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  1. It takes more time and effort to list an item on MP than inworld. Inworld it's just a matter of rez and set price in its simplest form. This could be why many sellers have it cheaper inworld. It's my reason, and I often don't bother to list items on MP because of the time and effort. Therefore, if things are cheaper and more available inworld then it could be because it's easier to set for sale. Even though I have cheaper prices inworld the amount of sales are about the same, because although one person could buy more items if they come inworld, there are more people buying on MP, so it works out about the same, for me anyway.
  2. And the best way to do this is to ignore content by that way you will always respond with blissful silence This works in forums but in a debate, silence can be felt as hostility.
  3. Just take solace in knowing that it happens to us all. Unfortunately, even when you stick to the rules it can happen to you. What people say is very true, and a bad review with a sensible polite comment from the seller will not hinder the success of the item. And you may find buyers will be just as annoyed as you are with the unfair review, and add their comments. A bad review is only that if it is true. It happened to me. I contacted the buyer who actually said she would change her review if the item was improved. I improved the item as she suggested, sent it to her, updated it with a description and waited for the review to be changed or removed, but nothing happened. So, I contacted her again and got an earful. It happens and it can happen to anyone, no matter how much you do the right thing. There's no preventing it, only perhaps minimising the risk, and you probably already do this.
  4. I know, and it is so good to see Lindens responding now. I remember the stress and anger of the past when we didn't hear a peep, even though we were so obviously upset, then Ebbe came along and that changed. I knew this thread had your interest and attention 🙂. And I wanted everyone to know the answer, not just me.
  5. Yes, yes being on a Sunday, However I do believe Lindens should reply, it shouldn't be voluntary (except out of normal working hours, which in this case it was), And they should care for us and our questions. Otherwise it would create stress and anxiety if they didn't care. Is it Ms Grumpity?
  6. I thought Grumpity was female. Am I wrong? But yeah, I agree on a Sunday, that's cool.
  7. I will wait, and hopefully a Linden will come back with a reason why I have to prove who I am again. I would just like to know why. It's a really good question, and I hope the answer comes back in simple English. I'll just wait now, and hope I get an answer. Otherwise I'll just send it again, if I have to. Did it for Sansar too. It is a bit of a nuisance.
  8. no answer, don't know answer dont respond. Edit: OK, I should have given it more time, my apologies, as can be seen by the responses below. I will wait
  9. I'm still the same person I was years ago, bit older looking maybe but still me 😊 They accept my passport for 10 years, and my bank never asks me to prove I'm still me, nor paypal. I'm still me, why do I need to prove it again?
  10. I'm an Aussie too with 6 premium accounts, and the only thing I wanted was my mainland parcel. So, I'm dropping all my alts down to basic in October and moving my mainland store to my homestead. Although you get some of the cost back through the weekly stipend, you lose some of this when you convert it USD and then again when you cash it out. Therefore, I'm downsizing and simplifying having all my stores in one place, and saving a bit too. But the good thing about a low aussie dollar is profit is higher when I cash out of paypal and convert USD to AUD, compared to when the AUD was equal to and then higher than the USD a few years ago.
  11. he gives the definition of process credit, not cashing out. Where does it say cashing out is the exchange lindens for $US then yes, then you are right, and I will happily accept it as the way to go in future 🙂, otherwise it is just your personal preference. Maybe I missed it. And anyway enough of that, there are more important things.
  12. @Linden Lab Please in the original post add a glossary of terms. There is a huge amount of confusion over the terms "cashing out" and "processcredit." but that doesn't prove you are right 'Cashing out' has always been the expression we have used for process credit for many years in the merchant forums, where you have been only a recent participant - hence you are unfamiliar with it. OUT being the operative word.
  13. OK, you may be right. But your tone often isn't. Please show me where it gives both definitions so that I can use them in future.
  14. So people shouldn't correct you when you are wrong? But she wasn't wrong. She used the term cash out the way I use. And she is right about one thing 'We should ALL be having a pleasant experience here, not fighting.' And Blush does rub people the wrong way. And she doesn't realise it, unfortunately.
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