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  1. Question about 0L listings on the marketplace.

    no fees for anything under L10.
  2. Post moderating/editing/moving

    I'm very fond of equality
  3. Don't visit sansar(yet)

    I'm raising this again to address the advice here. Firstly, the hydrangea are completely my own work, and nothing to do with Nobiax. I've deleted Nobiax's plants from Reid's store as it's really not worth the controversy. I'm keeping them inworld, free, because people like them. The new hedges v2 are now my own work, as well as all other plants in Reid's Store, and therefore no need to give credit.
  4. Don't visit sansar(yet)

    and I have written permission in the form of email communication from Nobiax giving me permission to sell his plants. I also donated $US190 to him, which he appreciated.
  5. Don't visit sansar(yet)

    Rya Nitely = Reid Parkin. I've been a content creator since 2007. Firstly my boats, off sims, stone steps and even some plants etc. I have spent so much time with my head stuck in Maya and photoshop, that I had to give up my full time job. I wouldn't take this risk if I was simply a freebie seller. But, I do sell some freebies under Reid Parkin. However, most of the plants are my own creations. My other store is Tuff Old Boats since 2008, so there's proof I am a creator, LOL. The hydrangea took over a month to create. The new hedges v2 took months as well and are now my own work, with only one significantly modified texture from the original freebie pack. So, yes I am a content creator, rest assured.
  6. Costumer service

    Yes, it was bad customer service. I have your side of the story and so I respond to that, taking your word for it. My pet hate is when merchants act superior - we are 'busy people, don't waste our time' attitude. I prefer IMs, but I'd always respond to a notecard. Customers should be valued, not treated with disdain. I really don't understand that attitude. And yet merchants become very upset if LL show them the same disdain.
  7. PSA: Merchants are responsible for MP errors

    My most expensive items are around L$500, and so if I needed to get a refund on commission, then all I need to do is find, copy and provide ' the original MKT Order Number from the sale and the copy of the Gift Transaction from their L$ Funds Transaction Log showing the full amount of the refund to the buyer', and then file a support case with Linden Lab, and then I would get my L$25 or 10 cents back? Wow, if only i'd known this before. The things I could have done with that money. And I do have the time, so it would have also given me something to do, preparing my support case.
  8. Can we see who "liked" our posts?

    That's something I love about all my alts. They always like my ideas, theories and opinions, and even my jokes . Shame they don't visit the forums much. And with so many people agreeing with me I always think I must be right.
  9. Can we see who "liked" our posts?

    I can understand it. There are a lot of people who read, but they don't post. One reason is because they may not want others to know their views. Being able to like anonymously gives them a way of expressing those views.
  10. Can we see who "liked" our posts?

    thanks Phil :). I'm not too concerned. I'm just thinking that not everyone has a tough skin.
  11. Can we see who "liked" our posts?

    I'm not sure if it's such a good idea. I just removed my like from the first post because I changed my mind about the idea. Do people get a notification if a like is removed along with the person's name? I can see feelings hurt. And what if someone is obviously liking everything but your posts? I think there is a lot to be said for anonymity. Facebook is different, because those are your friends, and certain friends may just not have come to your facebook.
  12. Can we see who "liked" our posts?

    Yeah she could have said something ... like, I didn't like your post. I mean I didn't NOT like it. I liked it but I didn't like it. Someone else liked it, not me. It was just like, OK, okay? Maybe we should have like an OK button
  13. Marketplace Search Changes?

    Sales have increased for me too, lately. But then I also noticed a slight increase in users online when logging in with Firestorm. It was over 52K the other day.
  14. Cashout Issues

  15. Cashout Issues

    I think they might calculate how much you earned over a period of time to see if you can spread it out to less than $2000 a month. I still think the purpose is to get the $15 fee more often.