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  1. Its definitely school holidays time, only a 16 year old would make this post.
  2. Just seems like a way to loose a potential future customer.
  3. My creator friends keep telling me to make my creations no mod because it slows down the copy botters, it seems to be a common belief so many creators stick to no mod to hope to protect there work. Even when they know nothing stops someone stealing your work if they really really want to they still stick to this no mod practice. Personally i use mod when i can and i have had people thank me for it.
  4. The only valid reason to refund is a double purchase. If i really feel like i should refund them for any other reason: I would offer them the chance to choose another item of the same value of my store, this seems to keep everyone happy and costs me nothing but time.
  5. i still buy textures of the marketplace all the time!
  6. thanks for the heads up, i would love to know the list of forbidden words too
  7. sometimes if this happens to me reading the reviews on the creators other items can help me work out if i have been tricked into buying an empty box or if its a mistake. also i read the contents every time i purchase something as Pussycat suggested!
  8. your picture looks amazing! safe to say i have started decorating, or i'm showing my true colors 😛
  9. if someone is stalking me with numerous alts i think its fine to work out who there alts are. i had a nice tidy list of alts to give linden labs with my report. honestly i wont let you guys bully me and make me leave the forum for answering a question. this is a question and answer forum if you want to jump on people because you think only your answer is correct that is your karma helping people is mine. who knows what situation the original poster is going through, shame on all of you really.
  10. something quite effective for doing this is firestorm preferences>chat>visuals (right down the bottom) fade chat after 20 seconds 40#lines (if you turn both right down you really don't see much local chat for long at all)
  11. ... La Calavera, face tattoos, sugar skulls the works ♥ i will of finished making Halloween & it will be time to relax & enjoy my awesome SL ♥
  12. @ Scylla Rhiadra i think the question was how would I identify an alt so i answered it ... i guess i shouldn't assume my opinion matters at all, after all i'm not a resident of second life? only your guys opinions matter, k i got it i wont bother to use this forum, bye
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