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I first heard this song on Prairie Home Companion some years ago. I  was driving home at the time, and had just taken the off ramp I-43 off-ramp near my house. That was fortunate timing because, for the first time in my life, I was unable to drive the car. The PHC video I found is of their entire performance and that's too long, so I've posted their performance from ACL.

It was at 2:25 in this song that I had to pull onto the shoulder. When the song ended, it took a full minute for me to regain enough composure to get back on the road home. The Civil Wars did not shine long (6 years), but few duos have shone brighter...

I saw them live at Turner Hall in Milwaukee a year or so later. The opening act was so loud they permanently damaged my hearing (tinnitus), but Joy Williams was mesmerizing. It was a bittersweet evening, and I wish I'd left the hall during the opening act, but what's done is done and I'll always have the memory of their performance.

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These are very recent new songs for League of Legends. (PC game, also an e-sport)

This is basically a reveal for 4 new "skins" (alternative costumes) for 4 already existing characters in the game:

And this is this year's "theme song" for the international League of Legends e-sport event "Worlds 2018."

The people you see throughout the video are the top players attending the event, the weapons they carry belong to the in-game characters they've played in the past events.


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