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  1. There are some people I admire here, you're one. Making a mistake is easy, but admitting it takes a strong, self confident personality.
  2. thank you I really did need that. I've never seen this side of you before - I like it.
  3. No need for warm blankets in forums - that was the message thrown at me. So, why the change in opinion? Oh, and I'm just waiting for Solar to come along with his scornful laugh. And Tari, if you are busy writing me a book, I'm not going to read it all. I might skim the gist of it, and then give up because I don't want to read a book. I'm already reading War and Peace atm and that is enough for me right now.
  4. Exactly. And this wasn't even directly at the merchant. I'm sure if it was then a different tone would have been used. It's funny how people can change their tune, and advocate for politeness when it suits them. But I do recall that you told me there was nothing rude or blunt about Solar telling me to 'So, just turn the bloody page' when I spoke about rudeness in the forums. And you said there was nothing wrong with what he said or his tone, - I just took it the wrong way, and sometimes people can take text the wrong way, and you went on and on. And I'm still not over that thread, because here we have the same people not liking the tone of the original post because it isn't polite, and those same people argued with me, that I shouldn't be so sensitive, and that bluntness in forums can be expected and accepted. I see the people who gave likes to Tamara's post. When it suits them they change their tunes - some, when they feel it is aimed at them and others just to stay on the 'safe' side of the fence.
  5. Me too. And I started my very unsuccessful attempt at making jokes because I was just starting to feel more comfortable and accepted here, now there is that familiar feeling of - just let go, don't come back. In all my years here, I have never felt a need to block so many people until just now. In fact I had a completely empty block list, and now I have 5. Well, I guess that was the advice right at the start - I didn't think I would need to actually use it. Some people are carefully scanning my posts for anything they can be use to pull me up. And yes, the emphasis on the words 'proud' and 'born with' were aimed at a certain post in another thread. I'm definitely not the only one who does that, and it's being done to me all the time and nobody cares. People knew what the emphasis referred to, so there was no need to mention names. I made an example of how wrong that post was. Now comes the very hard job of not coming back, see how long I last. And yes, I imagine a few people will go YAY.
  6. Yes, I have noticed that jokes are often taken seriously. But It sort of takes away the humour if you need to explain that it's a joke. Like the angry face, well it wouldn't be the soup nazi with a smiley face. And Ethan did keep insisting he didn't want a warm blanket, and he was being mean to me first with my other attempt at a joke about Dakota saying ' And we are done' like she did in the other forum where people started to argue, and that was my other failed attempt at joking, because he took it so seriously and you did too. But anyway I'll try not to joke anymore ?
  7. There are some people who will never change their views, will not bend an inch, and will find any excuse to justify their actions/views. Oh well, I like being me, and I guess different strokes for different folks. I feel sorry for people, and I'm proud of that quality - and it's a quality I believe I was born with. I see newbies running from the forums and never daring to return, and that's a shame. So, we end up with just this small group of the same people posting over and over again. I don't know how I survived being a newbie, because I was always very opinionated, and also sensitive. But I guess I never discuss anything I'm not passionate about, but I do think I can bend, as many others do. And that's healthy. Admitting I may be a little bit wrong (and a little bit right), and also being able to apologise. That's something to be proud of. Yeah, I'm humming The Monkeys song now
  8. But here you are talking from your own perspective. It's how you experience it. Do you believe a newbie would also experience it that way? I witness newbies given a hard time much more often than a well known forum member.
  9. The warm blanket helps me. The funny thing is that the effects of my involvement in this thread carried over to work, and I started to become jumpy again, anxious. And I had to remind myself I'm in a safe place here. I've been wrapped in a warm blanket at work and I love it. I feel warmth from management, HR and the staff. I think HR see me as an amazing example of how the new policies are working. As I recover my smiles are getting bigger and they are reflected back at me. Some of the people I disliked most are now becoming my support group - how's that? I think it's because they also had issues and are now recovering through mindful meditation etc. I can handle these forums now, even though I was a little bit jumpy there for a bit. I don't understand the mentality of some people, but the warm blanket has made me stronger and I can now cope with people who prefer bluntness. As we head into spring downunder I am slowly starting to take the warm blanket off, knowing it's there for me whenever I need it, going forward. Thanks Luna, for your understanding
  10. Obviously Cindy wasn't a Seinfeld fan, or maybe my sense of humour is just not her cup of tea.
  11. Dakota, calling Dakota ? Dakota Linden Advanced Member Moderators 881 1,205 posts And we are done!
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