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  1. I use boxes and set the contents for sale the old fashioned way in my inworld store on the wall. I also use casper vendor a 2 prim vendor of ALL my designs so people can easily gift and use that system if they want to as casper is highly recognizable. But if the system goes down people can still shop at my store the old fashioned 0 script way. (I know the downfall of doing it this way is I loose some handy data collecting, update and redelivery casper provides.)
  2. I don't play either I am here in SL every day. VR Chat is just a bunch of noise. (Yes I went there) (maybe people got lonely in SL if they went here) Minecraft looks like peaceful creative building. (No I haven't been there) (maybe people got tired of people talking when they try to build in SL if they went here) As for the mobile phone client I am pretty sure they are working on it. Making drunk posts is never a good idea ... you might get lucky and no one notices as they are busy making animal threads.
  3. In this situation if i was really worried i would report the green lantern and tell linden everything, at least if something does come up they will have both sides of the story recorded.
  4. Bagnu this forum has always been uncivil that's why so many people don't even post. If the Grammar Nazi's don't get you the Pack Of Vultures descend on you and beat you with sticks for having your own opinion. I would not loose any sleep over it, i found the solution is staying quiet. Don't worry about other people and enjoy your SL. Although i do kinda feel sorry for the people who come to the forum thinking its a good place to ask for help. Maybe this whole issue does need addressing. How is a new person supposed to understand the politics of the forum.
  5. Wow silent that email is enough to put anyone off using the internet Tilia was made to meet the tax regulations imposed upon SL many years ago, to keep SL compliant with tax or SL would of been closed down by the USA govt a long time ago. It is now incredibly hard to legally create and regulate a new virtual economy with an actual currency, perhaps impossible. This makes SL unique and one of kind there will probably not be another SL because of the USA tax system putting on bossy boots and telling the whole world what to do as part of the tax stimulus package. Tilia is a proven accepta
  6. You should know better then having a different opinion on here people will beat you down until you think like them or shut up :D I like this thread, thank you.
  7. The main reason a new person gets banned from that sim is sitting on girls without asking first. They do this to keep the girls safe, that's why the girls go there. Its nice to have somewhere were people cant jump on you if you sit down. Personally my advice would be to give it some time most bans from that sim are not forever because i think you can only ban 500 people.
  8. Still confused about what a vampire bond is, lol.
  9. Did you read this thread Scylla Quote "But why on earth do you continue to do it, when you seem to dislike it here so much?"
  10. And you can put the popcorn away, i'm going to go do something creative in second life because i am active most days Just because one sheep doesn't think like the rest of the flock of sheep does not make them backwards. In fact it might just save the sheep from slaughter 😛 Honestly i cant just watch someone attack people all the time and say nothing.
  11. Scylla how do you even get away with constantly attacking people who post on this forum. What gives you the right to tell people to get off the forum. Are you a linden do you work for second life are you a forum moderator? No you are just a resident like all of the rest of us. Prokofy has just as much right to post on this forum as you do because he is a resident of second life and being a resident his opinion is also just as valid as yours.
  12. @Alyona Su You have your right to an opinion but that is awfully mean you have no understanding of the reasons people chose to not spend real money in second life. That does not make them a any less valuable necessary contributing member to the SL economy then the person who owns 10 sims or a person who burns all there spare cash in SL. In fact people who work for businesses are helping the economy because they are helping the businesses. Remember everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. I have met plenty of people in SL who were well off enough to buy a computer and a ph
  13. They are doing this to prevent the copy botters buying the FP item and uploading it for sale on the marketplace and selling it as there own. Even though there is a flagging system and a DMCA system as soon as you flag one copy botter store another one pops up with all your stuff again, and again, and again. Until you whole life is consumed with flagging and DMCA's and you dont even feel creative anymore because you are always chasing your tail. That is why they want to check your store and check you look reputable. And to check you are not on any copy botter lists they have assembl
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