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  1. I came to the forum only because I had a problem & needed help.. But, after going over few discussions already happened, I'm regretting not passing by here more often and earlier.. You guys already answered many questions and covered almost all subjects. I found answers for questions I don't need to ask anymore!! Your work is very much appreciated.
  2. When is the next Second Life third party viewer meeting please? Or is there any meeting soon? Thank you.
  3. I tried both described ways to make it work on mac and still I couldn't. If there is any other working way to share would be greatly appreciated please. Just for Mac & Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you so much, coz yes I tried it and it worked on windows great. I do appreciate your help a lot. Can I please bother you & ask if u have a way to make it work again on Mac!? coz on Mac this way didn't work.
  5. It didn't need any update, it was working perfectly fine until they took it offline
  6. No, I tried to and it didn't. just the latest viewer of second life was downloaded not the one i want. Can I ask, who do you ask? is there anyway to have it back?
  7. Anybody knows what happened to Second Life Project Viewer 360 Snapshots version ?? It was working until last week. Today I’m trying to login but the viewer vanished as if it never existed. Although it was made by linden lab!!!
  8. Well that's something I was trying to find a way for it since long time... So any help wld be great. Ty all...!
  9. Well I wld try to download Snowglobe, maybe from it u wld be able to log in.. No need to uninstall second life, just follow the link below and install it regulary. { Just clear ur cache again pls bfr installing Sglobe } On ur desktop u'll have 2 Icons shortcuts one for previous SL and the other for Snowglobe... Both r for second life world.. Log in using Snowglobe Icon and tell me pls if it did work or not & if not wht the error msg ur getting.. All the best.. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Snowglobe_Release/1.1
  10. Hello, I wld like to help but ur post isn't clear enough to understand wht's happening with u... wht's the exact error message r u getting and when u try to open SL page does it open and then froze or it doesn't open at all...??? Usually no need to go directly to uninstall it & reinstall but as long as u did it and still nothing change... I'm afraid u have to give more information as u can.. Sorry!
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