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  1. I've probably joined the conversation too late, but why is no mention made of Radegast? It's on the Third Party Viewer page, and while it won't play on phones, it should play on mobile devices like Chromebook or iPad. Plus you can do all sorts of things with it, including rudimentary 3D.
  2. I recently picked up a mainland river front parcel on top of a high cliff. I love looking down on water. Have not had mainland in many, many years so its fun with the generous prim allowance! Then there are the Linden Homes. *Groans* I have a self-diagnosed illness I call Bellyitis. I simply cannot give up some amazing parcels I have landed since Belli started. Even though I don't live in them, I can't give them up. I love decorating and redecorating them, and when I let a pretty good one go, I always regret it. A few days ago I upped yet another alt to search for the perfect Fantasy parcel (even though I hate the tiny windows). Like I said, Bellyitis. 🥴
  3. That is so pretty Leora! I went on the MP store you posted but had difficulty identifying them amid all the other items. Can you tell me what are they named?
  4. It is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ravenstead/167/90/22
  5. That is exactly the problem I was having when searching "sandboxes." Way too many and who knows what they are. So, thanks for the tip. I still preferred it when "Premium" showed up as a category under the Destinations tab right on the viewer.
  6. I'm still betting on Fantasy release sometime around the Labor Day holiday. And I hope I'm wrong since I already upgraded an alt to premium today. Just in case.
  7. Great! I've always accessed these via Destinations on the viewer.
  8. Has anybody noticed that in Destinations, the Premium category has recently disappeared? And with it the premium sandboxes, which of course I have no LMs to. Search is cumbersome at best. "Premium sandbox" yields no results and "sandbox" gives too many listings to search through. I'm wondering if the Lindens did away with the premium sandboxes.
  9. Very individualized and articulated. Only moles are smart enough to understand all this confusing stuff!
  10. No, of course not. They release as part of the event or holiday, not necessarily on the holiday or the weekend.
  11. The Lindens usually release as part of events or Holidays. So, my best guess is Labor Day weekend.
  12. I love that the Lindens keep updating. A quick inspection shows that Magic Mole updated mesh parts of homes ending in "brooke" on June 6th. And the newer versions ending in "spell" had pieces updated as late as two weeks ago, July 14! (See photo highlighting selected pink mesh.) The Lindens certainly have been planning this theme for a long time. Glowing and Ancient Moles made some of the iconic plant life back in October and November of 2020.
  13. I give up! Can't find what game is in Horizons. Can someone please explain or post link? Thank you!
  14. I just wanted to thank all of you for the great places I learn about and visit reading this thread. Y'all are amazing! Thank you.
  15. @Feorie FrimonJira is the bug tracker (that I find hard to use). You can comment on a bug report or submit your own. This bug report (road request, not really a bug, but still...) is here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230930 I am in full agreement. Please add this road.
  16. More spoilers please! (I only found one of these places.)
  17. Ooops! Posted this on the wrong page. Since I can't delete, I'll leave it here and maybe it can be moved. I don't think I can do that. So, here goes: Let's keep asking LL to bring a contemporary theme. Did anyone else see Oberwolf Linden, Head Honcho, on Lab Gab today? He repeated - several times - that the Lindens want to give us what we want. A contemporary, mid century, modern theme! @Abnor Moleplease pass this on! Ps: If anybody missed this, and especially if you are worried about the new owners, watch this. You will feel better.
  18. There is a store at Shop n Hop, 3rd eye, who sell decor that beautifully echos that of the new theme. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dahlia/106/48/52
  19. I've been a GOHer for about two years and have a few homes. Three are standouts. All were abandons and were acquired with persistence. Not one was passed to me, though one home was an announced abandon here or in Belli group. I don't remember which. I have no clue who the main GOHer you refer to is but I do know people with some beautiful properties who spend lots of time discovering newly releasing regions by studying the map. That's too much work for me and I prefer to rely on luck. Also, when downsizing, I announce only the beauties I was giving up so people would have a shot at them. I hope you get the home(s) of your dreams too. I hope each and every one of you who wants one (or more) beautiful home gets what you want. Just keep at it. it takes lots of frustration tolerance and patience. You don't need an army of alts, you don't need a group passing them to you, and you don't need to game the refresh pages - something discussed recently that I don't fully understand. By the way, a GREAT time to get a gorgeous abandon is during a new theme release. People give up stunning Vics and Trads and Stilts or Challets or what other favorite lovelies they were tightly holding onto to until they felt it worth taking a stab at a new release. That's how i got my best abandon. Just keep at it and don't waste too much time complaining because it doesn't help anything and makes you feel powerless and depressed. So, go go go take a shot! Wishing you luck; wishing you love.
  20. That's something I really need! Hey designers, I'm waiting for a good (i.e. simple to set up and use) inventory organizer to hit the weekend sales. 😄
  21. I just love the tool! But really, it won't help you get a home you want. It will help you easily find out how many parcels are on a region; the fewer the better! One method to avoid getting the same home right after you abandon is to monitor the lot until your abandon is taken by someone else. while not foolproof, it helps with that first pass.
  22. I don't think those Brady Stream windmills are generating much power at all! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brady Stream/128/128/10) :
  23. The competing platforms that can be played on my integrated chip computer look cheesy and cartoonish to me. I like fashion and making things look pretty. I don't like shooting games or the endless pressure of competitive games. And I don't mind using Discord even though chat works now. My two cents.
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