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  2. yes new people who are not yet premium or have not yet put money into SL do that. Change their outfits on the platforms at Social Island and on the paths and public spaces at the Community Gateways. Many more new people though can be found at the bottom of oceans,hovering way up in the sky, and/or hiding in the bushes doing this for new people it is not a binary choice between deciding where they get changed, or, deciding to chat to the other people at the Social Island/Gateway. They can decide to both, either or neither, independently, and they do. One decision is not dependent on the other
  3. i hope that it does work for LL in terms of increasing the rate of premium uptake/conversion. And I am happy that you can see how this is going to work for you. As I am also happy for those like yourself, of which there are many. Baked commonweal community living is not for everyone, but for those who are into it then this is a pretty good offering from LL When anything new is introduced by LL, it does generate a fair amount of excitement, goodwill and enthusiasm. After the first flush of new things, matters tend to drift toward being ordinary and everyday, and people fall back to their normal habits. Which is the basis for my cautioning someone else made on here an interesting posit also, about maybe there could be an alternative closed continent offered as an option for new premium accounts in addition to the current more open home parcels i would find it interesting to see how such a closed box/room offering would go. For example: a closed box/room 1024x1024x4096. Can see nothing (including objects) beyond the room's boundaries. Cannot move outside the bounds of your room. No dots show up on the minimap or world map. Scripts cannot see other avatars or objects outside of the room what for me would be most interesting, would be the uptake ratio of closed box/room parcels as home spaces, compared to the new Linden Homes offerings. Ebbe Linden talks a lot about making data-driven decisions. Perhaps he might try something like closed box parceled continents as an option for new premium accounts in addition to the existing more open parcel offering , to give him something completely different to measure data against
  4. Or, maybe since most of these houses are being snapped up by long term residents they are seeding it with the sort of people who don't mind a new person duckwalking accidentally into their back yard every now and then. They might strike up a conversation and offer to even help them or point them to someone who can. So when those new premium members get a Linden Home to start with they'll be met with friendly faces and hellos instead of teleports and get off my lawns. Seems to me like the first thing a lot of newbies do is strip off their clothing in a public place and comment about how they look like a naked Ken or Barbie. Which do you think is going to put them off staying in SL more in those critical early stages? Is it the prospect that someone somewhere might get a peek at their blurry pixel ta-tas or their non-existent gentleman sausage? Or is it not seeing much of anyone to talk to and anyone they do see has given them the definite impression they probably don't want to talk to them (or possibly anyone else)? Will the environment that shapes their experience tell them this is a dangerous place where strangers should be feared and you need to protect yourself? Or will it tell them strangers are welcome because they can often be a good thing? Every friend you have now was once a stranger. Edit: BTW, I remember when default avatars were much more modest, catering to the idea that anything more than a slightly shaded nipple might offend people's sensibilities. It didn't. If anything they complained they were too modest and went right out and upgraded to a more anatomically correct model.
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  6. Thanks anyway! But I just figured it out.
  7. The new regions do look somewhat vaguely familiar, but if they are from "templates" then there are 384 of them to choose from. There is a reason they call us moles. We like to dig
  8. I honestly beg to differ. First: baked communities DO work when done right. Just check all those several huge privately run estates (Hollywood, Eden, Fair Chang, etc... ) which have been running for several years. Now, it is anything but new? When has LL removed ban lines before? When did they really put an effort in the overall looks of the continent as they did in Bellisseria? Not even Blake is close to that. What made Blake such a huge success, when it comes to desirability, is its sheer quantity of "water" parcels and the freedom of travel in it. Guess what? The new continent is trying to mimic exactly that. Again, they can't really force us to interact with each other. But, after roughly a week in the new continent, I can tell you this: I have never had so many opportunities to do so from within my parcel ever since I first joined SL, back in 2005. Heck, just check the map at ANY time. It's always buzzing with activity. The original LH was never like that. Not even when they first launched. I have parcels both in Blake and Jeugeot. Both have water and road access. And, still, I've spent most of my time lately in that new continent. They did something right there. Will it work? No idea. But I sincerely think it's worth a shot. It's, imho, one of the most exciting things LL has brought to us in the last few years. And I'm sincerely hoping that ban or no ban lines, they succeed in what they have planned for it.
  9. Just a note on my comment about the sign outside the fence --- I was reading Inara's post about touring Bellisseria by plane and she commented on items not inside the parcels -- questioning a bit if they could stay or not. There were some comments on that thought and I went back and reread the covenant. That sign isn't really against the rules, what the covenants says is that your item COULD be returned to you -- not that that it WILL. *Objects that extend outside of your parcel can be returned without warning or notice. So even if that sign WERE on LL property it most likely wouldn't be returned. I do agree that there are some really ugly "fences" here and there that do not appear to be in theme - LOL.
  10. I haven't been able to log into the 3D viewer for more than maybe 10 minutes now. Video Card died. But, I think I might have something saved... Lemme see... And, Btw, @Orwar, Neph is single, right?
  11. This is a bug that has been occurring for some time and why I’m hesitant to purchase no copy items. As far as the empty box - she probably sold it empty, I’m afraid. This does happen and is a risk we take. Hopefully the seller does pay you back!
  12. What do the animations do? Animate the bike itself? That doesn't really work in SL. If they animate the avatar riding the bike, they go in the bike, the avatar sits on the bike, and the animations are triggered by the bike script. The avatar itself carries them out. Hint: avatars are always standing vertically for collision purposes, even when they look like they're sitting. So, on low vehicles, legs tend to hang down into the ground and collide with it. You don't want that. The convention for bikes is to make the sit target 1m too high, and make the animations put the avatar root 1m too low.
  13. https://mattnight84.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/broken-crown/
  14. picking up on these points A question. Should LL through design, make new users who have purchased a premium account with a starter home provided by LL, jump through hoops to secure for themselves privacy, a privacy driven by modesty, when in those homes? For 16 years now LL have been obsessed with baking the ideals of community into their own mainland offerings. A further question is: How is that working for LL after all these years, in premium account uptake and conversion? The new starter home continent is anything but new. It's just another go by LL at the baked community ideal, same old, same old.. The only thing that makes them more attractive over LL's previous attempts is the increase in parcel size and LI for the same price. i predict that the isolationist tendency found on the previous 512m Linden Homes continents will continue to prevail in the main, as it did and does continue to prevail on old mainland on those parcels occupied as homes. A question is why is that ? What's with this isolationist tendency ? The fundamental answer to these types of questions is that modesty drives home parcel isolationism. A want for privacy is not a driver or tendency in itself per se. Privacy is a means to securing modesty for one's self in one's own home there are two ways to implement home parcel privacy. Preemptive: banlines. Permissive: scripted orb. LL have now chosen to go with a permissive (after the fact) method on the new Linden Homes continent, when those who do want parcel privacy control for modesty purposes are better served by a preemptive (before the fact) method a choice seemingly made in accordance with the baked community ideal. An ideal which has now been extended to permissively incorporate a premium account's Linden-provided home into the community commonweal - leaving the home owner with only an after-the-fact method to secure their modesty in their own home most people do start out their SL with a sense of modesty. It can for be for some people that the longer they stay in SL the concept of modesty tends to wear away due to the vagaries of rendering. Many people though still do what they can, as best they can to be modest even with the current mesh bodies. Using appliers and judicious use of alphas to cover their bits as best they can, in addition to their mesh clothes. A person might be showing a lot of skin, but quite often their bits are pastied or alpha'ed out a person, not you, also mentioned earlier, that SL is a multi-user environment, therefore those who want preemptive privacy control are out-of-luck. A thing to consider, the real world is a multi-user experience also. Yet, at the base societal level there is an expectation of privacy in our own homes. How well or poorly the provided methods to secure that do operate, is immaterial to the expectation. It is only material to the operation, which is not the same thing
  15. ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/switch/
  16. TELEPORT LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mountain Lion/75/128/2002 VIEW US ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE http://secondlife.com/destination/mountain-lion-night-club-amusement-park CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894546247450880/ ● MONDAY MORNING MIXOLOGY ~ 10 AM- NOON DJ ANGEL ● DECADES ~ MONDAY 4 - 7 PM DJ VIXEN ● LIVE SINGER ~ BOLT DOMINICA ~ MONDAY 7 - 8 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ JUPPAR ~ MONDAY 8 - 9 PM Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park is quite simply breathtaking. Featuring an Amusement Park, Club and Shopping Mall on a full family-friendly moderate sim. A different breath taking view of Mountains and beautiful park grounds no matter which direction you look. Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park features a large Ferris Wheel, Go Karts, several Roller Coasters, Bowling, the Vortex and many more rides! Check out the walk thru Aquarium, Kid Zone rides and playground! Wander the park while enjoying the rocking tunes of our DJs featuring themed sets from the 60s thru to the present hits of 2019. Live DJs & HOSTs from 10am - 8pm Monday thru Saturday! Shop at our Shopping Mall, while you listen to the tunes. Come see the variety of shops in our Mall and Market Carts. Rent a Shop or Cart to sell your items. We also have various sized SkyDomes for rent with fully furnished homes or bring/build your own home, with full security. Wedding Venues, too! Need a Job?...We are hiring DJs & Hosts.  Bring your family, friends, neighbors and yourself for a fun loving time here at Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park. We are Family oriented, people caring, fun loving & love to have a good time!! Music is always great & so many attractions to see and ride! Grab your family for an outing. You'll be glad that you did! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Live DJs & HOSTs from 10 am - 8 pm Monday thru Saturday! ● MONDAY MORNING MIXOLOGY ~ 10 AM- NOON DJ ANGEL ● MELLOW MONDAY MUSIC ~ NOON - 2 PM DJ SUNSET ● DECADES ~ MONDAY 4 - 7 PM DJ VIXEN ● LIVE SINGER ~ BOLT DOMINICA ~ MONDAY 7 - 8 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ JUPPAR ~ MONDAY 8 - 9 PM ● DOUBLE SHOT TUESDAY NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● LIVE SINGER ~ DUDE ~ TUESDAY 6 - 7 PM APR 30th ● MYSTERY MUSIC ~ WEDNESDAY 10 AM - NOON DJ ANGEL ● LIVE SINGER ~ WAYNE RHODELL ~ WEDNESDAY 1 - 2 PM ● PARTY TINY STYLE ~ WEDNESDAY 4 - 6 PM DJ RORA ● LIVE SINGER ~ MIDNIGHT McCARTY ~ WEDNESDAY 6 - 7 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ VARDA ~ THURSDAY 10 - 11 AM ● TOTALLY 80'S REWIND ~ THURSDAY NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● LIVE SINGER ~ BOODOZER ~ THURSDAY 4 - 5 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ PENNY RAYE ~ FRIDAY 7 - 8 PM ● MAGICAL MIX ~ SATURDAY 10 AM- NOON DJ ANGEL ● TRIBUTE~ THE BEATLES ~ APRIL 27th SATURDAY NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● LIVE SINGER ~ NATHAN BURLEY ~ SATURDAY 6 - 8 PM Message Inworld for more information: Host Manager: Lena (vilenakalilegionne) DJ Manager: Wishy (wishstar.ninetails) Club Manager: Wildfire (misswildfire) Owner/Club & Event Manager: Tina (tinaking) Owner/Rentals Manager: Krystal Rose (krystal333) Owner/Senior DJ Manager: Sunset (sunsetmoonites) Owner/Park Manager: Dan (dan.pevensey) COME ROAR WITH THE LIONS!
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  19. I think it was my Graphics card taking a poop lol I cleared all my chache, relooged with same alts and setting and lights are back on! New PC in next months I guess ha ha!
  20. Hm. Maybe Horizons could have a Linden Homes section added on. Zindra needs some more sims in the southeast corner, which was never finished.
  21. Hello! I kind of figured it out just now! The other one was not zoomed in as close; however, normally I don't have to be zoomed in at all to see the "light" I set from an object. When I turn the light on and off it fades away! It has never done that until recently.
  22. Have you carefully checked the settings in Preferences/Graphics? You may have Advanced Lighting Model on for one, but not the other...or some other difference in the Graphics settings. Have you carefully checked the World/Environment settings? A different Windlight sky setting or the use of Parcel windlight (Firestorm viewer) or a different time of day setting can create huge differences.
  23. I'd like to be able to choose what maturity level sim my home is on (general, moderate, adult). Since they want it to feel more community like, why not be able to be on a sim with like minded people. That way you don't have to worry about if people on other parcels can see you or not if you feel like engaging it certain activities.
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