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  1. Here is one example of how it is impacting on one person - me. I'm only one but there may be others. Right this minute I'm setting up my full perm shop on my homestead, and then I will abandon my 1/4 sim mainland parcel, which I own as a group with my alts. I will then drop my 7 premium accounts to basic. This is how I've reacted to the change - and it's not what Ebbe is aiming for. I know it's just me, but who knows how others will react.
  2. But I already explained to you that I do understand their motives, and I said it politely. Ebbe really does believe that 'grabbing' my profits is the best thing for SL, but he doesn't yet know whether his plan will work. None of us do, yet. And we don't know his target, how much he wants to take from cash out and redistribute to lowered land costs. And please keep the discussion calm and polite.
  3. I don't believe that is the situation here. When Ebbe came on board and found out that residents were cashing out $60 million per annum, he was impressed. At the same time he thought it was way too much and that there should be a redistribution by making land cheaper and less cash out. There was nothing to imply SL needed repairs, only that he thought it could be improved upon, and this is what he is attempting to do. He doesn't know what impact it will have. He really doesn't know how much the success of SL may depend on residence getting that $60 million. This is an experiment - that's all.
  4. You know when SL changed their TOS and everyone shouted about it, you being one of the most vocal, I didn't see what all the fuss was about, because I trusted that LL would do the right thing with my content, and I felt safe to continue without a care, but I never ever thought to undermine the concerns of others by debating and telling them it's their platform. Everyone knows. You even went and looked elsewhere, found nothing and so you stayed.....you made a huge fuss and then stayed. Maybe this fee increase and any potential future increases are as important to me and others as that TOS change was to you. And so we are making our fuss, respect it.
  5. And you never make a huge fuss about changes. And you never strongly disagree with changes to the TOS and end up 'signing' it anyway, because it's the only way you can continue in SL - and so you do it, despite that strong disagreement - you still choose to stay. It's very hard to walk away, isn't it?
  6. Yes, and it is exactly what I did. I went back to my full time day job after the increases started, and it pays so much money for hardly doing anything at all. Anyway, I did exactly what you suggest people should do, but there is no way that I would come into this thread and slam people who may not be as fortunate as I am. I completely understand why people would be upset and concerned about their reduced income, although I am not in that boat anymore. What's wrong with just understanding? And stop saying if some creators close up shop it won't affect SL, because everyone knows that - nobody says it will. If the majority of creators packed up and left slowly over time, well I think it would be the death nail because SL needs that money flow. Unlike minecraft, it isn't been sold as a game to millions of people.
  7. Thank you, it's good to see things from others' perspective.
  8. Second life is a very different thing to Minecraft. There are many reasons why people join and stay in SL. I don't think many people joined for the purpose of putting boxes together.
  9. And, in some small way, do you also understand the concerns of creators who depend on every cent of their SL income, and who feel they deserve it for their efforts? 🙂
  10. so anyone who wants to cash out before the increase be aware there will be a bit of a rush. It already takes days to sell at 251, not sure how long because I had to go 252.
  11. of course you're right. New talent exists and will take anyone's place over time and with increasing experience and exposure, reputation etc., but the point is would they want to, if you changed the conditions? Would they feel the drive to strive for that if it was not longer financially worthwhile, that's the question. Money makes SL go round. And yes, although this increase in fees, and the others we have experienced over the past couple of years will not kill anything off, but it can reach the point where people will say why bother. Is it worth the time effort, stress, customer service. It's not easy - remember that. And it's not always fun or rewarding.
  12. and my question wasn't answered. Why is it soo important to them that they can carry on pages and pages of debating, even following the thread daily, when it probably has no or very little impact on them. They probably don't cash out regularly; they probably don't depend on SL as a source of income; and they probably don't work hard in SL to get a product out; or prepare for a gig; or provide tenants with support, resolve conflicts etc. on a daily basis; provide customer support and patiently educate them on how to edit and use products and on the latest advances in SL - example of this 'you need to set it to alpha masking' 'oh, what is that?' ' you need to select edit link' 'How do I do that?'. Don't underestimate the role we play in SL.
  13. I just don't know why non-merchants get their backs up about this, when it really has no impact on them? I just don't get it.... why? If land owners were told tier was going up, and that they may have to charge more in rent and they said they won't because they may lose tenants, I would see that as being totally their discussion and would feel absolutely no need to butt in with my views by contradicting and belittling their concerns. I would just feel it has nothing to do with me, and stay out of it, and maybe sympathise even though it isn't me. Why, why is it so important for some non merchants to get their backs up about this? Maybe they are entertained by just annoying others who are feeling a bit down.
  14. It would be like Sansar, that's a much better comparison. Sansar has NOT attracted creators/merchants because there is No profit to be made, and hardly anyone goes there just to have fun building for free.
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