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  1. why did i even bother, points at the post counts of the last two posters to back up my theory!
  2. You don't have to name call and flame to put someone down, in fact a lot of you have rather perfected the art of it whilst within the forum rules. That is why i mostly just read the forums now. That is why many people just read the forum and don't post at all. That is why the forums don't reach as many people as they should. Therefore affecting public opinion through closed mindedness. I simply replied to the post because someone quoted me as i am entitled to do.
  3. Is that not what we do on this forum answer the original poster, oh no there doesn't seem to be a lot of that going on, just a bunch of people who have been on the forum too many years that love to hear themselves type, i had forgotten about this thread and got on with my life ... why are you even quoting me.
  4. Thanks Adam THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME HOW TO FEEL because you can decide that for me. i was simply stating my reason for my reply, where i was trying to answer the OP and the vultures of the forum jumped on me for answering a question they had already answered. because there answer is the only correct answer, because the whole second life forum is about THERE OPINION - NO ONE ELSES
  5. if people leave a negative review and i see i can easily fix the problem i help them ... its not really about changing the review its about fixing the easy fix ... however sometimes people will change there review if i help them. i know one template store on the marketplace that removes EVERY bad review EVERY time without fail even when its a serious fault with the product and i wonder how they get away with that ...
  6. alting her back is really not a good idea in any way shape or form. all you can do is report her to linden if you feel like shes breaking the TO's.
  7. Oh i play a zombie killing game on my phone, i searched for apps like SL, i gave serious consideration to joining avakinlife it looks a lot like SL, im just not sure my real life could handle me be addicted to a new VR, unless i gave up SL, some people might not think twice about changing VR but i have done a lot of work here and want to see SL succeed. I was actualy kind of shocked to see how many of the avatars of 3dxchat forums were the same people as the SL forums, it kind of scared me, like everyone already left SL a few years ago and i missed the boat, lol.
  8. I heard about that concert because i love that type of music. That used to be SL we heard about on the news and in the media. That is how i found SL. Now when you google SL the first thing that pops up is ... is Second Life still even a thing ...
  9. I don't want to see SL become a app only thing, but some app options may of caused SL to grow instead of shrink. The declining user base and increase in fees is a serious issue for concern if you are a creator. You cant really choose the fashion you can only roll with it and younger people just don't have the same attachment to there personal computer as older peeps do.
  10. i still wish i can build and or set items for sale in SL on my phone at the moment all i can do is pester my friends and groups in im, lol. i agree we need to future proof SL, and young people are only using there phones. the day of the personal computer is over, why is linden building a platform that requires a powerful expensive personal computer when the future market shows 0 interest in it. will sansar be playable on mobile phone ... if not it is dead on arrival.
  11. Yes keep reporting all the alts, keep telling linden what is happening, i had this problem too and linden helped me, i have too much work vested in this account to go alt.
  12. It really makes me giggle when people say linden made the marketplace ...
  13. I have contemplated applying for one of your employment positions. I even went to visit your store. However the fact you are on a new avatar puts me off applying. You will get so much more respect on the forum if you stand up and be yourself.
  14. Yep it just sounded like camping and gaming traffic to me. Linden have done there best to ensure both are totally ineffective many years ago ... and nowhere did you put the word experiment until the end of the thread. The thing is we never left SL we remained active while you were gone we were living and experiencing SL daily. We have seen very change implemented that you missed and felt the impact of thus changes. eg camping, changes concerning places in the official viewer, changes regarding xploders etc Experiencing this world makes us wary of scams and gamers thats all, yes it is a change in culture id have to agree, or perhaps people have become wiser.
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