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  1. Anyone found static mesh items increased in LI after these recent changes? I have come across some items of mine that have increased in LI. The problem is I sell on MP (under Reid Parkin) and items that are advertised as 1 Li are now 2. I only checked a few items. I think it might be the physics that has increased and therefore pushed LI up. I can fix it by changing items to convex hull from prim. But this won't work for items that need to be prim. Do I now have to check every item I have for sale and then fix it, or increase the LI in the listing after I have checked all my items? This is a tremendous amount of work. 😖 Anyone else experiencing this or am I alone? 😢
  2. Some of my items (under Reid Parkin) have increased in LI. This is a problem when it has been advertised on MP as 1 Li and now it is 2. I only checked a couple of items and I don't know the extent of it. I don't know how many of my items are now being advertised with a lower LI than when rezzed. I think it might be the physics that has gone up. There is a solution and that is to changed it to convex hull. Do I now have to check every item I have for sale to see if the LI has increased and then fix it? Anyone else found this? I'm going to make a new post because this might be important if it is an issue. But so far I have only found items that have increased in LI and none that have gone down, so far.
  3. Sorry, I haven't checked responses until now. Thanks for your tests, Aquila, Something has definitely changed. It used to be the case that just a very simple object, like a flat plane, didn't allow you to rez items on it if you left it set to 'surface' in the uploader. I know this because I was often asked to re-upload objects I sold such as pond water etc. Then I had to use solid to get things to rez on it. Not anymore. I can use 'surface' and it works. It didn't in the past.
  4. I thought they fixed it. I can upload using 'surface' and I can rez objects on the item with no issues. I always forgot to choose 'solid' instead of 'surface' when I had the issue and needed to upload it again, but lately I haven't been experiencing the issue. I think it may have been within the past 12 months the issue disappeared for me. I just tested again now and yes I can rez on surfaces without choosing 'solid' and using the default settings 'surface'. I also didn't analyse in this example. In my experience something seems to have changed. The images shows my upload settings, and the item after uploading it and throwing a fern on it. And Chic , the uploader will choose a physics model for you if you don't choose one. I believe it's the low model. So it won't upload without some physics model. But you don't need a physics model for a phantom object like my fern in the image (except a triangle). Furthermore, my imported model has a physics shape without choosing 'analyse'. It is set to prim and has hills and valleys like the physics shape shows.
  5. So, I went back to the older version because of the fans spinning LOUD on my computer. My computer is clean, no dust. And is very quiet because I built it that way. If it's me and the OP experiencing the same problem, then there are probably others. I've lowered the FPS to 45, but I have no idea where V-sync is, so I probably have that set at default. Next time I have to upgrade Firestorm to a newer version (I'm sticking to the older quiet version for now), then I'll see if the FPS 45 has made a difference, but right now the older version will do for me, because it's practically silent on my computer.
  6. mine is also usually 24 to 48 hours, and has been for a long time. These are my last two below, which are typical time period. Jan. 19, 2023, 5:03 p.m. PST order placed Completed Jan. 20, 2023, 7:20 p.m. PST Jan. 30, 2023, 2:18 a.m. PST order placed Completed Jan. 31, 2023, 8:20 a.m. PST
  7. There was a time when 8 prims was normal and acceptable for a decent flexi-prim plant. Now everyone wants 1 or 2 LIs. Recently, a customer showed me a very detailed beautiful flowering bush sold by another commercial creator, and the only reason she wasn't buying it was because it was 8 LI. She wanted to know if I could do something similar for less, and I told her no. But that is the market.
  8. Hi ChinRey, thank you for sharing your tests. My plants are usually way above 82 triangles, and a very low poly item may give your results. It doesn't work for more highly detailed items such as Reid's flowering plants, for example. I have performed 1000s of tests while creating. There is nothing I haven't tried, which of course includes adding more triangles in the lowest model. I set the physics shape to a triangle to keep LI down (my plants are phantom). I truly wish that a decent model can be produced for lowest LOD and also keep LI low, consistently. I have often been tempted to use the "impostor" or the 'picture on a triangle' method, but I sell full perm items and people modify it. That imposter triangle texture will always cause issues because the vast majority of my customers don't know how to use it, and I don't want to complicate things for them. I have spent frustrating long hours, days and weeks to achieve good LODs at all levels, and I work constantly, sometimes all through the night, often just to throw out my work because it didn't produce the results I wanted to keep LI down. So, there wouldn't be many technical advisors with more experience than I have. I don't underestimate the efforts of other creators/sellers. I trust that they too have enough respect for their customers' satisfaction. I trust that they also care about the quality of their items. Therefore, like me, they would have tested and tested, and in the end most of us leave the lowest LI at 1 to 3 triangles. I create my own to make sure it is invisible.
  9. A business perspective I run two businesses in SL under different avatars (the other is Reid Parkin), and I make a decent living. My business model is basically to let the market decide. The market will let you know the worth of your creations. My customers want low LI. My mesh items sell well because they are low LI (and good quality). Hardly anyone criticises the visibility. I make my own LOD models, but I almost always use a triangle for the lowest. In my experience, consumers in SL are more interested in low LI than good LOD. I strive to give them both, often spending days on the LOD models, but you will hardly ever achieve both a low LI and good representative LODs at all levels. It isn't true that creators/sellers who use a triangle are taking the easiest way out. They do it to keep LI down because that is what sells, and that is what a successful business does. They let the market decide. I have looked at the work of other very successful and reputable landscape businesses, and they do the same as me or less. One very well known landscape creator usually uses a triangle at both low and lowest. I don't think this is good practice, but it isn't up to me to decide that. Her items sell very well and have high ratings. The market decides. So, if most people are using an LOD set at 2, then they probably don't mind so much if items disappear. They will put up with it for the low LI.
  10. I don't use Caspervend. As someone described earlier, I hope they will incorporate redelivery into the object Edit For Sale tab. My 1000s of landscaping items (both me and Reid Parkin) are all click and buy contents - every plant, rock or piece of grass etc. is set to click and buy. It's easy and convenient for me and customers. But no redelivery option. Now this would be useful. A bit of trivia -This whole idea was discussed in a beta group meeting with LL back in 2015, and Casper Warden was there. But the idea came to nothing. Although the idea wasn't to buy the system from Casper, at least that wasn't how it was presented. We were asked what we would like to see in such a system, and would we be prepared to pay for it.
  11. They still get a decent cut. It benefits LL to have inworld stores because they get tier. Offering a discount inworld could potentially increase sales. It makes shopping more attractive for the bargain-loving consumer, and therefore would stimulate spending. The more spending in SL - the bigger LLs profit. The more money you make the higher the fees to convert Lindens to dollars and then process credit to PayPal. The more money a seller makes - the bigger LLs profit. The history of the old rule is this - an independent company owned the MP (an earlier version of it), and this company didn't want its platform used to advertise items for purchasing in Second Life, which would mean missing out on the 5% commission. This rule made no sense when LL bought the MP, but the rule stuck for a long time.
  12. I did this faithfully for years, and then I gave up on it because I didn't find it easy to maintain or use. And then you can forget to save it so you miss some and now it's not accurate. I prefer to use my time creating, and if people want a refund on one item it's a lot less time and effort to just give it to them.
  13. Please show me where, I'm quite interested to see all of these records. me too, for inworld sales I use boxes or buy contents of an item. It's not any fancy vendor. The item is usually the vendor, which is set to buy contents. There are many people who do it this way, and SL supplies this method free and easy. But you only get the transaction history in your SL account going back one month unless you are premium. This has nothing to do with MP sales. Read the original post.
  14. ^this The transaction history only goes back one month unless you are premium, which could be why the seller has a one month refund policy. So the seller may have no proof that you bought the item twice. It's not such an easy thing to click a profile and give away such a large sum of money without sound proof. Even when customers show me proof I wonder how easy it might be to forge a transaction history, so there is that too. But I refund because my items are not expensive. With such expensive items it would be very hard.
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