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  1. Yeah, it all adds. But, let's say, you layer optimized rigged meshes, the impact should be way less, no? Because the rigging in the end is the weighted paints on all vertices. Less vertices = less weights = less impact on performance. If you wear high-poly rigged meshes, there's a ton of rigging information for that mesh, so in the end, the polycount is a significant source of lag for the rigging again.
  2. 30% bad mesh is like, very unrealistic. I never see anybody who's wearing optimized mesh. You can go to every event you want and check the meshes there. Or go to all "famous" stores and inspect their meshes. There are a handful of the more known creators who really create optimized meshes, but the majority rushes out highpoly sh*t only. And you can inspect all the avatars running around to see the polycount: 100-300k tris in the shoes, 100k+ tris pants, 150k+ tris tops, + avatar + hair + a ton of accessories. It's easy to see avatars with over a million polygons and way over 500mb of textures.
  3. So, published numbers show that this does NOT belong into SL nor into any other multiplayer 'game', same as 90% of the current mesh content in SL, that is nothing more than a lag producing high-poly ddos-like attack to every SL user.
  4. .... SL standards. I wonder in what reality somebody think this is a standard for a 18 year old plattform.
  5. Most "creators" are like that, sadly. I mean, it's okay if you start doing mesh, everybody started at some point and learned how to do it. But if you are a "famous" brand and still create high-polygon sh*it, there is no excuse. That's just greedy money making without caring about performance to everybody else. So yeah, there are a lot of destroyers, easy to identify, because they take part in nearly all events per month to just make money. Good mesh takes time to create. Without a team working for you, 1-2 events per month is probably the maximum you can do if you create optimized game ready m
  6. Of course, i IMed the creator and told him, but yeah, the answer is what you see in the textbox and thats literally all he said. I guess all his new items will be pretty much the same.
  7. Ah well, i wish more than 1% would at least try to do so. For clothings nearly nobody do any optimizations and as long as they don't have to care about land impact, they think it's not a problem, because the uninformed and/or ignorant customer will buy it anyways, no matter if it's game optimized or not. Best example: Thats an attachment i found on one of the big events, the lower textbox is the answer afteri told the creator that this sh*it is the reason why sl is a lag-fest. I removed names, so i hope thats okay with forums rules.
  8. That's because all of lovely high-poly absolutely zero optimized mesh stuff that mostly every well-known "famous" big brand sells to you. They are lagging sl to death because of profit. Doing good mesh takes time, but, uh oh, they have to take part in 10 events per month, so there is no time, because time is money.
  9. Don't worry, even with the best computer sl will never run great. That's because 99% of all mesh content is made very badly and it's not game optimized low-poly at all, like it is normally in every other game. If you want to run it smooth, get your own sim and only add optimized content. Otherwise we sadly have to live with it that one avatar comes with more polgons like a triple A game whole screen scene and is nearly 1gb of texture data.
  10. Let's be realistic. SL will never be on a mobile phone with the 3D environment, as long as phones can't run Crysis in 120fps. Without any limits on meshes and as long as "famous big brands" upload shoes with 150k polygon count and 500mb textures it's just technically impossible.
  11. Got those error messages from an old and abandoned E2V delivery system what i still use for some older products. I guess you will reveive those error messages, because the used server does not exist anymore. Because you don't receive any respond from the Nuka HUD creator i guess he left and the server is gone, so probably it will not be fixed anymore.
  12. Sadly you even can have a high end computer and sl will not run smooth on it. That's because the majority of the so called creators upload mesh objects in here that would never exist in any game. And because we have nearly no limits while uploading something, this will not change, because uploading those unoptimized meshes is easier and most of the users still buy it, so it's quick profit with costs of good performance for everybody.
  13. And please, if you watch tutorials made for SL, don't create the mesh like you see in those tutorials. Google how to create mesh for games, especially the retopo part is very important. Using ZBrush zremesher is not how to create low poly mesh for games, but sadly all SL amateuer tutorials are like that.
  14. True, a good creator will optimize polygon count and minimize texture usage as low as possible and still showing a decent amount of details. A simple furniture with 22 textures is a huge overkill and if you want to use it for more than just taking a picture and put it back in inventory, then optimize it. Nobody has to zoom close to anything and still be able to see every scratch in the material. If you want to have this, do a movie with a close up zoom, but don't put it in a multiplayer game like sl.
  15. I use Casper since about 10 years. In all those years you can count issues like this easily with one hand. When something is not working, you get informations in groups very fast and they also update regulary whats going on. Also, all payments in the meanwhile are catched and stuff will be send out as soon as the system is back to work, the money is not stopping to flow, and the "economy" isn't hit or something. Some ppl just have to wait a bit till stuff is deleivered. So, i think some of you in here are on a hatetrain against Casper, but what you say has nothing to do with the reality.
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