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  1. It's the damned Frisco mice chomping the cables😝 Or worse — AZ rats! [EDIT] Yay! Logged in!
  2. According to the GSP, "A fix has been put in place, and the grid is returning to normal. Our engineers will continue to monitor the grid, but we're well on the way to recovery" but I still can't login.
  3. As I wrote several times in this forum, region crossing issues come and go, apparently without any changes made — I've seen it happen over the years. I even remember that some time ago LL tested some code at a few sims in Blake Sea but I could never notice any change, crossing into/out those sims didn't get better than doing it at other regions that were healthy. Yes, it's got better, I've had no issues but I'm not holding my breath. Supposedly, regions are automatically restarted on a 10 days cycle. And yes, of course that after a restart regions do get in a healthy state unless something goes wrong. Issues on crossings, coming and going, may have many causes, as you know, from buggered sims to network bottlenecks. Possibly, many times it's a set of different bad things happening coincidentally... As far as I know, LL could never determine the cause, maybe because there isn't a single cause.
  4. Oh dear! Nuggy is about to be restarted again. Despite being running a bit over 90% average of its 4000K something active scripts and having been restarted twice on Tuesday. I wonder what's going on now... But of course that wondering is all I get, if not a buggered sim again... [EDIT] And it's got back online quickly, apparently as healthy as before.
  5. Those brilliant minds never cease to amaze me. I thought that keeping customers happy providing a quality service was an investment, not a cost. But of course I'm just dumb...
  6. I just hope the Lindens do know. But the image they are putting out looks like they are somewhat disoriented. At the very least, it's quite unprofessional.
  7. If those are all the same version, we have no way of knowing if any is still on the same channel it was before.
  8. Indeed, they are. My home region (Nuggy) is down right now, despite having been restarted earlier and being apparently healthy (Scripts Run were around 90% average). I don't know if scripts could be saved there or not because I didn't try.
  9. I recommend Live Chat Support. They're usually quick to respond and perform the restart. Ask them to restart the sim on another host.
  10. (please ignore this here, as I have no way to delete it)
  11. Yep, so far it only happened to me in main channel regions. And yes, it only occurred a few times and just in the last couple days. Still, it's a symptom that something is not right
  12. So now the inventory system fails once in a while. Attachments cause a system error message saying that the attempt to rezz an object fails... And of course items do not attach. This has been happening since a couple days ago. [EDIT] Moving to another region and changing to another outfit seems to work.
  13. Thanks for the info, but Nuggy is still buggered and got no response from Support despite having filed a ticket on the 30th, not long after Live Chat closed (+3 PM SLT).
  14. Just adding something that happened when we first noticed the scripts issue, one and an half year ago, and that is somewhat related with KittyCats. At the time, a support representative went there to check what might be wrong. The cause pointed was KittyCats collisions. The list that representative — obviously incompetent — offered had about half a dozen recent collisions. One of the collisions in the "report" even had occurred almost one year before that date. They just wanted to close another support case without doing anything relevant for it... With this I mean that it's easy to go somewhere, have a quick check around and point something that may be causing issues without looking deeper to find out what the real problem is. Of course it's not your case, as you have no access to the info the Lindens can collect, if they are willing to. There's no doubt the KittyCats contribute to lag but so do many other things. Also, there is a limit for KittyCats at a sim, and we could discuss if that limit should be lower or not but it is what it is. If that limit was set is because it was agreed it's a reasonable one. And yes, I know you are aware of performance issues — it's been discussed for quite some time. As for the cause... You may well be right and physics sometimes cause problems during a restart. But the thing is, it's not only bad restarts around SL. Sometimes it feels like the whole structure is crumbling. I am very disappointed with what the Lindens have been doing about the whole thing... The whole SL, that is. And it's kind of laughable that they expect me to extend my premium membership till September 2022 in advance when they offer a discount that still will make me pay more than I did before they played their tricks with prices and fees, and their product is the way it is. It almost feels offensive...
  15. If you go back to Nuggy and have a look at the antenna I have on a warehouse, at a dock, you'll see that the sim was restarted on the 28th (and came back healthy) and again on the 30th (with the result we know). Why was it restarted on the 30th? I have no idea. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nuggy/199/233/21
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