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  1. Transfer completed today. Sale is complete. I don't own it anymore.
  2. Personally, I think they are just waiting the three days that are indirectly required by US law. Details: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0176-buyers-remorse-when-ftcs-cooling-rule-may-help#:~:text=The FTC's Cooling-Off Rule gives you a 3-day,convention center%2C fairground or restaurant.
  3. Sale terms agreed to. Transfer Support Tickets submitted to Linden Labs. Just waiting on Linden Lab's "one to five days" of "standard" processing time.
  4. Sale terms agreed to. Transfer Support Tickets submitted to Linden Labs. I'll update if the sale falls through for any reason.
  5. Grandfathered region for sale. 30k prim. Tier date show in graphic. Send me an offer inworld, please. Transfer process described at link. Note that US$300 transfer fee is required to keep grandfathered status, and includes region-move and region-rename.
  6. Oh, nevermind. I don't want to sell it. I don't need the money, and I don't have time to stuff it all in a rezzer to reconstitute later when sims are cheap again.
  7. Well, I don't really want to sell my Grandfathered 30k region, but these prices are crazy. I'll let mine go for one million Linden Dollars even (L$ 1,000,000), and I'll pay the transfer fee. Tier date and all that is in this graphic below; screen-captured off my owner page. Send me a Notecard inworld. I'll also respond to IMs if they don't overflow, but a Notecard is more reliable. If you've never bought a region before, the Lindens handle everything including holding the money prior to the transfer. Details: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/managing-private-regio
  8. You nailed it. We need to be able to block stores in MP. That's the way to crowd-source the cleanup of MP. LL could include the number of blocks in the search algorithm to benefit others too.
  9. I suppose not. Just because something is popular isn't a reason to keep it; that depends on whether any of the people involved spend any money in the game. I guess LL knows, and hopefully decides wisely. I guess storage is cheap these days; I just don't see anything in the General Discussion Forum as being of archival value. Seems like one could delete it all on a 30 day rolling basis with no loss. Let the wayback machine people archive it; they do so anyway. Okay; obviously I don't get it. I'm out-a-here.
  10. Well, Rolig, I've responded to some of your older posts over in the scripting forum. For example, the simple menu system. It was helpful to get a reply in-context. I certainly agree with that, but it pertains to the People Forum, mostly. The scripting forum is different. Auto-lock for the People forum would be a good-thing, in my opinion. The scripting forum, not so much.
  11. My Avastar work is on hold until Avastar 2.81 comes out. I've got plenty of mesh work and scripting to keep me busy until then. Thanks for the offer. I bought anypose last night and am unboxing it tonight.
  12. I like AVsitter and was using it for furniture long before it was free. For a vehicle, if I need complicated pose management, I prefer SimpleSit by CasperTech. It is just one script; it only does singles-sits, but that's what I want in a vehicle. In this particular vehicle, I want greater control of the camera for performance reasons, and so I'm just scripting it myself. It is easy to rotate the sit-target, but when using the camera-follow function on a vehicle, it is best to have the avatar's "true" forward position align with the direction of travel, even when the avatar's "cosmetic
  13. I have some simple animations that I made a long time ago, but can't find the BVH's on system, and so I'm about to remake them. I have them full perms inworld, but because of the way I like to do camera-following on a vehicle I'm making, I want to adjust the animations' rotation and height relative to their apparent rotation and height. I've done this before by editing the ASCII BVH Files. So, what's the best inworld tool now-a-days? Anypose and U-Poser seems to be the most expensive, and the mannequin would be useful I used Animare last time, and it worked fine, but Anypose and U-
  14. Yodels overland while calling home - Y O D E L S
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