgiving is>
  11. Once I get home, I might be tempted to clean out my houseboat as well.
  12. I once got a private message on the forums. A long rant how I could dare to be so rude to his girlfriend. I had no idea what he was talking about until I investigated a bit and found out that he was talking about a thread, that was like 5 years old at that point.
  13. I'll keep my hopes low. Especially because releases on US timezones are awful for me.
  14. @Daniel Voyager I hope before that happens, we'll see more growth down south, to connect the elements of Belli more with each other. I lived in the "upper pickle" as my first house in Belli and it already felt disconnected. Now seeing this raw edge on the Loghome continent and how isolated the Stilts are going to be...ouch. You won't be able to go sailing from there. But still, a really interesting picture... maybe Satori and Belli touch noses...in a far away future.
  15. My "today" is already over in a few hours 🙁
  16. Kraftwork is having some losely christmas themed furniture for this weekends Saturday Sale. Could fit well into Loghomes, Trads or Campers.
  17. <Must resists snarky comment about christian nut jobs> Judgeing by her profile, she won't have a problem with Gor. Its probably shoe stores, that sell flipflops.
  18. lol, who are the "satanic creator's Stores"? I'd like to shop there.
  19. My grandparents owned a house in this style (although with red brick walls, instead of white). The roof needs different care than a normal roof. It usually needs to be redone every 30-50 years and you can't celebrate with firework close by.
  20. The only holidays coming up for me are Christmas and New Year. We will probably not visit my grandmother this year, but if restrictions aren't increased until then, I intend to visit my parents. What I will be missing a little bit are the Christmas Markets, I love some of the food... maybe the city will allow some booths to be up in the inner city for at least some take-away.
  21. Weird, I also thought generation X is like the "default" age group for the SL population.
  22. I know people have already made shapes like that even before mesh (wide hips, big butts, big breasts, tiny everything else) with the default bodies sliders, so there is a market for that.
  23. I hope its not during my work hours... still two weeks before I'm sceduled for home office again.
  24. I forsee a lot of game of homes in the future. One category can mean a lot of different set ups. I'm personally not interested in a stilt home, that sits completely in open water and not really fond of one completely on land either.However, something with the butt in the water or attached to a pier would be great.
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