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  1. There are a lot of reasons floating around so I would like clarification. - Did we get EEP because 1) Windlight would no longer work with some SL upgrade? 2) People wanted to sell skies? 3) People were complaining that other people were "stealing" their skies? If it was number 1 - I can accept that - but not what it's been replaced with. If it was 2 or 3 .............
  2. I sure hope so - because this is just plain ugly. I love new toys - but I wasn't prepared to lose EVERYTHING just to put a picture on the moon or buy skies on marketplace. Didn't anyone check to see what the new lighting was going to do to existing content? Most people run around on midday - and the new default lighting is extremely unflattering. The colors are all off, the effect of "scattered light" is totally gone, the clouds have no depth, and it seems that I'll need to bring my own water texture everywhere I go because the default water is now equally transparent at every depth.
  3. I just happened to have a video clip of how windlight worked originally. I was making an odd sky at the time - so you don't get the full spectrum - but note the controls - No color picker boxes- just sliders - and you could watch your surroundings while the lighting changed. Just one step to start editing - and no save or load or ok when you were done. Just close the editing window and get on with it. The biggest pain with the EEP interface is that you have to start from scratch instead of adjusting what you already see. That's a HUGE drawback if you do a lot of seat of the pants filmi
  4. Okies. I can see the fun of Kitty Moons and Pizza skies, but there seems to be no way to move the sun or moon around without first loading your own preset. What am I missing? Also - the Environment Editor is WAY too large. Since the overall result is a mixture of the three variables - I need all three open. Anyway of getting them onto sliders - or doing something with that massive environment window? I can't see what I'm lighting -
  5. You have built in capture with QuickTime. Under the FILE Menu choose >New Movie Recording. Your file will be OSX compatible and will give you some indication of how well your Powerbook will handle machinima. If you're doing OK - it's the same companies providing the same screen capture software as you find referenced on the wiki that Thinkerer referred you to- nothing really new to report. Most have demos you can try before purchase.
  6. If I'm comprehending correctly - Two years ago, The Lab realized that the only way to get out of a hole was to stop digging. YAY!! Adding two minutes of Steve Jobs from 1980 - describing what should be - or once was - the vision for Second Life. - http://youtu.be/LxX6rg7Lw1g
  7. Logged on - no chat bubbles? No names over av's heads? And still, no HUDS (they're worn - and don't show even in show transparent). Didn't even get to search once I realized I couldn't communicate. Relogged with Snowglobe (the only viewer on this iMac, OS10.6.7). Now I can't interact with anything and I'm a cloud. Yes - I did all the normal routines and got every trace of V2 off the computer. I'll do a clean install of Snowglobe and that should solve it.
  8. I haven't run into anyone yet who can get shadows, depth of field or even Antialiasing to work on a Mac - any Mac - even a mac Pro. Kristen's viewer supposedly got around the problem - but it crashes my iMac when I try to enable shadows. At this point, I'd be happy to see sculpts rendered properly - or textures to stay put. So - if anyone out there is actually using a Mac with shadows enabled - speak up now!
  9. Q Linden said: Watching the internal data, we've already seen a noticeable improvement in stability and performance--on par with Viewer 1.23. Back To The Future?
  10. My response is none of the above. Privacy concerns aside - your web services are aggravatingly slow - even without Second Life running. Face it. The only thing rarer than someone using Viewer 2 in world is an avatar with the last name of Resident. We're "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy" - and you're telling us to tweet it.
  11. Dear Linden Lab, I've notice increasing difficulties viewing sculpts using Snowglobe. (I'm a Mac). So, today I downloaded your new 2.5 viewer - and it's update. After two dozen attempts and various reconfigurations - I gave up trying to log on and downloaded the 2.6 viewer. I was able to log on - and see the missing sculpts. However, as the main thing I do in SL is machinima - and you haven't fixed https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-22778 - I'm at a crossroads. On another note - I also discovered the new web based profiles - which you can't view in world without setting your browser t
  12. Welcome! Seeing you playing with the toys is the most hopeful sign I've seen from SL management in years.
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