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  1. You can watch SL status blogs, sales always go down and drop suddenly when there's billing maintenance, especially if it's unscheduled. I seem to notice it more than others because I have a large range of products, and most of them are tailored to people who want to build. People aren't going to spend money and work on their avis or land when SL isn't running right. For me, sales pick back up a day or two after maintenance ends. It's just part of working with computers, it's not an SL thing. LL has a lot more to deal with when they have to keep their ecosystem up and running. Servers, databases, and an ecommerce storefront anyone can sign up and make stuff for.
  2. LL is moving around income sources in order to make land cheaper. It's a good thing, and it's been in the works for a long time. All these empty sims are because there's too much supply and not enough demand at the current price. By lowering the cost of a sim, or land in general, it would, in theory, increase demand for land. Which would actually increase the SL economy and get more users in world. To have land in SL, compared to other games, cost a lot more. LL is trying to fix that. And they could make a lot more money making microtransactions, i.e. marketplace sales, in a successful and more populated grid than relying on a lot of empty sims. But it's going to be a big change, and a lot of people are going to interpret it the wrong way. SL can be ready for a golden age if they handle this right and open SL up to new markets.
  3. Awesome, I'm really excited for Android and iOS. Hopefully it proves popular and can have more features added over time.
  4. That could easily be solved by doing something like increasing land impact of things that are unflagged.
  5. Second Life still depends on the PC and Mac platforms for users. You can't get it on PS4, Xbox, Switch, Android, or iOS. PC and Mac have been in steady decline for the last 10 years as other devices take over. People are always comparing SL to things like Roblox or Fortnite. You can play Roblox or Fortnite on your phone or a console. Same with games like Minecraft. Almost every major game people compared SL to that has had staying power (GW2 did well but died quickly) is on platforms besides PC and Mac. As someone with a store, I think it's really important to grow SL by expanding into new markets. Sansar was sort of the right idea, LL wanted to expand into the VR market with a virtual world. But they left behind all the people and content in SL to try and start anew. They should be trying to bring the good content and good people of SL to new markets instead of trying to find new markets with new products. I'd like to see something like a new continent open up that's specifically more tame for consoles, mobile, etc and to see SL clients for them. SL is declining very slowly. I think it's correlated to the shift away from traditional computers and more towards mobile and consoles, and SL only being available on those platforms. I also don't think SL will die, because it's got a steady user base and a large amount of content, and PCs and Macs aren't going to completely disappear. They'll find a balance soon, you could even argue they already have reached the bottom. Short term SL needs to make SL more reliable and run better on lower spec hardware. SL having reliability issues with 40k users logged in limits growth because the platform obviously couldn't handle something like a surge of 35k in a day.
  6. In one of the threads with Lindens, they hinted that the mobile client would be a bit more than just chatting. No one really knows what to expect right now. Could be a client where you can explore in world, could just be chat and av editor, could be a lot of things.
  7. I made a few listings today and they looked fine. Probably depends on what kind of image you're uploading, if it's more like a photo or more like vector artwork.
  8. QA means they are testing them before they roll them out.
  9. SL just needs a mobile client that you can actually play and do in world stuff with. People brought up Roblox, they have almost 12 MILLION REVIEWS on the Play Store and over 2 million reviews for the app on the App Store. If SL just had a tiny fraction of that user base, it would be several times larger than it is today. Given how Western marketshare between iOS and Android is about 50/50, yet there's such a difference in the amount of reviews, I'd wager that a lot of Roblox players aren't in the West, something SL is completely missing out on. SL needs to shift from being something you play on a somewhat modern, decent laptop or desktop and be something you have on your phone you can pull out on the bus, train, car, etc when you're bored. What it really needs is to make a tech leap where sims can be compiled and optimized to run on lower spec hardware, like how things were with Sansar. A lot of SL's performance problems come from the desire to have everywhere in SL be a place you can build. Look at earlier in the thread (sorry, I read the whole thing and forgot who posted it). The sim and region is all set up and all the technology is there for everything to be edited. And it's locked down so much that a facial animation HUD can't be used. Why make all these performance sacrifices for a place where you can't even run scripts? The reality is most places people aren't building. They are being social or playing with stuff. To put this into perspective, imagine you have to tell a random person to get into SL and help them get set up in world. Now imagine you tell someone to try Roblox. Getting started on Roblox is 1000x easier and less daunting, I guarantee it. There's so much content in SL, it's a gold mine. You can find literally anything you want that's not a complete copyright violation. It is the gold of SL and it's what causes all those other virtual worlds to come and go (even Sansar). There absolutely has to be a way to split editing and viewing up in SL. Make current sim state where people can build together be an "edit mode" so people can be social and build together in world. Then have the sim be compiled to an optimized format that can run better on lower end and mobile hardware, but building is disabled. But it'd be a huge project and it sure would be troublesome and not fun to do the coding for. But imagine an SL where you rez into your parcel or sim or whatever and you download a compressed and optimized package containing the mesh and textures and everything is loaded and running great quickly. I love building in SL. I never would have gotten into making mesh in Blender if it weren't for SL. And I'm not advocating making it impossible to build or some elite thing. I'm saying that SL is treated like an editor for a virtual world, and it's alienating people who don't want to build all the time by making the client overly complex, hurting performance, and limiting the potential audience by massively limiting the types of devices that can run SL. LL is fighting changing demographics of hardware and it's not working. Android has successfully eaten away and traditional computers, and I don't think the correlation between the decline of Windows computers and the slow decline of SL is a coincidence. Focusing so much on marketing to the audience of people with decent computers is limiting your possible outreach for users. EDIT: Just think if SL was more focused on social. You are out and about and you just pull out your phone to see who is online to talk to. That'd be awesome. Sitting around on your phone, talking to people, playing with your AV appearance, and maybe doing some light exploring. Right now when you get on SL you basically have to pick a dedicated time to do it, sit in front of your computer, etc.
  10. I'm going to say something controversial, but I imagine the vast majority of users never even bother with content creation at all. The current viewer should be rebranded an editor and made for power users. The actual viewer should have all the editing and advanced features removed. Make it 100% focused on customizing your avatar, being social, and getting the most performance out of the viewer as possible. I always imagined an avatar editor more like in the SIMS. The current one feels more like a chore. It should be a full screen mode, with your avatar in a 360 degree preview you can freely move around and see changes in real time. It should be made as simple and not intimidating as possible. I think all these menus, folders, etc are very confusing to new users and stop them from coming back. SL's biggest problem right now is getting new users and keeping them. Making the new user experience a lot more enjoyable would be a huge boon for SL. And making the viewer simpler, easier to use, and less scary to new users would be huge. All the viewer really needs is 1. An easy way to customize your avatar 2. An easy and convenient way to buy things and buy L$ 3. Quick and easy communication with other members The editor should go all out hardcore with advanced options, menus, features, etc. Just add features, even if they're confusing or difficult to use, if they help people create content and get things done in SL. The current viewer tries to please content creators and content consumers and it's just oo overwhelming for new users.
  11. As someone who does web dev as well as SL, it sounds like when you save the images to the servers, they are compressing them too much. Unless they are saving a higher resolution image somewhere, LL won't be able to improve the image quality until you provide them with a better image. I highly doubt they are saving higher resolution versions of the images you upload if they're not using them. They are trying to get the SLMP to load faster with all this caching they added, and they're being over-zealous with their image "optimization" to improve page loading time and reduce operating costs. It's a very good thing they are doing this, e-commerce sites need to be extremely fast: https://www.gigaspaces.com/blog/amazon-found-every-100ms-of-latency-cost-them-1-in-sales/ Most importantly, look what Google found. Half a second of delay drops search traffic by 20%. SLMP website can take a second or two to load the first page. Meanwhile Google's first page loads nearly instantly. Amazon is the same. Caching is one of those things that can massively speed up your website and people make it sound like it's extremely easy to do. The reality is that adding caching usually breaks things in ways you never expected or shows you bugs you didn't know you had in your software. I'm glad they are finally working on increasing the speed of SLMP. The execution could be a lot better, but there's still a lot of room for improvement. The initial page load should have the openID server check for login information with an ajax request instead of an HTTP redirect, for example. But they are moving in the right direction. It has potential to really improve sales and search traffic. And when the search results are so bad due to things like keyword abuse, better performing search and SLMP website will make a very big difference. I'm holding out on making a few new listings because I don't want to deal with going back and re-uploading the images again.
  12. Sounds like it's just a caching issue then. Thanks.
  13. Keyword spam is hurting our sales, and it hurts LL income as it frustrates users who are looking for things and only see irrelevant results. As LL shifts more of their revenue to SLMP instead of tier, they need to provide users with tools to make sure the content they see on SLMP is relevant and encourages them to make a purchase. There's no real punishment for keyword spam, it's why it's so prominent. There's no serious penalty and you have a slight chance of selling something to someone who gets interested in something they weren't looking for. You'll frustrate and annoy the majority of people who view your item with the wrong key words, but that doesn't affect you if you're keyword spamming. They never would have saw your product in the first place without the keyword spam. IIRC there's some sort of penalty for having your item show up in search results and not having it clicked, but there needs to be more effort into voting with your wallet. Something like the more L$ you make in a transaction per search the more your ranking increases. There's also no penalty for spamming gacha everywhere. In fact it's free advertising, why pay for an ad on SLMP to show your products to someone who didn't search for them when you can just keyword spam? I don't do it, I'm realizing after writing this it makes it sounds like I'm for keyword spam. I'm not, it ruins the marketplace and hurts legit and honest creators. But from a business perspective where you're only out to make money, it makes a lot of sense to keyword spam. The benefits far outweigh the costs, especially if you're running some shady, fly by night business where you expect it to last a year or two tops before you make a new one. That needs to change, and it's quite clear there's entire SLMP stores dedicated to these practices.
  14. SL is doing fine for what it is, a virtual world that requires a computer to run. Computers have been on a downward trend for quite some time. There's a generation out there with a lot of people who don't know how to use a QWERTY keyboard and only know how to "swype" or peck at a screen. SL is a safe, slowly declining product that LL has and they don't want to take huge risks to upset what they have. Part of that is not adapting SL to go after new markets. SL is hitched to the higher performance computer wagon and nothing has been done to get it off of that. I've posted here before, but the fact that you can't do activities in SL that revolve buying things and changing your avatar on Android or iOS is a ridiculously huge amount of money and new users that LL is passing up. SL would be laughably huge and successful if it was turned into a product where the current viewer was actually an editor for power users, and there was a dumbed down Android and iOS client that let you play dress up on your avatar and visit sims to go to dances or events and meet people. But that is the problem with a product like SL in today's internet. The internet 10 years ago was a very different place. Today it's more about posting links on reddit for upvotes, pictures on instagram, facebook, etc for likes, or typing out a paltry 280 characters max on Twitter for likes and retweets. Second Life is fine, it's filled with people who like the way the internet was before it was dumbed down into a "submit the easiest to create content or someone else's content and receive dopamine" disaster that it is now. If the internet didn't go in the direction it did, SL would be huge right now. But LL didn't really adapt to the way the internet was changing. Does this mean it's going to die anytime soon? Absolutely not. But it's going to be in a steady decline as the market of people who have good computers and seek out things like virtual worlds declines. LL could fix it if they could develop something to bring SL to a new market, like mobile users. And all those users would need land and they couldn't handle doing that stuff on their devices. So it'd easily end up something like $5 a month gets you a tiny little skybox where you can decorate like in the sims and play dress up. I don't want to rant too much, I think LL has made some odd choices investing heavily in something that, while really great, could have been so much more while they pass up something with so much potential. Forgive me for this, but SL very likely has the most content of any single game in existence (maybe not Microsoft Flight Simulator because it's legitimately the entire Earth). That's a huge resource, imagine if EA had to pay people to make the clothing options available on marketplace so they could put them in the Sims. It's not feasible. SL's content is absolutely stunning in quality and quantity (really, go look at some game assets in a model viewer and gag, there's plenty of mesh people in SL that have more talent) and LL needs to do more to capitalize on it. They keep making products unrelated to SL, but SL is an absolute gold-mine of user content and there's absolutely zero way any other company could create what you can get on SL.
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