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  1. If you plan to add color options, like different zipper colors, you also can move the zipper/metal parts to a seperate texture. Use the complete UV square, and just use a 256x256 texture for those parts. You still will have a lot more texture space to use than on the same square like the complete pants, so you'll see more details. And changing only the small metal parts texture instead of applying several 1024 maps will also use a lot less texture memory.
  2. I don't see why you need this? If that's your workflow, just copy all uvs in the finale version to the 0-1 space and apply the according textures to the faces in sl after the upload. In your example, the uvs are pretty bad. Don't waste that much texture space, you easily can copy all uvs to one map. If you want to use a hud to change textures of some parts, you have to think about that while doing the uvs. For the eyes for example, you could add the uvs to the other uvs too, and let them just white. So you could use the sl mod tools to change the color of the eyes without appling another texture. Or, if you want a special textures there, stretch the eye uvs to one square, but use a small seperate texture for them (depends on your details), 128x128, max 256x256 should be enough, because nobody really needs to zoom into such small parts so close, so everything else would be waste of texture memory.
  3. One question to understand this all correct: You all receive those fraudulent money back from LL only when you sell no copy items and you lost the item, right?
  4. Most problems are not on your side, but sl. Switch into wireframe and you will see most avatars and environment in a super dense wire. That means everybody wears way too much polygones to render. Probably you have more polygons in your viewport than in a current aaa-game, because only a small amount of creators at least try to do game optimized content. Even on my machine where i render 3d stuff its hardly possible to smoothly walk arround on events or crowded places, because of all the million polygons. try blacklist (its possible in firestorm, not sure if the standard viewer has that option also) all the dense mesh you see and you are able to walk around a lot easier.
  5. Yes, it maybe work for some special cases, but all in all you do that by hand, or have to rework the hard surface objects by hand after using a reduced version as a start. You can see that process in every workflow of all studios for games. But espectially for organic stuff, clothing and avatars you rebuild by hand. And don't forget you can't compare sl to a common current game. Those use modern game engines, those have minimum hardware requirements. Here we literally play a 15 year old game and ppl connect to sl with old machines or old laptops. And everything you see get's loaded/streamed on demand, not like a game where you have a loading screen and stuff gets preloaded. So we have to optimize the content like for a mobile game i would say, trying to have the polycount as low as possible and think about texture usage. The texture usage is something you learn in time, but creating low poly mesh is something every amateur normally learns when he starts doing mesh work. I'm totally self taught, i never had a single mesh item that looks like most of the stuff you see today. And i don't know who startet this to spam sl with all that highpoly stuff. If linden lab would make the ppl more aware of how things should be and give them the retopo links i posted above for example, that probably would help. If you don't say anything, you see whats happening. Here some nice example:
  6. There is no one click and all is reduced program. Creating good mesh is actual work, so ppl have to learn that there is a step called "retopologize" in the workflow. Yes, that takes a ton of time and yes, it is neccessary to do. Rebuild the damn mesh by hand using the retopo tools of the software you have. It's in blender (Retopo in Blender 2.8), it's in maya (Retopo in Maya), or you can use external tools that are made just for the purpose of retopo (Retopo with TopoGun).
  7. I don't think that's the way we should see that, because that highpoly unoptimized mesh stuff that's all arround in sl and that 95% of all "creators" create just does not belong into any game nor into sl. SL is an old plattform, you can't even compare to an actual game (polycount-wise), more to maybe an actual mobile game. If you want to make a living with sl, you should be forced to optimize the stuff (because you want to be professional then - everybody else should be forced also, of course). I'm doing this since 14 years, and i'm still here. So it is possible. And it would be even more possible if everybody would be forced to spend the time to do so, because then you wouldn't have to compete to all that stuff that should never exist in here. There is not a single game, nor any plattform, where you can upload crap like in sl. You will never see a single sixpack of beer with 1.3 million polygones. Only in sl. Because - i don't know why - Linden Lab just forgot to add a polygon limit into the uploader, and all the ppl go the easy way and upload what they have, because they can. Every hobby amateuer cg artist creats low poly game ready mesh (you can check out a lot of them on artstation). Many of them create that just for fun, or for their portfolio in their freetime. So ppl have to learn that this is neccessary and they will learn that it takes time to create 3D content. Thats just the reality that didn't reach sl till now.
  8. I didn't know that, thanks a lot!
  9. I had those fraudulent payments also a few times (last time was about 5 days ago ~6k L$) and was able to track down what avatar bought the items and who received them. Sadly it's not possible to ban ppl on marketplace, but i banned those avatars on caspervend to buy stuff from me again. Most times the avatars that reiceved the stolen stuff never bought anything from me before, so it's not a loss to ban them from buying. I wish it would be possible to do that on marketplace too, so at least those avatars are not able to get stuff for free again if "someone" get hacked and they "accidentally" receive my stuff.
  10. Dude, if you are not selfemployed and only earn pocketmoney, just stop try talking about things you have no clue of. You don't have to say something to everything. You always post such things when i comment, and you seem to not get it when i say i'm a self employed freelancer doing this since 11 years. I will not comment anything from you because the only thing you seem to want is to argue about things you aren't involed and have no clue about.
  11. I only rent land for my store and the land lord (it's a big sim renting group) did not reduced the cost recently, so there is no reduced cost inworld to me. Even if my land would cost less, the landcost are still nothing compared to all the fees. For me the maximum level on fees are already reached. Not sure how it is for us citizen, but in my opinion it's already super hard to make enough anymore. 10% marketplace fee 3,5% linden dollar to dollar exchange fee 5% process fee 4% paypal $ to € fee 19% vat ~30% income tax As you see i even don't take land cost to it, because it's only a small part (~27k/month). Compared to the 5% marketplace fee increase we just had, thats like a waterdrop to a barrel of water. Now do the math how much on tax and fees you have to pay and how much is left for you, BEFORE you have to also pay software/hardware to work with (yes, you can get some amount for working stuff back from tax, but not 100%, so it's still a big amount you also have to pay from the net income). And if you do sl as fulltime job as a freelancer like i do, you also have to pay health insurance and you have to save some money for pension. The amount you would have to make is really very high. Also, most of all creators (sorry to say that) create content that never should be in any game, nor it should be in sl (mesh polycount-wise). If everybody would spent the time it really needs to create game ready mesh content, nobody would be able to trash out new stuff every week. So the income of every creator would sink a lot, new stuff would be more expensive, less people buy the more expensive stuff / or could only buy new stuff when there is new stuff released (maybe once a month, at least 2 per month/designer, depends how complex the stuff is) and linden lab would even get less at the end because with no new content, residents would not need to buy linden dollars (because why should somebody buy linden dollars if there is nothing to spend them for?). So, increasing the fees to the creators is completly at the wrong end. I really spent every day per week from morning till night in creating new stuff. At the end, it didn't pay anymore right now, and the increased fees does not help at all. I'm doing this fullltime since 11 years. So i know what i'm talking about. I hope some lindens read this and maybe they consider some of the points when they plan to milk the cash cow even more. Some day there is no cow left to milk, if they go on like this.
  12. Well, i'm here since 2006 and what i say is valid to me. It's not the first time they raised fees and what they did with process fees before was a very high increase too. So you are the dumb one if you don't see it all together and in the long term view. But i guess sl is not your rl job and you are not even able to make your living with it, right? Because if you would, you would know what 5% increases means to you, when you're a freelancer and self employed. Nice try anyways. I'm not here to argue, so just go on call others opinion dumb 🙄Really dumd, indeed.
  13. I wonder what Linden Lab think where the money comes from? The content creators, who fill their empty world with content so others feel the need to spend time and money in here, are no employees and don't receive yearly salary increases. So do we magically sell more stuff because LL raises all fees? No? Okay, so we have to do the same like in the real world. We have to raise the prices too to have at least the same at the end. I'm in Second Life since 2006. It is my real life job since 2008. And currently it is very hard to keep it as a job. If they raise all the fees too high, there will be a point where content creators see no sense in continue the work. And with an empty world, Linden Lab will make no money anymore. So maybe they should think about that when they compare themself with Google or Apple appstore. Without us they are nothing. Google and Apple have many other income sources.
  14. Thats really a huge increase... so in the last 2 years fees increased like 12,500%, from 1 USD to open end (for the 5k USDs). Kinda sucks.
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