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  1. Let me see if I can make it clearer - if you do not like not liking then to not like is to like not liking, or in other words to like or not to like - that is the question
  2. Phil, would I be correct in saying attention to detail is not your strength? . I'm still surprised that over 8000 posts, and you never noticed the views per post in the previous forums (as inaccurate as they may have been).
  3. I know a way to delete my posts. Edit it and add a lot of very descriptive words expressing how I feel about not being able to delete it. I think they will delete it

    I must say though, I always suspected that it has to be inaccurate, for the reasons you gave. But then again it did often show some later posts with a higher number of views than much earlier posts, which made me think there must be something in it.

    I do remember it and would bet my house on it

    but you do remember they had it next to the post, don't you? How accurate it was is another question. It also showed the number of views (next to a post) decreasing the longer the thread became, and over time, which seemed to indicate a loss of interest?

    I always found it useful to see how many times a topic or post has been viewed. It let you know the general interest level. It seems we have lost this. Edit: I see it now . Number of times viewed is next to the topic, but you can't see the number of times individual posts have been viewed.
  8. I also believe that the ability to delete a post is important. Almost every other forum has this. It's too restrictive with no very good reason. You should at least be able to delete a post if you are still the last poster, that way nobody has responded to you and there's no confusion. But people change their minds after hitting post. It happens often, and I know I am not alone.
  9. I think it's way too strict. I can understand that it's annoying when someone changes their post after you have responded to it, but I think it will be more annoying if you can't ever delete a post, or edit it after one hour.
  10. yes, I think hiding simply means it is hidden from yourself only
  11. @CheriColette if you catch it within an hour. Yes, that would work. After that you can't edit it.
  12. @Drongle McMahon This is very true. Perhaps some forums should have unlimited editing times. You don't want to be creating a new post to amend the advice you gave 3 days ago, explaining how your original advice was not completely accurate as you left out an important detail. In help and advice threads, further information often becomes available by later posters, with someone correcting your advice and you agreeing with them - this may be pages later, and people may not read that far. Edited (date and time): Perhaps the ability to add to your post like I am doing here, but the original post cannot be changed after an hour.
  13. I agree with the ability to delete posts. People often rant with emotion or just say silly things, hit post and then regret it. I'm sure I'm not alone. Another example: One time I posted under an alt name by mistake. I was responding to someone, and it would have made no sense for the unknown alt to be responding, so I deleted the post.
  14. I really think you should be allowed to delete a post, at least if there are no responses after it.
  15. so, how would I cancel a post if I change my mind. I see Submit Reply, but no cancel button. So, you can cancel an edit but not a new post. And how does one delete a post?