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  1. Better late than never... But the login system is unstable right now. I couldn't login in multiple regions, including my home one, which had already been restarted about one hour ago. After trying several regions, I finally logged in at home just to see that there wasn't any other restart applied to it.
  2. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/q0rm976cfdgz
  3. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/q0rm976cfdgz
  4. Right. What caused the error for me was a notecard from Cosmopolitan. Besides that, I remain a grey oval no matter where I try logging in. Outfits won't load and inventory keeps fetching forever.
  5. They are improving, though... From the 30th December 2019 to the 2nd January 2020 I had my home region (Nuggy) more or less unusable, as no scripts would work there. I filed two support tickets that never got a response, not even after the issue was fixed. [EDIT] 12 hours was half a day in Australia and New Zealand (OK, it's half a day everywhere but you know what I mean).
  6. Oh, I just tried to login twice and outfits couldn't load... And even started a thread because I didn't see this one first. Inventory keeps fetching and fetching and fetching but clothes aren't loading.
  7. Happening now. Happy New Year, yeah...
  8. It's getting worse, then. I was at Vinyl earlier...
  9. Not likely, that would be quite some people owning stores. [EDIT] Also, I got the info that Slink owners noticed the issue around midnight SLT and filed a ticket.
  10. I noticed when I tried to teleport to stores. Slink disappeared from the map. Same for Ison. Also, when I tried to TP to Lock & Tuft got an error message saying the teleport was routed to the wrong region, and I was taken nowhere. People are complaining in several group chats. When will LL start taking seriously that SL is a global thing? Isn't that one of the cloud purposes? So why is Support off?
  11. Let me wonder a bit further... Are region restarts due to hardware reboots or most times they're just a software restart? Because if it's software restart, then I don't think Amazon is allowed to do that. [EDIT] When I used to run a couple Opensim regions (offline) on my PC, and needed to restart some, I never rebooted the PC itself.
  12. Maybe, maybe not. My home region (Nuggy) hasn't been restarted since the 11th this month.
  13. [EDIT] It was just posted on the GSP: https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/5vdtmywr6g3s
  14. There was a maintenance on the login system, I guess they screwed-up...
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