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  1. Indeed. And maybe some new as of late... Or it's just another drop in SL's performance, I don't know. Anyway, I've been wondering if moving everything to the cloud is as a good idea as LL wants us to believe it is. So far, I haven't seen anything working better than before stuff started to be moved to it.
  2. I know, I read them. But maybe I should remind everyone that the "scripts issue" began like it was overnight, about one year ago. One day all was normal at my home sim, and on the next bringing up a menu to change the radio station was taking ages. And until recently, LL let it go like nothing wrong was going on, which had some people speculating about the number of regions per hardware server. As I'm sure you know, many creators can't afford paying for a whole region, so they do whatever they do at their small parcels around SL. Should we tell them "hey, you can't pay for your own sim, so you better stop messing the place where your store is with your scripts"? I'm very comfortable saying this because the scripts usage at my parcels is quite low, and I don't sell anything — I give it away for free to those people I care about. This issue was created by LL, and bringing up the idea of limiting scripts accordingly to the amount of land you own is mostly unfair. It's up to LL to fix what they broke, and not limiting scripts usage — it definitely would not help "keeping SL's economy healthy".
  3. Not a practical thing to to, as it would almost kill many SL activities, like using vehicles, sales events, clubbing, etc. Scripts are what make SL tick. If we can't use the scripts we need, then what's the point of being in SL at all? Just for sight seeing? I'm sorry, but I can't agree with any of that.
  4. Hmmm... There seems to be some bad communication between the viewer and sims, sometimes. Lately, I've been experiencing some trouble setting normal and specular maps on stuff. As soon as I close the toolbox, the object(s) forget what I did, requiring several attempts, at times. And I'm running the latest Firestorm viewer... But de-rendering something should be on the viewer only, right? Or am I wrong? [EDIT] By "de-rendering stuff" I mean objects, not avatars. But maybe the process is identical to blocking an avatar/account...
  5. Of course I can't be sure, as LL doesn't speak about it, but I suspect those crashes are due to a momentarily unresponsive sim. I've had that happening on region crossings — the viewer just closes without any warning.
  6. It's been bad not only for you, unfortunately. Besides what you mentioned, I must add sim crashes. A while ago, I was told that Innsmouth crashed earlier, today. And who knows how many other sims... I'm glad I spent the whole day away.
  7. Tuesday, for the rolling restarts, Innsmouth was restarted twice by the Linden crew. After the second restart, the region was showing Scripts Run around 20%. Later on, a region admin restarted it once more and Scripts Run went up to around 85%. While I'm writing this, they are now around 60% average...
  8. I hope you are right about that. I have nothing to object to a proper and valid identification. Actually, I'm for it because among other things it's a good way to fight money laundering. My concern is just the "inactivity fee". Does that apply to all those who convert L$ to USD or only to the ones who actually process credit to take money out? You see, at some point I might drop the premium membership and thus no longer have the need to exchange L$, so the Tilia account would be indefinitely inactive. Would Tilia take some of my money, then?
  9. Not entirely true. Yes, L$ have no value for them within its own circuit, but LL makes money selling them and again when L$ are converted to USD. And taking some out of Marketplace sales. No matter how much competent a pixel farmer you are, you'll never grow L$ in your fields. L$ originate from one source and one source only. So they actually do have value to LL in several different ways, and I estimate that the overall value is considerable.
  10. Of course it's not convenient for them. 😉
  11. The reason may well be the fee they charge us for exchanging $L to USD. Really, I'm not trusting LL much these days, after their recent price and fees changes and the (poor) justification(s) for them. They didn't come out very well in the picture, in my opinion. It seems to be all tricks and more tricks...
  12. Possibly, no one cares about what I'm going to write but... I've never taken any money out of SL and I never will. I only exchange L$ to USD to have my tier paid. Now, wouldn't it be nice that I didn't have to do that? Currency exchange, that is. Why can't we pay tier with Linden Dollars?
  13. Now all their talk is about keeping SL economy healthy. Well, if you want an healthy economy, don't mess with it. The truth, however, is that LL is trying to squeeze from everyone as much money as possible. Which isn't wrong, as LL isn't a non-profit organization, it's a company and needs money not only to keep their services running as also to feed their share holders. But please don't take us as idiots with that talk about SL economy. Charging everyone more money will only leaves us with less to spend on the grid's businesses. It's always funny how some economists do the opposite of what they should do when prescribing more taxes and fees.
  14. Whatever today's roll did (yes, I read the release notes) Nuggy's performance became ridiculous. It's almost impossible to do anything, as scripts run are around 3% most of the time, when they were around 90% before the rolling restart. Support ticket filed requesting a new restart to see if that fixes whatever went wrong. [EDIT] A new restart fixed whatever the problem was. Still not the performance it had before today's rolling restart but much, much better than it was before I filed the ticket.
  15. I'm still to know why my events only show for me on the dashboard — no one else can see them. My events are rated Moderate in a Moderate region. More: I don't even allow any nudity there or anything related to Adult behaviours. - - - By the way, all the "perks" mentioned are uninteresting. But since the prims allowance was raised, and land prices dropped a bit, I've been waiting for a counterbalance, so not really a surprise that premium membership prices go up. Those two changes won't be an increased benefit for premium memberships anymore, as in the end we are going to pay more for them (possibly the same as before they were introduced — I haven't done the maths yet.) I'm sorry, but it all sounds like a magician's trick to me. I don't believe that raising the premium membership prices will help SL's economy in general, nor will an increase of 100% to the credit processing fee, but it sure will help LL's own economy. I just wish LL uses the money to actually make SL work better because, you see, it does look better than it did when I joined, almost 7 and an half years ago, but the only thing that I notice working slightly better than it did by then is the inventory system.
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