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  1. Thank you. So, I'll need two versions since I use Opensim for inworldz.
  2. TIL that TIL means today I learnt TIL I'm not a competent Second Life mesh maker . And I do try to keep up with forum posts. Maybe not enough. TIL to spend less time building and more time reading I use firestorm and I don't see the solid surface thingy
  3. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    So, by your standards, comments like this are respectful, and nobody should be offended by it? I assume 'that other' who keeps 'whining' is Viadetta? It could be almost anyone in this thread. You don't know the meaning of the word rude. I won't be responding to you anymore.
  4. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    I hope you come back and read what I said because you can't just tell me off and then walk away
  5. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    @Chic Aeon I agreed with Viadetta that Alwin was being rude to her. This is when it started getting nasty. It was going very well before his post. No nastiness until then. I would never react to anyone in a nasty way unless I felt they were being rude. As for the rest of your post I'm aware that other people besides merchants cash out. But this being the merchants forum, anyway that wasn't my main point. My point here is that Alwin was being rude to Viadetta, and it annoyed me. Just as it may have annoyed you that I was being rude to him, and you felt you had to say something. If people want to talk about their concerns about the fee increases, then I say let them, don't try to shut them up with rude abrupt put down condescending ( I can think of many more words to describe his comments).
  6. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    There's no cap. '.....will be 2.5% per transaction, with a $3 (USD) minimum, and no maximum.'
  7. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    Those are the creators who have put in the investment of their time and effort, and have therefore created the best products. It doesn't come easy. They're probably also paying for the software required to produce whatever they produce. And let's not forget tax. The thing that drives such productivity is the money that can be made. It's a very sensitive thing to keep increasing fees, and still maintain trust. I understand that LL need the money, and probably should get a bigger portion. I'm not arguing against that. But 3 increases, and the last one being such a huge one, it would leave people nervous. Take away too much and it may no longer be worth it. I know how many hours I put in. I think I'm probably working for about $8 an hour. So, no - LL is definitely not a charity. I think I am, though.
  8. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    Well usually with people the greater the increase in fee the greater the pain. So, someone going from $25 to $250 a month will feel more pain than someone with an increase of say $5 a month. and the people who earn more are usually living on that income, a huge decrease in income of $250 will be felt more than the $5 a month. And since you acknowledge the pain why are you arguing with people who are feeling it? Is it just to make them feel worse?
  9. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    You are not a merchant and so the increase in the process credit fee has no impact on you, and that is relevant, because it allows you to have no empathy. It doesn't affect you at all, and it's very easy to argue when you are not affected. You couldn't care less how much merchants are being impacted by the increase in fees, because you are not a merchant. And because of that the topic should be of no real concern or interest to you, except to tell others to stop complaining. The process credit fee is what is being discussed here, and not the other very small fee increases (which isn't worth talking about). This is a major increase for some merchants. For me it will be $50 a month increase, but I do feel for the merchants who face $200/month increase or more. Even though my increase is a lot less and easily absorbed, I can still have empathy for others who will feel a much greater impact.. I think creators/ merchants know very well that LL is not a charity. We work hard for every cent we make, staying up all night to get something done ( as I did last night). Viadetta, I thank you for your post.
  10. How to boost my Marketplace sales?

    I looked at your listings. Your babies are quite cute but also they're quite new. You need to give it time. I see your purple playhouse has had 6 reviews within the past 2 days, and all 5 stars, so that should be encouraging. Some more cynical people would say suspicious, but don't pay attention. It means that people are buying your things and recognising your ability. Keep going! It does take patience. I usually list an item and then forget it, because I know it will take a bit of time before it takes off, if it takes off at all. And sometimes you just can't tell because a creation that I love might not take off, yet one I am not quite satisfied with will become very popular. Another way, if you are prepared to take some risk, is to sell full perm. There's a huge demand for full perm.
  11. Warning: You have entered private property and will be ejected in 10 seconds
  12. Why Did the LindEx Tank Over the Holidays?

    Because Ebbe stated at one time that merchants make a very impressive amount of money, and he thought they should be paying their way a bit more.
  13. Why Did the LindEx Tank Over the Holidays?

    I made sure I cashed out a heap in late November, and only because I thought this would happen.
  14. Why Did the LindEx Tank Over the Holidays?

    But I predicted this effect on November 5. It just seemed very likely that it would happen. and it went up to 253 before it settled a bit. I was thinking it would lead to a short term shortage of L$ after the sell off but it's not going lower than 250, so new orders are now going in at the new price of 250 and it's staying there. Maybe only LL can move it back to 247.
  15. The No-Mod Rebuttal

    Self control or if not then medication. Gosh, I remember when I used to get all wound up about things.