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  1. Funny enough, I've always had avatars, hair, skins, eyes, tattoos & make-up, and more recently mesh body parts, under the Body Parts system folder; all outfits under Clothing; and all the rest under Objects. I didn't do that to prevent inventory loss — only now I understand it's probably the best solution — I just did it because it made sense to me. So, maybe, that's why I only noticed one item missing over the 5+ years I've been in SL. And it's something that I most probably deleted while remodeling my place... Note: Ah, and textures under Textures, scripts under Scripts, and so on.
  2. Here we go, Whirly: inventory has 42,367 items at the moment, and I keep trash empty at all times; as for my connection to http://tucson.speedtest.net/ (average of 3 tests) I just got 58.70 Mbps download, 3.30 Mbps upload; the ping is high, but it has always been — 185 ms. I have a 100 Mbps connection, and of course I get a download speed of nearly that when I test it using my ISP's tool. Anyway, my connection seems to have dropped quite some since February 2016, when I did my last test connecting to http://tucson.speedtest.net/... At the time, the average value for download was around 80 Mbps. I am in Portugal, by the way, and my partner, who is in the UK, has been experiencing the same issue as of late, but she actually has a slow connection. Note: I use Firestorm only, always the latest release.
  3. I don't like conspiracy theories, and I'm sure no one at the Lab would ever do what you suggest. It is a sad coincidence, yes, but I refuse to believe it is more than that, especially because I experienced some weird issue with inventory in the last couple days. Here's what has been happening: I purchase something (a demo or full product) or just take back into inventory one of my own items rezzed in-world, and it only shows there after I re-log. It hasn't happened too often, but has been happening enough times to get me worried now, after reading your post. At first, I thought it was because I was at very busy regions (Fantasy Faire) but it also happened at a premium sandbox where there was only one other avatar at the time. And my inventory is half the size of yours... and no, I don't have a flat inventory — at all. Now, when was the last in-depth asset database maintenance performed? I mean a proper scheduled maintenance, not one of those emergencies when it's already broken.
  4. You've got to be joking... The money LL is putting into developing Sansar is money they make with Second Life, and I would expect they'd use it to fix SL's serious issues first of all. Come on, they still didn't even get round to make a decent viewer over the years... No, as noted by others, Sansar is a "different animal", not a Second Life replacement. I've tried the High Fidelity environment and it's just hideous, at its current stage. Still, it probably is quite some steps ahead of Sansar, and the whole principle is way better, as you can host your place and stuff in your own computer. All that said, yes, LL should seriously worry about SL because without it there will be no Sansar, to say the least.
  5. That is mostly a police matter, and this forum certainly isn't the right place for it all, as other posters pointed. What LL will do is investigate the AR's and eventually suspend the griefers accounts (of course that they will create more.) And that is all, as the system provides you tools to solve the problem — set the region's access to group only and set the group to allow membership only by invitation. When/if you contact the RL authorities, make sure you tell them the whole story. As Alwin pointed, it sounds a bit weird that the extortion attempt went via Skype... So it's clear to me that there is a lot more about it than you told us here, but that's none of my business, of course.
  6. Have you lost it? Do you have any idea what you are asking? What about the people who already are using those extra prims? Anyway, do you have any idea what you're writing about at all? Who said it's the prims capacity increase that is causing the current poor performance? Did you join SL last week or something? I've seen this happen too many times over the years I've been sailing/flying around.
  7. Thank you, Patch! :smileyvery-happy:
  8. YAY! :smileyvery-happy: And yes, I only checked Mainland. Thanks for the update, Whirly!
  9. If this is a bug, don't fix it! /me claps happily. I couldn't agree more, Whirly!. If you do the counting, you'll see that's a 1.5 PE bonus. All parcels I checked at other regions on the Main Channel, and that have already been restarted, show such a capacity increase.
  10. Nuggy has been restarted, and now my 1024 sqm parcel there is showing a capacity of 351 PE when it should be only 234. Is there some bonus I don't know about or today's restart just buggered the land for the better? :smileyvery-happy:
  11. That sounds like you're having some some software issues. Check programs running in the background. Anti virus, maybe?
  12. I just gave up and went to sleep. I'm in Europe. We'll see if LL fixed it for real, as they should have done the first time it happened.
  13. Grid status updated Thanks!
  14. Tried to file a suppor ticket but will not go through - just times out and tells me the site is unreachable. Yah, it took me many attempts to be able to get into live chat support. Anyway, thanks for trying to help (and I hope you keep trying :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:)
  15. Well, now I can! Lucky you... I still can't. :matte-motes-dont-cry: