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  1. Never mind, it was a temporary issue, it seems. I just logged my accounts.
  2. Can't login any of my accounts. I changed the DNS servers but the problem persists. I can access my web dashboard, though. [EDIT] Of course that the message I get is the usual generic one, and there's nothing on the GSP about it so far.
  3. Besides the DNS issue that had been happening some time ago, it may also be an inventory problem. File a support ticket because if the problem is your inventory, they will fix it easily.
  4. Yeah, it seems their fix doesn't last long. They must be using very old tape. 😛
  5. It can be an inventory issue. Or maybe a DNS problem. Try using different DNS servers and if that doesn't work you better file a ticket.
  6. Ha! Ha! That is partially true. And it's only partially because there are loads of good, attractive content that is ready to use without needing to know all those details. Details will come with time, if the new users stick around. Anyway, that's one of the reasons why communities are important: they provide help.
  7. Exactly. Also, who has the time and patience to wait for years to have a new virtual world working more or less as it should? SL evolves slowly enough for us, users, to keep up with the changes. And how it has changed since I joined, back in 2011! Comparing SL to any game is a a mistake. Although it can be seen as a game, it is not. It's all about building your identity and shaping how your virtual life is.
  8. Yep, I'm getting that when trying to access my dashboard.
  9. You're probably right but also consider that this is a niche, and possibly the number of people who can actually spend time learning a new thing after using something for years is possibly even smaller. I think the Lab learned from Sansar, not only technically but also as a business. What do people say about trying something a second time and expect a different outcome?
  10. For me, to put it simply, it's a matter of trust in general.
  11. Everything went wonky. My DJ event is a cloud party (and my face is grey).
  12. An alt account can get in the region right after the other account has been banned. I've seen it happen a few times in Innsmouth. Apparently, there is some delay before all accounts are banned. [EDIT] Oh, I just read what Whirly wrote about it, and it makes sense. So, before all accounts are banned the one that has just been entered to the ban list has to try getting in again.
  13. Try what is suggested on the Grid Status, which is use different DNS servers than you have set at the moment. I had that problem a couple days ago. I couldn't login my main account but could enter with my alt. After talking with Support (they said it's a known issue but there is no ETA for a fix) I changed from Google's DNS servers to my own ISP's DNS, and it's been fine so far.
  14. Right. Logging in was fine, the problem was connecting to the cloud, where SL really is, as you know. Now I'm wondering if all the other people who experienced the issues use the service of ISP's belonging to the Altice group (my ISP is a company that is owned by that group).
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