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  1. /me is feeling like a groupie... 😉 [EDIT] For the groups I own, only I can list the members. No one in my venue's group ever complained about that, and it's been always like that.
  2. I want it back and working properly, too. But having it showing security orbs?! LL doesn't even know when a region is messed-up until we open a support case to tell them...
  3. That's much easier to say than to do. They know what's going on in their sims to some extent but not all that really goes on. Here's my own example: I have my security system configured to boot avatars not in the allowed list after 20 seconds if they are above 100 m altitude. On some Fridays, I have it set to allow everyone up to 2100 m altitude. What if I set it to cover only the area between 1000 m and 2000 m? Or any other option I choose? And if the map isn't updated real time, then what's the point?
  4. For whatever reason I can't now quote posts in this thread. Oh well... @Anna NovaWanting to have orbs showing on the map is unrealistic. You can't expect LL going around SL and check every parcel to see if there is an orb in it. Parcel owners change from time to time, some in short times. Also, some orbs are set for specific altitudes. What you can do is report orbs you find in your way that are set to zero time. [EDIT] Try talking with parcel owners first, and only report them if they refuse to set their security orb properly.
  5. I fully agree with @Vicious Hollow, not only the mini map shows avatars and land/obstacles around in real time, as it also lets you see sim/parcel lines. In Blake, this last feature can be helpful to let you find rezz zones (all regions there have at least one, at the NE corner). As I always fly in mouselook view, the world map is useless. And yes, it takes too much space on screen, even in it's smaller size. A while ago, when flying one of my helicopters, it crashed after 23 sims — stopped responding at Nautilus - Caneth (wich is weird, as the region seems to be healthy, showing 100
  6. Nuggy has been updated, and seems to be even better. Scripts Run hitting 100% many times (depends on the live KittyCats in the sim). @NeoBokrug ElytisYes, let's hope that the "internal tweaks" scheduled for tomorrow do something. I'm also hoping that all those regions I checked, and had quite a drop in the percentage like West Haven, just had bad restarts.
  7. Just clarifying what I wrote above: as it's said the bug causes Scripts Run to be 30-50%, I estimate that a normal rate would be at least 60-80%... But that's way far from what I've been seeing around, and that was dramatic drops in some cases and none (except empty Linden Protected water regions) is over 55% average.
  8. Today, Nuggy (on 556255) has been with a bit over 90% Scripts Run, average (2800 active scripts max). I'm curious to see how it is after getting the update... So far, from those 556847 I checked, only empty Linden Protected water regions show a normal Scripts Run percentage.
  9. @steeljane42 @Profaitchikenz Haiku So, according to you both the problem isn't a bug. Is there a bug? LL Says there is, and I tend to believe them... Especially because they took almost a whole year to acknowledge the issue. Now, according to what I see around, the fix didn't work. A couple more regions on 556847 that I've checked didn't get any improvement — Lipshen has around 40% Scripts Run and Dallows has around 55%. My home region, Nuggy, is on 556255, has lots of breedables (KittyCats) and has 90% Scripts Run, average. I'm aware that what I just wrote reinforces your opini
  10. I hope not but it's weird that some regions got a good increase in performance while others got worse, much worse. I checked a few more of my reference regions on 556847 and only found one with Scripts Run around 50%. That's Nautilus - Adherbal (with about 6000 scripts). I don't have the time to check them all right now, but will be doing that in the next few days. [EDIT] West Haven shows less than 5300 active scripts.
  11. You better not, yes. West Haven was always around 98% Scripts Run on 556255, and after the 556847 update Scripts Run dropped to around 50%. ☚ī¸
  12. My issue was (and still is a bit) seeing avatars as orange clouds for a while, including my own. As I said, it got better... I mean, better once the viewer cache got repopulated and I updated the graphics driver. But mesh avatars in bits it's "normal", and has been like that since mesh body parts were introduced, as I said. So it's nothing to be worried about, really. I usually only have avatars fully rendered if they are in my contacts list, all others are jellies or I don't even see them at all, depending on where I am and what I'm doing there.
  13. Of course we can't be sure what the reason is but I think it has nothing to do with AWS. What is described here only started happening to me when I updated the viewer to an EEP release. [EDIT] It's been better for me lately, though, maybe for a month or so. Anyway, seeing avatars in bits in crowded/laggy places has been a common thing since mesh parts were introduced.
  14. Sounds like a graphics driver issue. But if it happens at one place only, it can be some griefing... Anyway, you better check with Firestorm Support and see what they say about it. I'm on the latest Firestorm release since it was launched and haven't had any issues at all. Actually, it's the most stable release I've had in a long time.
  15. Logins are failing again. I tried logging in several regions and it's not working. [EDIT] Got in, finally, after trying many times.
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