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  1. I think this could be a problem to look into. There are probably things the viewer could handle on the main grid because the servers were slow enough to not flood the client. But cloud seems a lot faster, like it could flood a client and cause it to choke and stall.
  2. You've never had this happen before? It happens to me all the time. September cash out is usually much lower than average for me. Lots of people going back to school, work, etc. Normally, "summer" is officially over after Labor Day, but a lot of people didn't really have a summer because of COVID, so my summer sales were well above average year over year. Things are finally starting to loosen up with COVID restrictions in a lot of places, and a lot of people didn't have a summer because of the virus. They want out. I think September is going to be well below average just because of the combina
  3. You can watch SL status blogs, sales always go down and drop suddenly when there's billing maintenance, especially if it's unscheduled. I seem to notice it more than others because I have a large range of products, and most of them are tailored to people who want to build. People aren't going to spend money and work on their avis or land when SL isn't running right. For me, sales pick back up a day or two after maintenance ends. It's just part of working with computers, it's not an SL thing. LL has a lot more to deal with when they have to keep their ecosystem up and running. Servers, dat
  4. LL is moving around income sources in order to make land cheaper. It's a good thing, and it's been in the works for a long time. All these empty sims are because there's too much supply and not enough demand at the current price. By lowering the cost of a sim, or land in general, it would, in theory, increase demand for land. Which would actually increase the SL economy and get more users in world. To have land in SL, compared to other games, cost a lot more. LL is trying to fix that. And they could make a lot more money making microtransactions, i.e. marketplace sales, in a successful an
  5. Awesome, I'm really excited for Android and iOS. Hopefully it proves popular and can have more features added over time.
  6. That could easily be solved by doing something like increasing land impact of things that are unflagged.
  7. Second Life still depends on the PC and Mac platforms for users. You can't get it on PS4, Xbox, Switch, Android, or iOS. PC and Mac have been in steady decline for the last 10 years as other devices take over. People are always comparing SL to things like Roblox or Fortnite. You can play Roblox or Fortnite on your phone or a console. Same with games like Minecraft. Almost every major game people compared SL to that has had staying power (GW2 did well but died quickly) is on platforms besides PC and Mac. As someone with a store, I think it's really important to grow SL by expanding into ne
  8. In one of the threads with Lindens, they hinted that the mobile client would be a bit more than just chatting. No one really knows what to expect right now. Could be a client where you can explore in world, could just be chat and av editor, could be a lot of things.
  9. I made a few listings today and they looked fine. Probably depends on what kind of image you're uploading, if it's more like a photo or more like vector artwork.
  10. QA means they are testing them before they roll them out.
  11. SL just needs a mobile client that you can actually play and do in world stuff with. People brought up Roblox, they have almost 12 MILLION REVIEWS on the Play Store and over 2 million reviews for the app on the App Store. If SL just had a tiny fraction of that user base, it would be several times larger than it is today. Given how Western marketshare between iOS and Android is about 50/50, yet there's such a difference in the amount of reviews, I'd wager that a lot of Roblox players aren't in the West, something SL is completely missing out on. SL needs to shift from being something you
  12. I'm going to say something controversial, but I imagine the vast majority of users never even bother with content creation at all. The current viewer should be rebranded an editor and made for power users. The actual viewer should have all the editing and advanced features removed. Make it 100% focused on customizing your avatar, being social, and getting the most performance out of the viewer as possible. I always imagined an avatar editor more like in the SIMS. The current one feels more like a chore. It should be a full screen mode, with your avatar in a 360 degree preview you can free
  13. As someone who does web dev as well as SL, it sounds like when you save the images to the servers, they are compressing them too much. Unless they are saving a higher resolution image somewhere, LL won't be able to improve the image quality until you provide them with a better image. I highly doubt they are saving higher resolution versions of the images you upload if they're not using them. They are trying to get the SLMP to load faster with all this caching they added, and they're being over-zealous with their image "optimization" to improve page loading time and reduce operating costs.
  14. Sounds like it's just a caching issue then. Thanks.
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