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  1. Am I reading the same thread cause I don't get it. How is Anne's or Djehan's quote facist? Can you spell it out completely?
  2. Lawrence could you drop a LM on me when you're next inworld. When I use the map I TP to 5 sims but don't see the tall buildings.
  3. Hopefully now that people know you're for real the thread will be smoother, PetitOurs. One can hope, anyway.
  4. I have a "stop SL sex pac" that Im assuming theyre talking about because its funny. Not seeing how its relevant to my question here, though. First time poster because this is the first thing I've cared about. Haha, well don't let two people accusing you of trolling by researching you inworld right off the bat, also and saying your idea should be in the "Flush your great idea down the toilet here" thread keep you from posting. We're actually a friendly group here don't you think? 😜
  5. I think the OP is just expressing their mild frustration with all the turbulence in the forum and so making a joke to lighten up the ambiance. Don't see it in the malicious light you are framing it in.
  6. Vanity was a bad boyeee Vanity was a bad boyeeee hahaha
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