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  1. Really pretty 1024 parcel on Adult mainland with view of river and the Guitterez hydroelectric dam. The land comes with a treehouse and some pretty plants and unicorns, which you can keep or return if you don't want them. Land is available for rent or purchase. Price is negotiable, so if you're interested, send an offer! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moorinda/238/238/37 Our main office location is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantasy/77/58/593
  2. The parcel extends from one shore to the other - with access to several beaches. Really nice parcel. 10,960 sq meters, 3,762 Land Impact. There is a hill on one side of the property. Enough room here for a house, a dock, your own yacht, and more! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michelangelo/208/56/40 purchase the lot.
  3. I have one full region ground level available. You'd be able to build up to 250 m in the sky. (We have our office at 550 meters high.) Because this isn't a homestead, but rather the entire ground level of a full region, you'd have the ability to change the amount of prims you're using. 256 x 256 meters. Fully terraformable, and we can change the ground textures for you. The environment settings can be changed to whatever you want. No ugly neighbors to worry about. You can choose between 3,000 Land Impact and 7,000 Land Impact to use. If you need more than that, it can be negotiated, up to about 10,000 Land Impact max. This could be great for someone who wants to terraform on an entire 256x256 area but doesn't want to get locked into the prim restrictions of a homestead. Off-sim landscaping elements are completely fine, and you could use some of mine if you want. (I have tons of options.) The drawbacks are that there will be neighbors in the sky, and you can't change the parcel name, since this is one large shared parcel. We also have sky platforms (not terraformable) with gorgeous offsim landscape options for starting with 1,000 land impact. The available ground level is in the Fantasy region. Here is our rent office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantasy/80/61/592 Contact Anneliese Wolfenhaut in world with questions. Thanks!
  4. Medieval, furnished skybox on small shared parcel with room in stables for your horse. We have also provided a horse rezzer if you'd like to use ours instead. You have the option for saddle style (Western or English) and horse color. Parcel is right on the roadside, so you can have fun exploring the mainland! Each skybox is only 199 L per week, and that includes the stable space as well. More prims may be available. Contact Anneliese Wolfenhaut in world if you have questions. Click the "teleport" signs to view the skyboxes. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wallaby/11/17/43
  5. This gorgeous Vista Mar home is on protected water - bordering the open, sailable Cozza region (all water)! Perfect for people who love to sail. We have a Viking ship rezzer set on the dock for you to use, but that ship can be removed and you can rez your own. There are lots of prims available, but if you need more we can remove the underwater mermaid vegetation and home. This property has so many great features! About the parcel: 3 full 1024 sq m parcels - only one used for the house, the other 2 are ready for your sailboat Mermaid world set up under the water with a mermaid house, fish, and plants Parcel is set to private Mature region About the house: Fully furnished vintage kitchen House in vintage South American style Wall colors can be changed using a panel on the wall Guest house has been turned into a massage room Beautiful, refreshing pool Furniture from some of the best creators in Second Life Lots of beautiful old paintings on the wall, and plants and flowers around to add to the ambience Sailable, protected waterfront
  6. Very pretty parcel with a cafe on the ground level and a 3 bedroom skybox as well as working platform above. GROUND LEVEL The cafe below is on stilts in a small pond. There is a nice ocean view, as the shoreline is just a few parcels away. A teleporter takes you to the upper levels. SKYBOX Skybox is beautifully furnished with over 10,000 animations, in a mirror box with sky view options. Lots of artwork in the skybox, very elegantly appointed with a clean, modern look. The living room has a cathedral ceiling. There are two bathrooms set up in the house, a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, with one room left for you to arrange as you wish. (I can set up a library, play room, second guest bedroom, or whatever you like, if you wish.) There are dozens of picture options in the paintings - just click to get the menu (it's 4 pages, so be sure to scroll through all the pages to see what's there.) PLATFORM A building platform is set up and ready to use. Once you purchase this parcel, you may return any items you don't want, or you can move them. PURCHASE VERSUS RENTING This is a 1024 square meter parcel, so once you purchase it, with your premium membership you won't need to pay an additional fee unless you own other land. It's also square, so 32 x 32 skyboxes fit perfectly. If you don't have a premium membership, you can rent this parcel by paying the rent box in front of the elevator of the skybox. To see other houses, skyboxes, or land for rent, visit our rent office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantasy/75/61/593 To view the skybox: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Harlman/20/54/3004 If you have questions, please contact Anneliese Wolfenhaut in world.
  7. PLATFORMS - huge and gorgeous. We have fullsim sized platforms with gorgeous, huge off-sim landscapes. These give you 65,536 square meters of usable space, with a view that extends far beyond that. Dozens of landscapes to choose from. FULL REGION for rent. We also have ONE full sim private island region available. 20,000 or 30,000 prims. Price ranges from 14,200 L/week to 16,900 L. You can landscape, change the sky settings, etc. Build a club, a roleplay, bring tenants for rentals - whatever you like. The region can be rated General, Moderate, or Adult. SKYBOXES and DOMES. We have a variety of options. These range from 1/4 region sized, to small economy homes. Empty options as well as those with houses and tons of great furnishings. BEACH HOUSES. We also have a variety of beaches with houses set up and furnished. Our furnishings are expensive and pretty, with great animations. Contact Anneliese Wolfenhaut for more info. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantasy/81/52/593
  8. Contact Anneliese Wolfenhaut in world to see the region. Discount available for monthly payments. There is only one available, so don't delay!
  9. Not completely flat, somewhat terrraformable. Overlooking water. Huge parcel, must sell quickly. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sekmet/65/68/64
  10. This gorgeous, large parcel is not directly on the water, but has a view of the water from two sides. Very pretty place. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cassidy/64/220/39
  11. Buy one or buy both. The house and trees are included with sale. These are nice, square parcels. Easy to find houses that fit perfectly. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gwen/240/170/32
  12. This one is SOLD. More are available, however. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gwen/240/170/32
  13. I have a handful of parcels for sale. This one is 2048 square meters. A nice, clean rectangle, so could easily be divided into 2 tier-free parcels if desired. On water (but not adjoining protected water). The neighborhood is pretty pleasant, however. It currently has a house, plants, and a bridge, but those can be returned on purchase (or kept). $8,900 Linden for 2048 square meters. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gyul/107/220/21
  14. The price has been reduced to 19,999 L for 2048 square meters, which is a great rate for waterfront property. I've also added new furniture with excellent animations, which would be sold along with the land. Well over 6,000 high quality animations from Nerenzo, Stockholm & Lima, Compulsion, and more. The house and furnishings could, of course, be deleted after you purchase the property if you don't need them. The ground can be somewhat terraformed to make more room for a boat if you wish. You could keep half of the parcel for your own free parcel, and sell the other half, which would make this a perfect home for a couple with premium accounts.
  15. Pretty open-style house on land. You could split the land into 2 parcels (1024 sq meter each) and sell one of them if you want to avoid having to pay monthly tier. Waterfront access, quiet and peaceful. Land has lots of pretty trees and flowers and great animations in the furniture. Objects will be sold with the property, so you can move them around (but not copy them to inventory) after purchase. Nice beach with enough room to rez a boat. Price: 27,888 Linden for BOTH parcels together. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gyul/111/233/40
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