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  2. Gachas being on the MP doesn't really bother me. What bothers me is having to filter them out with no copy/no mod because that means I'm also filtering out things I want or need to see. Which means I may not find what I need and then I'm going to be stressed and pissed because I wasted hours looking for something I had to filter out, then have to waste even more time wading through sheetloads of gachas to find it. If it even exists in SL. When you get to be my age, life is way too short to waste that much time.
  3. If items are encroaching onto your parcel, sending a message to the owners of the objects is a good first step. Not everyone is in-world as often as others, so I would allow for that in waiting for responses (also, if you sent an IM, follow that up with sending a notecard). If there isn't any response, after a few days or a week, I would then see if you have the option to return the item, and if you do, use that option. If you don't have the option to return the item, then you would need to escalate the issue to LL to take care of. I'm not sure if it would be via filing an abuse report or via a support ticket. (I haven't actually had this particular situation arise, which is why I'm unclear on this last part). Good luck!
  4. Oh I see what it is...in About Land, the Access tab has been changed. All you can do is ban people from that tab now.
  5. Exactly what I notice here on mainland at Harriot. Walking is difficult, building and editing stuff nearly impossible, and trying to get a menu is not even worth trying. Since the rollout on tuesday (?) performance has dropped rock bottom, restarts (3 by now) helped for a limited time (a couple of hours) until Scripts Run drop down as low as 1% with occasional peaks up to 15%. Before it used to be around 50% with occasional drops to 15%. Currently, with 7 main agents and 13 child agents Time Dilatation occasionally drops as low 0.1, every now and then it goes above 0.95 and is usually moving somewhere between 0.9 and 0.25.
  6. I can't remember which. But it came with one of my MP purchases. Its Copy/Transfer can send you a copy if you like
  7. They're region simulators, not script running systems. I went to Sharie's region recently. Some time ago she was complaining about a new avatar arriving and torpedoing overall performance for long periods of time. (She's been complaining about various aspects of her sim's performance for years.). When I arrived there were in the neighborhood of 24 avatars there including me and the region had over eleven thousand active scripts. The simulation frame rate was fluctuating rapidly but was still running in the 40's right after I arrived. It may have been that the script system was adjusted to reduce the hit in overall performance caused by the arrival of new avatars but that resulted in fewer scripts being run in each simulator frame. Of course, a "scripts per frame" number of 50% doesn't mean that only half of scripts are being run but that half run in any given simulator frame and the other half run in the next frame (1/22.5 of a second later.)
  8. I agree. Higher demand than anticipated means LL really outdid themselves. This is something they can feel good about, and so can we... as they really outdid themselves.
  9. I also have this problem, I have emailled Flickr help because I tried Firestorm and the official viewer (latest update) and neither of them can make a connection to Flickr.
  10. Just a small correction -- having actually had an older linden home myself, until 2 weeks ago - the old homes had 175 prims to use, just like any other 512 mainland plot has had since the prim allotment per sqm was increased some time ago. (The web pages are showing out of date information, but the reality on the ground, is 175 LI available for the older LH's). (I know that this is not completely relevant to the new home conversations, but I don't like to see incorrect information being repeated.)
  11. How do you resolve encroachment on two different sides of a new property. I have sent messages to the owners but still awaiting response. If they do not respond do I remove the massive objects? LOL two look to be rather large parts of a small mountain. Not sure what would happen if I tried to move them? Don't even see an edit so would have to return whole thing. Puzzled - Jaine444
  12. True. And until episode nine, the producers of Game of Thrones were hoping and praying HBO would renew for a second season. Predicting demand is not always so cut-and-dry as we like to think. In the end it's a very good thing; a win-win for Residents to have wonderful eye-candy and for Linden Lab to have more popularity in Premium subscriptions (I've already read and heard about people who signed up for Premium because of these new LL Homes.)
  13. My dad finally got his pilot license when he retired. Bought a 45 Aeronca. Last I knew, when he passed, the rest of the family had it repainted (it was green). What's happened to it since I have no idea but if they sold it... someone's head will be on the chopping block.
  14. I still disagree that you are bringing up nostalgia and souvenir type situations which I don't really see Gacha as either of those. I need to agree to disagree with you because there are many people who don't see their collections in real life as having no value. You brought up coins. Well, the coins that are most collectible have real metals in them - real metals have value. So, do many other items. The souvenir arena can be a tricky one as far as value. I already do have limited items. They are sold out. I don't currently have any. I will again. Edit: But my limited items are not Gacha items. They are items I run from time to time at 15 lindens. I do it so people who don't create can have something more unique that no one else may have. There are many people who don't know how to modify an item, so I put out limited edition items for that reason because we who create or know how to modify CAN have more unique items while those who don't know how to modify can't.
  15. i just got one for my place too and hadnt changed the setting since they did this last week so dont know whats goin on
  16. My first thought, and reason I initially wanted a houseboat, was to make an underwater mermaid grotto. Unfortunately from what I have heard from some in SL its not deep enough for that idea.
  17. I was sitting around and this appeared. I have access to my control panel set to "list." What is this all about?
  18. @Whimsy Winx your mention of a boardwalk gave me an idea. What about the boardwalk/carnival with rides and games like skeeball, etc?
  19. My two recently premium again alts initially got homes, but both gave them up 2 days ago. Outside of decorating new homes, they just aren't in world that much, and the traditional style of home wasn't the best fit for their personas, anyway. When they've had LH's other times in the past, they've always had one of the fantasy themed houses, so they're going to wait to see what other themes of houses might come in the future. In the mean time, I'll enjoy spending the stipends they'll be collecting (and transferring over to me).
  20. Patience is always a virtue and often very much worth the wait. You just take your time because it's apparent, to me at least, that it can only get better from here on out as the experience of previous versions enhance future versions.
  21. I had contemplated giving my alt premium and trying with her for a better location and would dump Zoya's then. Then remembered the headache it is for me having one own a house and the other decorating. Ended up just giving Zoya $$ to go shopping with.
  22. I would like to see a city center with a small town feel to include: cafes bakery grocers farmers market ice cream shop candy shop record shop karaoke bar internet cafe ballet studio yoga studio gym skate park basketball small softball field small rugby field city center park with a bandstand gas station/car rez bike rental/rez putt putt There are a million things they could include, but make it a fun, pretty, interactive space for people to meet, hang out, rp, photograph. A wider boardwalk with beaches and ocean on the coasts would be nice. I would like to be able to have timed rezzing at parks, so I can pull out a bbq, picnic blankets, games for an hour or so. Even if I have to join a special group for premium residents this would be a nice feature. **Most importantly, to have some moles do a walkthrough of each region and see where they can spruce up a bit more. Some regions have more plants, walls, rocks, etc that others do. I'm not asking for cookie cutter uniformity but more attention given to each area. Some areas on the east coast, have walls/fences on the front of properties that the resident didn't have to put out and take up their parcel LI. Also on the east coast, I noticed some even have different plants and even topiaries on steps leading to houses. Southwest beachy regions have a nice amount of rocks, trees, and grasses, but to the northwest the same beachy sims have a bit less. Many of the inner regions hardly have any additional touches, a few are prettily heavily treed or the trees seem larger giving it a different feel, but some regions just our house and trees. The park across from my house overlooks the ocean, it would be a place where people would gather to watch sunsets in RL. Why not add more than one bench. Other pools have gardens and terraced areas with cafe tables, I think my park could have some more benches...and bushes. Double check that region border terrains match up. For some reason my parcel which backs up to another region and they both have the same terrain but there a sandy line right on the parcel/region edge. They're the same elevation, so not sure what the issue is, but I'm considering a support ticket, but want to confirm the same glitch with a few friends first.
  23. Those of us without(and those still trying) thank you! I understand some people use their alts quite often, and those ones grabbing one doesn't hurt, but if you only log on an alt maybe 2 days a week.. give those who main(and are on every day) a chance, please.
  24. I do this - my main has the Houseboat, my alt sits idly by waiting for a new batch of houses as there's no hurry. Because selfish is as selfish does and I like to think I'm not part of that crowd.
  25. The sims only have something like 13k prims total. Imagine the prims everybody would get if it were a full prim. Overall though, they did do a very awesome job at giving the illusion of space on a size that would look tiny most anywhere else.
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