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  1. A 3 year old friend told me she found it through YouTube.
  2. Consider the full perm market, which is a huge business on MP and inworld. Without these restrictions anyone could buy these full perm items and then sell them as is at a lower price, hence competing with the full perm seller. It is important that the restrictions are clear in the description, however most people in SL would be aware that full perm items come with restrictions. Otherwise, the full perm seller could potentially be just selling their entire business over and over again, with people selling with a race to the bottom. Finally the full perm seller would have to just give up. That's not a very good business model at all. The DMCA notices do help here, and thank goodness because without them there would be no full perm sellers on the market, except perhaps the very generous who don't care how things turn out. The full perm market is a very useful resource for builders, and one not many people would want to do without, I'm sure. So, here is an example of how very important the EULA is, and the consequences of not having it and the DMCA.
  3. OK, If I said to my son 'you never answer me when I talk to you! ☚ī¸', he isn't going to say 'yes I do! Remember last week when you asked me if I wanted that last piece of pizza, I said yeah! 😋.
  4. Your logic is flawed. I stopped reading after this line because of it. You are basing the value of the L$ on the U.S. $ and that is not what I am buying; when I am spending U.S. $ to buy Linden $ then the more Linden $ I get per $1 U.S., then that is a higher value of that $1 U.S. I stopped struggling to understand what you were trying to say after this line Because I think you misunderstood what Dima was saying. She was talking about inflation resulting from a devalued L$, i.e., basing the value of the L$ on what you can buy with it. If we have inflation in rent and goods and services you would end up getting less value for your L$. ETA: This is worth thinking about, who is most likely to gain from inflation - merchants, customers, landlords, renters or LL?
  5. You are forgetting that the vast majority of buy orders are inworld and 'at market'.
  6. Oh Molly, we had a debate about this for pages and pages when you were another name. I remember us getting into all sorts of twists and turns to the point I got such a headache. And as Wulfie says 'here we go again' It's not normal behaviour - I am a share and currency trader, and I know what normal behaviour looks like ETA: I've been a trader since 1997, so I've spent over 20 years analysing market behaviour, everyday.
  7. Still a valid question though. Weren't we promised 1 to 2 days as normal and anything longer as unusual? Mine normally takes a day, and I would be annoyed if it took much longer - our fees were increased on that promise.
  8. My process credit request took just over 24 hours to go to complete, put it in Monday and done on Tuesday. It was a little slower over Christmas and New Year period, to be expected.
  9. So, I'll go back to working on my waterfall texture again until the next fee increase.
  10. I'm still not completely happy with it, and will go back and tweak some more. I'm not selling it full perm though (like most of my textures), but I'll give it away, selectively 😉
  11. 😮 no wonder I'm burnt out. Recently I spent 4 weeks (about 3 hours a day on weekdays, and about 5 hours a day on weekends) just trying to create a waterfall texture that I'm happy with. My family were so sick of me saying 'how does it look now, does it look real?' for 4 weeks. OK I know why I'm burnt out.
  12. I can't guess who this is, but I agree with you that if you are no longer actively creating and just floating on ancient success then you shouldn't be complaining, because you should expect that your sales and profit will decrease over time. It was interesting reading the old threads because this came up, people like Sassy Romano and Phil Deakins just not creating anymore and sales fading away. Both seem to have left now, but they were once very successful, and then things changed, and they didn't keep up with it, through choice or whatever. Phil said he just allowed his sales to dwindle to a trickle. I suppose they are both still getting something after years of not creating anything new - but both of them didn't give a toss about the decrease L$ value, and they didn't even like the subject (because they weren't actively creating to make a profit anymore). But Phil did eventually take an interest when he agreed the activity on the LindeX was weird. Anyway, at that point in time I was so enthusiastic, and now I am where Phil was all those years ago, choosing to let things just slowly die a natural death. But this has been a very recent decision, and who knows...............however, if I did stick to it and allow thing to die I wouldn't complain about anything in SL, because it would have nothing to do with me anymore.
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