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  1. I was discussing this very topic with supertom a few weeks ago. His last update was he liked the potential idea, but was still waiting on permission over what they can/can't share etc.
  2. it's taught me that in SL I can collect toilets, and walk down the road in just my underpants. In RL I'd have to explain to a Judge, and have a lifetime membership to dynorod
  3. there's actually a bucket load of secret areas like this on the old LH continents. I actually posted a thread about these several months ago, after my 8 1/2 month project to map secret areas on linden owned land, aethelwine has a copy of my rather detailed note card on how to find all of them. if anybody would like a copy please feel free to drop me a line inworld.
  4. has anyone taken a minute to flag this, or report this? @Tommy Lindensupertom, any advice on reporting this please?
  5. then take a peek around ^^
  6. oh I know where that this, but did *you* find the secret passageway in there?
  7. NOBODY is telling me to segregate my beloved toilets. -.-
  8. This year in January, and February, I've lost 20 days of my life to Covid, I had to isolate when a family member tested positive, and ultimately I also tested positive. My own symptoms were like a bad case of the flu, shivers/shakes/aches/high temperature, but I recovered 100% After my recovery, I made 3 donations of blood plasma IE antibodies, to help the less fortunate victims of this terrible virus.
  9. That's the beauty of the mute button
  10. Yeah I just keep filling up my list with the bots.
  11. That's the beauty of it. If you "disagree" with it, report it.
  12. it's Second Life. You can be whatever you want to be.
  13. In SL I can walk down the street in just my underpants, without an eyebrow raised. In RL, I'd have to explain to a Judge why oO
  14. My RL employer looked at using Second Life for our conferences with the other sites worldwide. I remember thinking to myself, how I'd transfer my toilet flush gesture to any work account I was given. and renaming the onigokko to something like "cup of coffee (add me)". Didn't actually wind up using SL, just used standard conference software.
  15. Now one of those might work my "light my own farts" gesture and animation. *runs off to try it*
  16. Shower. At various times of the day. That's the joys of shift work. early shift: shower 2 pm late shift: shower 10pm ish night shift: shower 6am ish before I go to bed, and again when I get up to feel human. Baths, only in SL when I catch someone afk by the water then I make sure that they get a "free bath".
  17. I thought saying "like the flu" in a covid thread, and mentioning donating blood plasma with antibodies in a thread about Covid was a bit of a give away that I had Covid. The symptoms I'd had were "like the flu". Why did I count my blessings at that? Other have had it FAR worse than me, I had 10 days stuck at home with daytime TV Also I had no long-lasting effects from it. Just a shortness of breath that went within 10 days of me being able to start hiking and biking again.
  18. Humour is in the eye of the beholder. I'm getting closer to 50 yet I still laugh hilariously @ Beavis and Butthead (especially the episodes with The Great Cornholio) but today's so called "comedians" can't even elicit a chuckle from me.
  19. I had Covid back in January/February, made a full recovery, and have donated blood plasma (ie antibodies). I gave my last dose of blood plasma last week. 3 lots in total but last time I felt "bleurgh" after it.
  20. We have this handy dandy tool called a mute button, that never fails to stop anyone im'ing you.
  21. has anyone asked Patch about this idea? Correct me if I'm wrong but creating opensim voids to fill any gaps shouldn't be an issue now SL is in the cloud?
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