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  1. Since the log lands are much higher than the rest of Belli to avoid the water glitch, I wonder how they would work lower log lands in? Maybe low logs will consist of only a small area to attractively bridge that section of the two themes? It will be interesting to see what they will do since Patch and the Moles have been consistently vocal regarding the height discrepancy and the reasoning behind it.
  2. I think Prok lucked out and hit the stilt release just right and was able to land homes instantly. Had he come earlier when there was little on LP, he might be singing a different tune. But he didn't. And so he assumed there were way too many home available. I doubt we will see an overabundance of homes soon. As a group, we seem to continue our fascination with the homes and the newest themes. Plus we were told a long time ago that at some point the homeowners from the old lands will be enticed to shift to Belli. And, most of all, I think it may be a cold day in Hell before we experience an overabundance of The Most Desirable Parcels, those amazing places that GOH is all about!
  3. Surprisingly, the stilts are my new favorite theme. Great job Patch et al! The Tortuga walls are jagged. I made a small powder room to fit near the entry.
  4. Thank you for the post Arquet! Can you post a link for the store? I found a few Cosmopolitan's in search and I don't see a tree with gifties. Merry Christmas Everybody!
  5. Make do? Lol! Blush, it is a beautiful post! I don't need a content pack update. Thank you!
  6. I LOVE them! I love the open spaces between them. And I can't wait for the more open plan design. I hope the upstairs are open as well. But, @Abnor Molewhy put in ceilings when the roofs would provide nice, high cathedral ceilings where applicable?
  7. "Hills, mountains, valleys and such as backdrops to come." Yay!
  8. "This happens to me too - last time it was a forum announced Bridesmere home. Had everything I am looking for - railway at the front, water etc. Had three accounts open and it never showed for me..." (Can't get right post to show up. Arg!) Don't take it personally! That happens when the Grinches take over before the Lindens and Moles can stop them.
  9. I think these would feel more at home in a hilly, snowy, wintery Bavarian setting.
  10. I love Faraday resident Christhiana's attempt to encourage Patch to push the button! 😄
  11. I couldn't believe it when my basic FPS hovered around and over 20 in a Belli beach home! The culprit was the (mostly) water adjacent region which was not rezzing textures or objects. The reduced lag was a good tradeoff for scenery. It would be great to have control over this "feature." Other than reducing draw distance, is a way to "turn off" a neighboring region?
  12. The logs are the perfect place to host winter! They are already much higher than the rest of Belli and are full of mountains. Imagine a special Winter and Spring Log Festival Day held the first and last day of winter. Ground textures would magically swap out while Patch leads a parade of Lindens and Moles though the regions. Each participant replaces plant life with seasonal versions. The residents stand on the sidelines clapping, cheering them on and taking pictures. All this is topped off with non-stop Linden snow falls and wind storms. After Belli's logs crash, everybody rushes to release their log homes and there is a shortage of stilts.
  13. Patch in drag looks like a Black Widow spider in the second photo. Wonder what that may mean? A dangerous place? Filled with magic and awe and darkness and wonder? He did say "fantasy."
  14. I don't think this release will happen until the following Monday, Thanksgiving week. We only got the "SOON" message. I'm looking for "VERY" and maybe even "VERY VERY" on the map before release.
  15. I have had tp problems all along and continue to have problems. I've not kept tabs but I estimate it is every third teleport. Textures also rezz slowly despite a fast connection, and I have days where group chat is abysmal.
  16. STILL waiting for updated Meadowbrook. The moles would make this theme look AMAZING!
  17. It depends on how many alts they think we can absorb. 😝
  18. Maybe vampire/demon homes? Wasn't there talk earlier that the newer themes may be very different, perhaps fantasy-oriented? This place looks dark and grungy - and Patch is wearing a cloak. Boo!
  19. Agreed. This section is new to me and I did not understand it. May make it a thread in discussions.
  20. Easy. Because this Election Simulator place is billed as nonpartisan, and this thread is about right bashing. In retrospect however, the unabashed political bias of this place and its deceptive description by LL probably did deserve it's own thread.
  21. You can mute people or visit other places, but you cannot control being ejected from a place because you are asking questions. A BIDEN SUPPORTER was kicked out of the notoriously hard left biased 2020 Election Simulator because she was expressing doubts about Biden's recent corruption allegations!
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