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  1. During a Lab Gab around the time of the Chalet release, Patch mentioned that snow was a consideration for future Chalets/future builds in the mountains. That unfinished northern Logland section may be the perfect spot for spectacular Nordic mountains plunging into the sea. Heck I can dream. 😁
  2. The point is that @Patch Linden rezzed a headstone or memory stone himself in both locations. That's all I need to know. 😁
  3. I picked these up yesterday. Nice stuff. But what the heck is that Luola game? Does it actually work? (Lol, not for me!) Maybe it is just a prop?
  4. My Vic has one of those and I love the versatility. Initially I didn't know what to make of it either. Once I figured it out it was set up with a paver driveway housing a garage at the far end. Later it was converted into a carport along the side of the home - complete with a roadster I drove around in lots. Most recently the driveway has been dug up and the opening has been closed off to become part of the sandy garden. It is fun to switch stuff around! If you are happy with the parcel, hold onto it. That's the hardest part by far.
  5. There are two sides to every story. I roll blindly 99% of the time. Almost everything I roll I release. But that is what makes it fun!
  6. I don't think that's the problem Nando. If the stones are supposed to be in the bag, they are not. Not sure how to find them either. Clicking on the worn bag or stuff around there didn't yield the stones. As already mentioned, we're probably too late.
  7. Oh no! I will miss these heartfelt Belli videos. Thank you for all you do, and best wishes for your next venture.
  8. @Matthieu Quander, have you seen Theory appliances? There is a great modern stainless set http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay City - Molesworth/21/70/27 with opening doors, great tris, 3 to 4 Li each, and fine LOD. The whole moddable set - refrigerator, freezer, dish washer, and range for 800L. Or, get individually. No, I don't get a sales commission. 😄
  9. Thank you for this book case post @Chic Aeon! I bought it immediately! In all likelihood, I otherwise may not had noticed it. I love the clean lines and can't stop admiring the lean build. It is positioned a as a floating cabinet in my entry.
  10. Thank you so much @Abnor Molefor this wonderful glimpse into the thinking and planning, the "oops" and the "wows" of this wonderful continent. I loved the presentation not only for the content, but for the way the story is told: for letting us in behind the scenes and in a way that is very personal. I almost felt as though I present at some of the planning sessions. Best of all, the good humor and levity is palatable. 💗
  11. In one of the recent Lab Gabs, Patch said that they might add hillier and snowier Chalets.
  12. Oops! Hope I didn't get anybody in trouble! I can imagine the Moles and the Lindens going through Belli doing a house by house check! Lol!
  13. Remember the bug where a few lots did not have a house in Logland? There is at least one homeowner who never had the bug fixed - and has a great little wooden cabin in its place instead. So there is always hope. 😉
  14. @Eowyn Southmoor, that the default 20-meter water is always there is the key! I've been reading about this issue for roughly two years, and I have never heard it said this way. Now it makes sense. Thank you for this.
  15. Oh good! More sailable water! But, I doubt that was the Belli problem. I don't think they would raise the water level throughout a whole theme since glitches would occur in parts of the world that were not necessarily bordered by edges. Probably two different issues altogether.
  16. Maybe it was repaired by the time I got there; I did not see a glitch at the North Coast Road intersection falls. Nevertheless, the water level height difference at the at the Tiger/Togata/Moma intersection was 20 meters. Sutherland Dam, pictured below, with a 60 meter water level difference is one of my favorites. We've seen gliches in Belli as well. To prevent its occurrence in the Log section, the Lindens raised the water level by 20 meters, thus giving up the ability to sail continuously from any of Logland's rivers to other sections of the continent. Perhaps the Belli glitches were more reliable? I love how water level changes look with dams and falls. I wonder why sometimes a water level change glitches and at other times it doesn't?
  17. What is wrong, any ideas? After the table top was successfully unwrapped, I used the same exact process to unwrap the legs: In "UV editing" and "Object Mode" I selected the (joined) legs object and went to "Object / Apply / All Transforms". Then in "Edit Mode", with legs still selected, "Faces" were enabled and "Select / All" (faces) was applied. Then went to "UV" (top right part of viewport) hit "UV / Unwrap". And nothing happens, i.e., there is no difference on the left side before and after pressing "UV / Unwrap". This happens over and over. Any ideas? https://gyazo.com/d422397ff729eddcd4b95a42fc7060c2 Later: Someone much smarter than me suggested I had marked "sharp" instead of marked "seams" on the legs, so I corrected that. Went through the process again. Pending still lol. Later again: It worked!
  18. From what I've read on the forums, it is not clear the Old Linden Home residents are aware their homes are in any danger. Hard to organize if there isn't a perceived need to do so.
  19. That is sad because there are some Gems hidden among those regions. I hope they keep or move those elsewhere.
  20. Great find! Compulsion sells beautiful homes, furnishings, and some garden, which to my novice eye look very well made and with low / very reasonable triangles and LODs which don't melt at some distance, my new low lag shopping standards. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Overdrive Island/84/92/26
  21. Add to that: 3. High ceilings and huge rooms. Easy to move around in without walls getting in the way. 4. Huge windows. Self explanatory. Perfect!
  22. @Nando YipThis is not really the place to post this, nevertheless, if you are not the only resident to view it this way, maybe you can contact Grumpy to replace it.
  23. What an amazing thread! As someone barely scratching the Blender surface, I want to thank the student and the masters for creating this. What a treat to watch the masters work and closely explain while the (to me uber advanced) student brings up issues. This thread is a keeper that I will periodically re-read. Kudos to each and every one of you!
  24. I love love love modern design, so I picked up this pretty texture change Sway sofa for $50L from one of my favorite shops. (It will be in the Friday sale.) Fourth Wall / Sway Sofa / Fifty Linden Friday | New release … | Flickr It is 10 Li with over 52,000 triangles. The L shaped Hala sofa, shown to its right below, is from the same designer and weighs in at only 27,000 triangles and 4 Li! (Neither sofa melts in the distance.) How does it happen that the earlier and more complex Hala sofa is far less laggy and primmy? Lol! Needless to say, the Sway won't be replacing the Hala anytime soon, but it is still a great buy. (Maybe.) Edit: After seeing @Chic Aeon's post just below, there is no maybe. It's a well-done and beautiful piece. Sway Sofa Hala Sofa
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