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I don't normally listen to country music, some of it I love, but some  of it I hate. Recently however on the Voice someone sang a song called "Space Cowboy" which i thought was cool, and  so I looked it up and discovered it was   by Kacey Musgraves,That led to checking out hr  other music, and then finding this song, which has  given me ideas for a picture. Look for it in the what do you look like  today thread, later tonight or tomorrow.



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And listening to that,  with the Jordanaires in the background, reminded me of a very young Vil Kilmer in what I think is the best ever Elvis Presley sendup, from a sometimes hysterically funny movie called "Top Secret".

Oh, I picked a fake! This is the soundtrack playing over a silenced and modded clip. It's better with the original screaming. If I can't find a better version you'll just have to see the movie (worth it).

ETA #2: Found one :-).

ETA #3: I  bet I'm not the only one who was reminded of @Rhonda Huntress at one point in there.

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