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  1. um I just said I'm agender so I'm not a 'miss' but otherwise, thank you. I'll check that out. I guess I figured I'd ask because I know I don't really fit a lot of the big requirements for jobs. [sexy human avi]. Perhaps its just insecurity but I worry nobody is gonna wanna hire my anime ass so I'm like "am I even allowed to ask for this job???" It's weird.
  2. Kinda curious on having an sl job since money is a bit tight. Though, I noticed a lot of jobs rely on appearance and I'm kind of uncomfortable having a human avatar at the moment [or at least being like. forced to. I've been rockin anime avatars lately] and I am super uncomfortable with any sort of sexual job or anything that requires a mic or a sexy human avi yet that seems to be all I'm seeing. I almost wonder if a job is even possible for me. I'm really down to try most things but some things to know, if it helps: -roleplay [something I actually adore. I rp A LOT but never on sl s
  3. Thank you, this means a lot. I was really torn up about this when I first posted but all of the support and thinking things over has really helped me feel better. A This is actually my first time seeing these avatars! I think they look really cute and though I'm learning how to make my own mesh avatar [I'm also an artist and i guess I just prefer an avatar closer to my art style/habits?], I might try these out too.
  4. Thanks! My payment info is already verified I think so I just need to wait for access to the grid.
  5. Thank you. How do I go about filing the support ticket?
  6. Hmm okay so I know it won't be easy but I can't seem to find any sort of tutorial anywhere on this. I have some 3d modeling background and have rigged characters before [I use Blender] and I'm also an artist and I've decided I won't really be satisfied with my avatar until it looks like my art/designs, since nothing is really? Stylized enough for me? Idk i wanna be a cartoon but like. A custom one based on my art. I've figured out how to get models into second life but I kind of want something more: I want the face to be bento or at the very least have expressions. But I have no idea how to do
  7. Thanks I'll be sure to try that! And yeah it's so easy to forget sometimes people are just awful.
  8. I won't lie. I've had some really bad experiences that have caused me to be more and more closed off and kind of just recently left every SL server I was in in a fit of anxiety because well. I don't feel like I fit in? And every time I made a human avatar based on how I actually look, people would be really really gross about it and make all kinds of bad assumptions about me [which in turn with the avatar based on me, made me have worse self image issues...yikes] and I just gave up and decided to be anime. And on top of that, everyone had a specific look and I just didn't fit in that. I was to
  9. edited because i didnt see this was old idk how to delete this im so sorry
  10. Okay so I just found out via someone else that you need to hit crtl while dragging and that worked! Again I wish the instructions were more clear
  11. unfortunately i tried that and still nothing. i really do wish the instructions were more clear
  12. So like I've been getting into anime avatars more and I bought this cute head from mokyu right? And I wanna make my own skins eyes etc so it came with this applier and I followed the instructions as best as I could, dragged the texture to the applier, clicked 'Check' but then I dont get the type screen. It just says it finished checking and nothing happens. I tried rezzing the applier, adding the applier, making my texture full perm and yet nothing. Apparently this is really easy but I cant figure it out??? Here's the instructions. Sorry in advance if this is like, a dumb question I'
  13. Thank you SO much oh my god!!!
  14. Ive been using search...but I havent really found anything which is why I came here
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