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  1. Nobody is "probably wrong". You don't "define" to be 17. You enter your birthdate and when that makes you 17, you are 17 and therefore not an adult.
  2. The question would be easier if it was "which store doesn't?" My store recommendation would entire depend on their favorite style.
  3. Something that just came into my mind, after looking through the pictures again (yes, I love to already imagine how to decorate every room): Do we already know how customizeable they will be? I love dark colours. It would be kinda sad, if we are limited to bubble gum colours on the inside walls.
  4. At least everyone on the forum should be well aware about it, considering how thats all you ever talk about.
  5. Aww... good for you, twinkle star! I for sure tried getting in there the entire last day just for fun and giggles... 🙄
  6. I've been trying to get in for hours now. No chance. Usually get a message that the teleport request failed.
  7. People who start group chat in a giant, non-socializing group* for the pure purpose of basically saying 'hi'. *groups people join for a bonus, gifts, updates and information, not for forming a community
  8. I wish the heads were simply on the MP.
  9. I also had no idea (and I feel old now), so I googled and Google told me, it means 'hit me up'.
  10. If all else fails, I will try to use weird hours during Christmas holidays for this. Christmas morning, evening of the 24th... I'm kind of worried it will stay incredible difficult for a looong time. I mean at this moment, most of America isn't online yet and its also not evening in Europe yet (so people might be busy with work) and it feels like sacrificing a virgins blood is necessary to get in.
  11. I have tried that like...10 times now. Can't get in.
  12. How did you retexture the walls?
  13. I already struggle with the existing "more open" houses. I can never manage to replicate the walls and doors well enough or cut up those giant rooms to not feel so empty.
  14. I caught a beautiful little Log Home next to a pond.
  15. Chatrooms? Because SL got no "rooms". And when I clicked on this, I was instantly confused, because *I* know ERP only as a short for erotic roleplay. Never came across the meaning you got there.
  16. I only have a Linden Home (ok, at the moment I wait for a new home...but in general I do have one). Its my only home, since I'm too stingy to pay for either additional land or another premium account.
  17. ... and then there are people, who by default great and talk to people in any language that is not English, somehow expecting everyone to understand them. Thats nonesense. Do you really believe some random European club owner changes their entire RL day/night cicle -just- to be able to run their club on PST? Nah, that would be insanity.
  18. How would that make sense? I mean, all the old content (or at least most of it) is still there. Want to rock a flexi skirt? Go for it. Old system layers still work aswell. And what isn't arround anymore (the people, the spirit, the places) can't be artifically brought back anyway.
  19. And I would love to visit, either by boat or in a nice beach themed car!
  20. So... how do we feel about this week? I also need some inspiration. What are you all going to do with your Stilts.
  21. Thanks. I think I went with something like inappropiate object? I know that category is about the lands rating, but well... I hope the text and picture explain it well enough. Its a giant "privacy screen" wall of a picture of a snowy forest, which completely encloses the parcel it belongs to.
  22. Maybe I have missed it, but what category should one chose to report objects that seem to violate the Belli rules? With Christmas season, lots of people seem to have forgotten that this isn't mainland.
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