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  1. New Club - Need free shoutcast server

    Yep, and at some other forum, as DJ/streaming has nothing to do with SL servers.
  2. Lack of support

    I'm not sure, but if LL wants their business going down the drain, then they are doing almost all right.
  3. Lack of support

    That's outrageous. So what's the point of filing support tickets if no one is there to do what needs to be done? It sounds like it's the millions LL says they are investing in Second Life. Lame.
  4. Unscheduled Second Life maintenance

    Yep, nothing we can do. And if it's true that their provider is the cause, nothing LL can do, either, except explaining what the problem is, so it doesn't look pathetic from them.
  5. Unscheduled Second Life maintenance

    Oh, OK, Shrek ears for that provider, then. But no kudos to LL's GSP. Nah, I pay for SL and my internet connection already, I'm not going to feed some parasite service.
  6. Unscheduled Second Life maintenance

    All true, and just thinking on the amount of inventory transactions per hour gives me an headache. But why do they keep pretending it's all OK, and minutes (or hours) later coming back saying it's not? Sorry, but it's pathetic.
  7. Unscheduled Second Life maintenance

    And it's not over. The sequence of "Unscheduled Second Life Maintenance" is just pathetic. I can't login anywhere. (for the smart posters: yes, I just tried logging in at a Le Tigre region.) Shrek ears for Linden Lab.
  8. Unable To Log In World

    Don't worry, it's just SL banning itself. Keep an eye on the grid status blog. Despite, the Lab insists it's a problem with logins, it's much more than that (issues in their network system?) as the lag is horrible, at times. It's on times like these that I wonder where did go all those millions they recently said they are investing in SL. The GSP says they are still "investigating", and maybe those "investigators" need to be investigated too.
  9. "Investigating - We are aware that there may be an issue with Second Life logins at this time. We are actively investigating this issue, and will provide updates via this blog. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this. " https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/gcd5z1f130v5 That's an euphemism, really. All of a sudden everyone on my contacts list started to log off, and they all did in the end. Next, I couldn't move, and logged out myself, but couldn't log back in, of course. It seems to be an SL blackout, as the dashboard web page doesn't load, either. Shrek ears for all the Second Life team working today? Note: yesterday the lag was intense all over SL, so I should have seen it coming... (my dashboard finally loaded, so maybe not the whole team should wear those ears)
  10. Same old same old

    FYI: Main Channel regions in mainland are being restarted right now.
  11. unable to stay connected

    It also says to check your connection. [EDIT] Read the following article, although it's a bit out of date: http://blog.nalates.net/2011/10/26/troubleshoot-your-sl-connection/ When you try SpeedTest.net, instead of San Francisco insert Tucson. That should give you a clue about what's wrong. Question: Is your computer hard wired to the router or are you using wi-fi?
  12. freezing and crashing sim

    File a support ticket requesting a restart. If the problem persists, ask support to check it out.
  13. It's just one more mess-up, it seems

    The attachments and HUD's issue seems to have been fixed. At least it was for me and those people I know that were suffering from it. Also, LL believes it is fixed. As you cleared cache and the problem persists, you may need to file a support ticket for your case and have LL doing further investigation.
  14. It's just one more mess-up, it seems

    It's fixed. Well done, LL. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/450t06mqgpfk