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  1. The buyer is always right?

    You can't get negative reviews removed without a very good reason, like profanity, defamation, false or irrelevant information, etc. These types of negative reviews don't help anyone, and therefore it's quite justifiable to have them removed. 'Seller is an idiot' - do I get this removed or should I be transparent?
  2. Article about second life in the Atlantic

    As a merchant I'm more concerned about the LindeX daily market volume rather than population size. The market data shows that L$ volume has been very stable over the past 10 years, therefore if the population is decreasing then individuals must be spending more.
  3. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    I just needed to clear cache history, and now I can see 3 months. This may come in useful since I stopped downloading and keeping sales records about a year ago.
  4. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    I'm premium, and I don't see any change in my L$ transaction history. Still just 32 days. Nothing before this can be selected. Although at the top it says 3 months but it doesn't work for me.
  5. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    Talking about the exchange rate, it will be very interesting to see what effect this will have on it as people rush to sell and cash out before January.
  6. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    Yes, the exchange rate. I remember pages and pages of frustrating confusion, and wild illogical theories when that exchange rate went crazy. The most logical reason was that LL were dumping loads of L$ on the market (probably to fund Sansar). I don't like the fee increase but at least its transparent. We are not being lied to. What they did with the exchange rate, that was just plain stressful for everyone who sells L$. And if they did it once.............there's no trusting it.
  7. Marketplace sales way down: how are yours doing this month?

    Well, not knowing what you sell it's hard to say what your problem might be. You say you do seasonal. My sales are up, and I do seasonal. Edit: If I look at what my stores are selling right now it's the seasonal things, so without them my sales would be way down.
  8. The buyer is always right?

    It's unfortunate that some people have such a hard time with customers. Even though I can't relate to it, I can understand that it must be difficult. I did get asked for a refund recently, which doesn't happen often. Below is how the conversation went. This is my style, and I do understand that we all have our own methods, which is fine. I just really like mine, so I thought I'd share it. Customer: The item animation does not function. I paid you 150 lind. you can return my 150 lid Me: Hi there, I was wondering if you read the info on it, because I can't understand the animation bit Me: let me know what you want? Did you make a mistake to buy it? Very important to read before buying. Customer: friend did not matter, I thought it was animated Me: I'll give you a refund Me: Refund sent. I know how it feels to be disappointed in a purchase Customer: ma nooo Me: It's my pleasure Customer: thank you for the money back, thank you again for your onesta, and your works are very beautiful Customer: thanks again I bought another item, and soon bought, I'm not disappointed Me: thank you After this I did have to endure a long conversation when I really just wanted to work, but fortunately there was no friend request. With another approach, the situation could have turned out very differently, very frustrating, with two very upset people. Is that really worth L150? Overall, it left me feeling good, and the customer feeling good, and I can truly say that this is what I love most about SL - my daily interactions with customers. It so often leaves me with that warm and fuzzy feeling.
  9. No Seller Response

    You should have read the previous one star review and seen it as a warning, or learnt from your first mistake.
  10. The buyer is always right?

    It seems like some people get asked for refunds very often, and others very rarely. The question that should be asked is why. I have a high daily sales volume so that's not it. I rarely get asked for refunds, except the occasional double purchase. Perhaps it has something to do with complexity of the item, I don't know. Why do people ask for refunds, what are the reasons given?
  11. A store that constantly sells stolen content.

    To be more precise it is more like this 1. Notice received from claimant, item removed 2. No counter claim, process ends here 3. Counter claim received, now wait 2 weeks for claimant to send proof of court action. 4. No court notice received from original claimant, item restored after 2 weeks. Process ends here. 5. Court notice received within 2 weeks, item stays unlisted pending litigation. Counter claimant has to give real life info, which is then given to claimant for court purposes. It is the original claimant who needs to take court action, not the counter claimant.
  12. The buyer is always right?

    This is true. I would say I have a relatively high sales volume. I just did a count for October 8th and it comes to around 140 sales for that day. I don't have any policy about refunds, and I can't remember ever being asked for one. I may have been but I just don't remember because it's so rare. People are more likely to give one star and move on than ask for a refund. Edit: The sales are mostly from the flowers and plants store (Reid Parkin), not Tuff. But even with scripted boats I never get asked for a refund. I would be the one to offer if there is an issue that can't be resolved, and then the customer would gratefully accept. Edit: Oh wait, I do get asked for refunds on double purchases, and I would give a refund if I notice a double purchase. But I don't think we were talking about this clear cut example.
  13. Getting a 503 error

  14. Unusual Reviews on MP

    The lack of 3 to 4 star ratings is because people don't usually rate something when the quality is no more than expected, unless they get a nudge. A reminder email may help, the way Amazon and other companies do it.
  15. Unusual Reviews on MP

    I find the flagging system works very well. and unfair reviews are almost always removed. I don't flag a review if it's someone's opinion on the quality, because that's fair. But I do have this one item, (a bush sold by Reid Parkin), which I describe as "low quality, basic star shape, flat planes with a picture on it. Do not have high expectations or you may be disappointed. See it inworld before buying...''. The item has been reviewed with one star a couple of times, with the complaint that it is low quality, basic and just flat planes with a picture in a star shape. I respond with "You are complaining about details that were made very clear in the description ....and therefore your review is unfair". I flagged it once and the review was removed. The second time it happened the review was not removed. After giving it some thought, I decided it was right that the 1 star review remains. Just because I describe my item as low quality doesn't mean nobody is allowed to give it 1 star for that reason. And actually I would prefer people to know what the item is before buying it, and the low reviews help here. I even tell people to see reviews before buying. Despite all this, the item persists as one of my top sellers - go figure.