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  1. Also new people are on the official viewer and that opens the web feed when you click profile doesn't it? New peeps wont be on firestorm with a normal profile unless they made a good friend on day one. As for advice on getting a girlfriend for the OP getting out in public and being social was the best advice I think. Also there is something to be said for being happy in your own SL world and not actively searching love that seems to attract a partner so maybe invest time in finding your SL self first and the rest will fall in to place. Its best if you simply search for friend
  2. Perhaps he googled how to get help in Second Life and that's how he found the forum. Then he is faced with you guys :D. Not everyone is obsessed with writing in there profile especially when they are new.
  3. Make the Width x Hieght as large as you can and save it on your desktop the image will be too huge to upload to SL but you can upload it to flickr save it as large size (option on the bottom right of flickr pics) then you can upload it to SL. People can easily blow the picture up on flickr if they want to see it close up. For some reason doing this huge image makes a higher quality image even once it makes it to SL
  4. On firestorm go to World > Phototools and edit the Sky drop down menu there is all the lighting we miss even CalWl what i never found before the changes ☮
  5. Noob me would wonder how I got my bum so big.
  6. Thank you @Blaise Glendevon i heard about these dragons and i've been trying to work out who is releasing them ♥
  7. @Arduenn SchwartzmanOh what a shiny plywood box ... i want one! lol What's that saying if you have nothing nice to say best to say nothing at all...
  8. Papillon Breedables is a large active community. We always welcome new people at auctions and into our community. I have never found another community in SL that is quite as warm and inviting as us lot. Papillon is a living growing ecosystem were you grow your own food and don't have to spend money feeding your pets We have butterflys, fireflies, ladybugs, dragonflys, frogs, fairys & more, there is also many beautiful plants to grow and feed them. Papillon is based on your skill as a gardener to get good mutations or to get mutations to pass and its quite fun & rewarding h
  9. hugs Wili You know better then to try and use this forum, the resident vultures will climb on you and beat you with stupidity every single time, points at all your threads for great examples.
  10. i know there was a shop called alter ego owned by a lady name toxic as far as i know the two brands are not related they might be wearing this ... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DeeTaleZ-Appliers-for-MAITREYA-BODIES-Chubby-Skintone-MIXEDTYPE-BOM-ready/17015721
  11. That is a different store called Toxic it is not alter ego. Alter ego makes mesh event booths and photoshop files now.
  12. Icely86 is right there are a lot of nice prefab stores for sale on the marketplace if you cant build.
  13. I use boxes and set the contents for sale the old fashioned way in my inworld store on the wall. I also use casper vendor a 2 prim vendor of ALL my designs so people can easily gift and use that system if they want to as casper is highly recognizable. But if the system goes down people can still shop at my store the old fashioned 0 script way. (I know the downfall of doing it this way is I loose some handy data collecting, update and redelivery casper provides.)
  14. I don't play either I am here in SL every day. VR Chat is just a bunch of noise. (Yes I went there) (maybe people got lonely in SL if they went here) Minecraft looks like peaceful creative building. (No I haven't been there) (maybe people got tired of people talking when they try to build in SL if they went here) As for the mobile phone client I am pretty sure they are working on it. Making drunk posts is never a good idea ... you might get lucky and no one notices as they are busy making animal threads.
  15. In this situation if i was really worried i would report the green lantern and tell linden everything, at least if something does come up they will have both sides of the story recorded.
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