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  1. My visitor manager is sending e-mails but only the header, daily reports are empty.
  2. That would explain it. I also had a some momentary freeze-ups yesterday (just a few seconds each).
  3. Right, but it's still happening intermittently. Unless it's an LL issue... Froze twice today and got logged out after a while. And when that happened, the dashboard wouldn't load on my external browser. However, as there are rolling restarts underway it's not a good time to draw any conclusions.
  4. Yes, it is, but part of it is speculation. And whatever the reason is for issues it keeps happening — avatars freezing and being logged out, dashboard not loading, etc. [EDIT] Concerning SL, of course. No idea what is happening to many other internet based systems but as far as I can tell Discord hasn't been affected yet.
  5. We do get emotionally involved with SL or whatever digital world we're in, but for those who run it it's only business. They sell peanuts and rake in all the big bucks... In the case of SL it's not even peanuts — they sell you the ability (considered calling it "license") of using their product in their own terms, not at all yours, and as long as they decide to allow you doing that. In the very end, you get a handful of... nothing. Usually, nothing good for consumers comes out from speculative moves. When it does, it's a mere accident. And yes, I too think that Tilia may have been the rea
  6. ... but I see them online inworld. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  7. The only advice I can give you is try to find out what has been changed in your system around the time when your issue started...
  8. So, besides the bug you have a lazy bot... Have you tried the legendary carrot on a stick?
  9. Of course that your ISP will tell you it's all fine on their side... I'm not sure it is. But, yes, the problem may not be on their side. I'm out of ideas, if you're using Google's DNS...
  10. Have you tried the Second Life Viewer (aka "Linden viewer")? If you didn't, please try it and see what happens.
  11. That looks fine. Please read my edit above. The bandwidth you've set in Firestorm is too low. 😉
  12. There isn't much more I can think of, unfortunately... What's the ping you get from the SpeedTest I mentioned when connecting to QTS Data Centers? Also the download and upload values? Try removing all HUDs you carry, if any... [EDIT] Oh! I just noticed that the bandwidth you've set in Firestorm is only 300 kbit/s! Set it to 1500. 😉
  13. Try limiting your FPS (drop them to 40, for instance) — Preferences/Graphics/Rendering, tick Limit Framerate and move the slider to a desired FPS number. See if that helps. And if it does, try different values. [EDIT] Have you checked apps running in the background? [EDIT 2] The graphics on your first post show your connection to your ISP or to SL? Try http://tucson.speedtest.net/ and change the preferred server to Phoenix, AZ - QTS Data Centers, for example.
  14. Not true. And I'm hoping that things work better when the move to the cloud is complete.
  15. It happened before. I mean issues that were fixed and never made it to the GSP.
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