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  1. It's probably cloud migration. They repeatedly say that they move things to the cloud and no one notices. Are you filling a JIRA? I am not. That means no one is noticing.
  2. Once you have a US $ balance, you have to agree to the Tilia terms and conditions.
  3. The current metrics are counterproductive, in my opinion, in that they reward what I view as frivolous posting. In my opinion, one of the greatest contributors to these forums was @Void Singer who hasn't been on in nearly two years. They had most of their activity before the implementation of the current metrics system. Maybe I should spend a day some time and go back and "like" several of their well-deserving posts that predate the current "like" system. They taught me so much about scripting; I just read back then as I wasn't then at a scripting skill-level where I had much to offer by posting. The same goes for @Dora Gustafson ; they are still around, and have made incredible contributions over time, but you wouldn't know it by looking at their "like" statistics, because they were so active for so long before the current "like" system kicked in. My current interest is in creation. I came over here to the People forum to get my post count up. I figured if ya can't beat 'em join 'em,. Now I find it addictive, and reasonably fun as long as one can refrain from engaging in the debates about real-life social issues (there are other boards for that, if one is into it). I could work half a day on a quality LSL Library contribution--just doing publication clean-up on scripting work that I'd already done--and get nothing. Over here, you can play one of the word games and get likes out the wazoo. The Avatar Picture sub-forum seems to be even more of a 'likefest.'
  4. So, there will be at least five last names to chose from. The sentence doesn't say that it will be only five, but does commit to at least five.
  5. Nowadays we get are subject to getting a new (virtual/real) processor-assignment every time we restart our SIMs. Restarting your SIM might get you a new (virtual/real) processor-assignment, but not necessarily. The behavior is much like most home internet services in that restarting your router might get you a new IP address, but not necessarily. So, sometimes you get unlucky when you restart your SIM, and sometimes you get lucky when you restart it again. As LL moves services to the cloud, I expect variability to decrease. The cloud service provider is very good at giving exactly the level-of-service for which one pays--which could be mediocre or outstanding, depending on the decisions of the entity paying the cloud service provider. Perhaps that's what we're seeing. I notice it too.
  6. I fixed that for you. You're welcome. ~chortles~ Yeah, it would create a permissions-system that would be too easy to game.
  7. There is no longer any way for you to add a US$ balance from out-world financial instruments. That change predates Tilia. There's also no way to prepay your renewal, generally speaking, though earlier in the year prepaying was enabled as a special promotion. The only way to get a US$ balance is to sell L$ on the exchange. Once you have a US$ balance, you'll have to agree to the Tila terms and conditions. The system is designed for people who leave payment info on file. If you don't want to leave payment info on file for more than a few seconds a year while you renew, that's not a Tila issue.
  8. I think its great that LL is monetizing things other than just land. Its pretty easy for someone interested in roleplay to chew up a lot of resources in the game while technically "homeless," but richly well-dressed. There needs to be, and of late there is, a way to get them to contribute to the cost of running the world.
  9. Oh, I would imagine the L$50 discounts were designed to entice frequenters of the other Frank's clubs to become Elite. Larger group size is attractive to potential buyers. I know the elite group was already huge, but suspect like most old groups like that that only 25% of the membership had logged-in within 2019. The discount drove active players to the group.
  10. The L$500 I paid in the dark ages gave you group membership, and that was permanent. No more fees. The new owner? Who knows? Back then Franks was running a half-dozen SIMs and only charging a one-off fee for on of those: Franks Elite.
  11. Well, in my SL, I find that people absolutely refuse to read anything unless its personally typed into their IMs. They won't read NCs or Web Pages, or watch videos. So, for me the ideal guide is a NC, because I can copy/paste from my NCs to IMs.
  12. You're getting good advice, but if you want to learn more broadly than just making this script work, you might visit Jopsy Pendragon's Particle Laboratory. Follow the huge purple arrow and take the hot air balloon from landing point http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Teal/182/75/22
  13. Rolig and Kyrah's answers are better than mine, but if the need is limited to you and your friends, a quick fix might be to use Firestorm's stop-at-region crossing feature. Type these keywords in your favorite internet search engine: Movement region crossing Firestorm Predict Original behavior Stop Experimental option If you're scripting your own, you use the "changed" event (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Changed) to detect a region crossing, but you still have to figure out what your script to do once you've detected the region crossing.
  14. Search your script for additional calls to llGetOwner(). If I were a betting man, I'd bet you have more llGetOwner() calls hiding in your script somewhere. Wulfie and KT's answers are more pedagogically sound than mine. I'm just offering a betting man's chance at a quick fix.
  15. TLDR: Many of the current generation RP'ers nowadays don't project their selves onto their RP avatars. If they disappear, it doesn't mean they are dead. They sometimes pop up again in two to four years. In Role Play (RP) communities, there are getting to be fewer and fewer people who maintain an avatar that you can get to know. Most RP'er run a half dozen or more alts. The typical pattern is to dust off an RP avatar that hasn't roleplayed in a while. They choose an avatar that used to play on a SIM that's long-since closed when they start playing in any particular RP SIM. They continue to use that avatar for just one RP SIM. They log on with a different avatar to be human on earth--to go out dancing or clubbing, for example. They maintain still other avatars distinctly for each RP SIM in which they participate. If they get tired of the RP on that SIM, they simply never log that avatar in again (other than momentarily to transfer L$ stipend or place inventory). It's not that uncommon for someone to IM me and say, 'hey, I'm XYZ you knew from PDQ, which they then confirm by sending an IM from XYZ saying the same thing. I remember RP'ing with someone who told me, 'I've got plenty of friends on my non-RP avatar, but you can't have friends in RP.' I have about 1500 avatars on my friends-list, with about 10% of that logged in at any time. About 15% of those 1500, I know well enough to consider them to be "real people." The rest seem to be just RP alts used in the way described above. I've got a newish group with about 750 avatars in it, and most have logged in at least once in the past few months. I'm a moderator on a couple of groups with couple-of-thousand avatars, and about a third have not logged in within the last year. Some haven't logged in for years (like 3-to-5 years). Point being: Many of the current generation RP'ers nowadays don't project their selves onto their RP avatars. If they disappear, it doesn't mean they are dead. They sometimes pop up again in 2 to four years on a new SIM in a new role.
  16. If one keyword-searches one's inventory, one get search-hits in the library, but yeah technically the Library folder is a parallel folder at the same level and the Inventory folder.
  17. In ancient times, one could do so. "On 5/15/2005 (give or take a day) llGetTexture was changed to check the host object's permissions and if inadequate return NULL_KEY." http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetTexture
  18. Price is now L$1000. It was L$500 way back in the dark ages when I joined. Group notice says that Franks Elite is now transferred to the Avatar that previously owned the SIM in 2009. I don't feel comfortable posting it all here, but if you are a member, check the notices in the group before they age out. Group URI is: secondlife:///app/group/9b29d415-b79a-5c2e-e5ef-ca375de6aff6/about
  19. I second that. Ripping textures is wrong, just like copy/pasting IMs, and both have the comparable level of technology protection in the viewers. Is someone going to become concerned that we can copy text out of no-copy/no-mod notecards?
  20. They are in your inventory because you used them once. For people who have not used them, they are still accessible via the main-menu "Avatar" and therein select "Choose an Avatar". Whichever you choose, will be placed in your inventory. There is also a toolbar button that you can add to do this from the toolbar. Linden Viewer: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_3_menus Firestorm: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/avatar
  21. Strange, yes. Equality it is not, but rather the opposite.
  22. I recommend you look up @daiz Papp
  23. If you had payment info on file, sometimes they'll take a scanned photo of a government ID. I once cancelled an account that had over 1000 friends on the list, and was unable to answer their friends questions, but I got it back by answering questions about my payment info on file.
  24. I recommend pasting these words into your favorite internet search engine as part of your research. How to Buy the Right Gaming Laptop A Guide for 2019 tomshardware
  25. Well, I stopped by tonight and looked at Franks Elite. It has been rebuilt with @IvanBenjammin's modular system since I was last here five or so years ago. I came here a lot when SL was new to me. I just haven't been able to let the group go, even though I never visit anymore. Getting the various group-list increases over the years has allowed me to keep this one on the list. The gondola I loved so much was still there in spirit, though the prims had changed to mesh. It was a nice trip down memory lane.
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