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  1. I'd be surprised if for once the GSP could be trusted...
  2. Funny that after so many months using the same viewer this bug just came out of the blue... If it's a viewer bug, then most likely it's in LL's code all viewers use and caused by some simulator changes. [EDIT] And it's a S E V E R E bug affecting everyone.
  3. No, I mean group chat, and the chat server not responding in a timely manner, which causes messages being lost or even chat closing. Sometimes, there is quite some delay in notices too. πŸ™‚
  4. My understanding is that LL wants to get the name caching bug fix grid-wide ASAP. But while it affects only a few users, groups issues (notice timestamp and chat lag/timing out) affect everyone. But hey, after all these years I got used to LL's weird priorities and decisions.
  5. Capabilities failure, I believe. I had that at Nuggy yesterday (Tuesday), which is my home sim, after it got the new code that was rolled. A sim restart should fix it, as it did for Nuggy.
  6. SL has always been the future for LL. They thought otherwise and they were wrong, as they are in many other things. And yes, what Lucia wrote β€” Sansar was a money pit and LL won't be risking hiring more people.
  7. I agree with that. But they could at least let annual premium memberships change it only once without an extra payment. I've been paying the annual premium membership for 7 years, not to mention the money I spent with land. As I have no responsibility in LL's bad decisions, I don't feel inclined to help paying for the losses they may cause β€” yes, I mean Sansar. That said, and as I stated before, I won't ever pay a single cent to change the username.
  8. They did? Or more or less gave it away? πŸ€ͺ
  9. In my case would be 23% VAT, for a last name I wouldn't like. €50 for a name? Just no. Actually, even without the VAT I wouldn't want to pay a single cent to change the name. And those last names...
  10. I did as you said, and the region just went down, hopefully for a clearing restart. At least I can't see it anymore from the contiguous sim where I am. ☺️ [EDIT] And it's back online, apparently healthy. [EDIT 2] I forgot to mention that I had already filed a ticket, but under Land & Region -> Region Performance. So, I guess it was the second one (Region Offline) that made Support restart the sim β€” something to be learned... But it had gone 6 AM SLT, and Vix was already available in Live Chat.
  11. Last Sunday I had the Leeward Cruising Club finishing their sailing cruise at Nuggy and partying at my main parcel β€” there were no issues at all. The only thing changed at the sim was the code it got this Tuesday, apparently. And it's been fine since then, with Scripts Run around 90% average.
  12. Well, it's possibly the same issue, although the cause may be different. And Nuggy is in mainland. Yes, very, very frustrating when we have to wait so many hours.
  13. Nuggy is online. I can see it from nearby regions, I just can't walk into it. Filing a ticket to get a response at 9 AM is exactly the same as entering live chat support by then. Thus, I can't get home for a bit more than 6 hours from now. I wish LL would put the same care in providing a quality service that they put into marketing.
  14. I own 3 parcels in Nuggy, and my home point is at one of them. A few minutes ago, when I tried logging in at home, I got an error saying it failed to grant capabilities and I was sent to an info hub. Trying to teleport to Nuggy caused the same error, and walking/flying from a nearby region into it didn't produce anything different. Nuggy was restarted this Tuesday and got the server version 2020-02-05T22:16:31.536040. It's been working fine until now. As chat support only opens (hopefully) at 9 AM SLT, and filing a ticket to get a response in a few days is not a viable option, I am unable to do anything. [EDIT] My mistake here... Support opens at 6 AM SLT, 9 AM Eastern US time. I got confused, sorry.
  15. Yep, Nuggy hasn't been restarted since the 26th January. [EDIT] Uh-oh it's going to be restarted now (6:44 SLT)
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