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  1. @Aishagain Back in 2011 (and 2012) when I joined SL, it was normal having over 60K in-world. And yes, SL is declining due several factors, and the Lindens mess-ups are only one cause for it but surely and important one. @animats Having region crossings fixed isn't a matter of priority on the Lindens side, it is a matter of knowing how to do it with the existing structure. I'm sure the Lindens work hard but I'd rather have them working EFFICIENTLY and take the right choices concerning "shinies", providers, SL's economy, etc. [EDIT] I gave up sailing/flying too, and these days I spend most of my time in SL at my own parcels.
  2. They better not write about it just yet, as the issues haven't been fixed properly. My partner was logged out while trying to take back one of her trees 50 minutes ago. When she tried to log back in, she couldn't, and since then she's been showing as online on my dashboard page (which I reloaded several times) but offline on the viewer's contacts list. I tried sending her an IM and the response I got was that she's offline — but still showing online on the dashboard page. I have no idea what the Lindens have been doing these days, but it's obvious they haven't been doing things right.
  3. Check the Grid Status Page: https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/82f56mnkm8lt It's mess after mess after mess, these days.
  4. I will, if the Lindens pay me to do it. 😋
  5. I'm sorry having to write this... But the thing is, I pay the Lindens, and the service isn't exactly cheap for my finances. It's not my job to find solutions for their problems or any SL problems. They won't be offering much sympathy? Oh well, it's reciprocal.
  6. Don't worry, it only shows how confusing the whole thing is...
  7. Ha! I thought it was only me... Yes, inventory slowness seems to be back, again only once in a while, although not as often as before.
  8. I didn't have any slow inventory operations during the weekend nor today, so far (I'm at SLT +8). Yesterday, as I do every other Sunday, I joined a fishing contest, which had me receiving and deleting a lot of items, and had no issues at all. Typically, I would have experienced several slow inventory operations a day... As I didn't change any settings nor my routines (I kept doing all I usually do, and the way I do it), I guess there must have been some tweaking at your end — thank you so much for that.
  9. HAHAHA! I already reported it to Support. [EDIT] It's apparently fixed now but only apparently — when browsing events for 2 PM the error comes up at some point.
  10. I'm not sure, but I suspect that you tried to post a bit late for the scheduled time. It happened to me a couple weeks ago, when I was late posting — it was around noon PST and my event was/is at 2 PM PST. I think it just happens that the error message is wrong. I wonder if it's the only existing error message, and it covers all cases... [EDIT] Never mind what I wrote. 😄
  11. No worries, Oz, I know that you or anyone from the Lab would never pick on a user. And yes, you are right about my "report". Please keep in mind that it is an intermittent issue, and it began maybe about a month ago — sorry I can't be precise. Let's see: What inventory operations are "slow"? Quantify "slow" detaching or attaching items — many times I have to detach one item at a time, on changing outfits, and for some of them each may take about 20 seconds (maybe a bit more) to detach or attach; and then, suddenly, the issue clears and I can attach/detach a batch of items at once; I've ended up wearing two outfits like it sometimes happened in my newbie days — the one I was wearing and the one I tried to wear, and it's why that many times I just detach item by item; taking (or copying) an item rezzed in-world back to inventory or dragging one from inventory to rezz on the ground/floor maybe take up to about 30 seconds; it happened to me a couple times copying one of my own builds (all prims created by me) that was rezzed and the copy never went to inventory; an item delivered by a vendor only shows in inventory after I re-log — this only happened once recently but the region had only 4 avatars, my own included; What viewer? Firestorm, latest release; What regions are you in when they are "slow"? Most issues happen in Nuggy (Main Channel Server) but I've had slowness rezzing/taking back items at a Premium sandbox (Peritus). My inventory has 56,480 elements when I write this. All my elements are under protected folders (Objects, Clothing, Body Parts). [EDIT] I forgot to mention that emptying Trash has the same "slowness" problem, no matter if it contains only one item or half a dozen.
  12. Not to mention that the inventory service has been slow for weeks... Not always, but enough times along a day to be annoying. Inventory slowness may be due to a poor quality CDN service, and maybe some of the other issues have the same cause.
  13. Indeed. And maybe some new as of late... Or it's just another drop in SL's performance, I don't know. Anyway, I've been wondering if moving everything to the cloud is as a good idea as LL wants us to believe it is. So far, I haven't seen anything working better than before stuff started to be moved to it.
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