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  1. It will likely be a while before Belli gets additional styles per theme, though as they stand now, a resident is able to choose from among 4 styles per theme, and can swap among them out anytime, over and over. I don't think Belli is going anywhere anytime soon. I also think it was smart that Patch and the team chose to make the homes/plantings/infrastructure "primmy", so to speak. These entry-level homes (haha, I'm here over 15 years and own several) remain stable and viewable from a distance without collapsing, even on thin and light laptops - which I love since they weigh 2 pounds - or on entry level systems.
  2. I couldn't find that set, but did see a conch shell planter in the entry. It is beautiful. Not that I understand what are good stats for items yet, but over 50K triangles for a little deco piece seems kind of laggy.
  3. That's great Lloyd, thank you! It's funny because I spent years living in an old LH but never took a look around.
  4. You will definitely need a tour to see Campbell Coast. I tp'd to a yellow lot on the map that was for sale. Apparently it had already been taken. I left quickly since the new owners had set up an orb. Trying to escape before being tp'd, I flew through many properties. While looking for somewhere to land, I accumulated numerous orb warnings when one of the orbs finally caught up to me. I was tp'd to someplace. Guess what? That lot tp'd me home! LOL!
  5. Yes it is! And, they even give out flight feathers. Lol!
  6. They are able to replace homes. They have plans to add versions of existing homes with open floor plans. The idea of new styles has also been mentioned if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Thank you for posting this one @Ingrid Ingersoll! It is the ONLY one I recognized. And that is because after many years I am reacquainting myself with mainland and recently moved to a parcel on Caldera Lake. I feel a little less dumb. Lol!
  8. That would be an AMAZING spot for a single OL stilt!
  9. Seraphim, of course! (knocks head) The only place I didn't look lol! Thank you Marisa.
  10. I cannot find Colabor88 anywhere. Would someone please post a link?
  11. Releasing an end unit On Pier Stilt by a void at 5:30 SL on Shore Enough. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shore Enough/220/224/23
  12. Bummer that some won't rez anymore. It's nice when they do like they used to.
  13. I just rented a nice mainland parcel on a lake and I need to buy a house for it. The house must be modern and open concept. Trompe Loeil makes some beauties, but the upstairs bedroom areas have walls, separate rooms, and lots of doors, so they are out. Can anyone suggest a builder of comparable quality and Li that are modern and open?
  14. That helps @Chic Aeon. I don't have a sense yet of about how many triangles various size items "should" have. Thanks!
  15. Not a reminder, just education... We know much of the mesh on the market today is heavy and laggy. As a group, we complain about Belli lag all the time. We know builds don't have to be laggy. Designers could learn to make more efficient mesh. And we have a great resource in Builder's Brewery, who specialize in teaching how to optimize SL builds - for free. But I've read that successful designers are often unwilling to learn other methods because they are afraid they might lose their customer base. And who can blame them? It doesn't have to be this way. And perhaps we can influence them with what we do and don't purchase.
  16. Thank you for publicizing this Leora. Builder's Brewery has an excellent reputation and teaches how to make mesh optimized for SL. Rain conducted another well-organized class today, and it was good to see familiar GOH people there! it's probably not to late to play catch up either if anybody else is interested. We will get so good at it, LL will hire us to make mole stuff. Or furnish the next continent. Maybe. Lol! 😁
  17. I can send you the notecard and a couple links from this session if you want. It only covered Object Mode (in part, of course). You can be caught up for next week!
  18. I don't know much about the Blake Sea. What do you mean by "unregulated coastline" Pussycat?
  19. We need to move this thread to the techie section. And many thanks to@Leora Greenwoodfor posting the very well-organized Builder's Brewery beginner Blender classes. Now I know how to download and install Blender. Lol! Seriously, they did a great job making a dent in my dense little head.
  20. @Marianne LittleI use FS too and clicking "land" just brings up the "about land" popup. No parcel walls. I think we are clicking different links and I wish I knew how to bring up the "walls." Thank you for bringing this to my awareness. I will keep looking.
  21. Marianne, Beautiful! Even better in person than in those well done photos. If you were my neighbor, I would hate for you to leave because I would miss the view.
  22. Campers - No, no. No. Vics - Oh! The lush landscaping is beautiful and mine feels so private, right on the sea. A keeper! I'm looking for a good contractor to tear out a few windows in favor of huge glass panes (to better see that lush landscape) and knock out a couple walls and ceilings to lend height and an open concept feel. Trads - The beachy sand trads are the perfect summery vacation homes on the shore or a barrier island. Its warm, never hot, a little cloudy, and just a little windy. Every now and then a rain storm will transform the sky into a dark purply-gray swirl. I want to add a skylight. Logs - A lovely, wildly green low-mountain ski resort in the off season. The water is sparkling clear and the fishing is great! House boats - An ideal casual weekend retreat, not far from home. Relax and let down your hair. The kids have been shipped off to a camper with their grandparents, who will be delighted to spend time with them. Stilts - Margaritaville to some maybe, but those huge Tortuga windows and generous decks make this the house I want the contractor to build in Vic Land. Chalets - Another place to ship the kids off to. 😉
  23. I hope Wendi gets overtime for working on New Year's Day! 🙂
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