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  1. What setting turns this off!

    Lowering your draw distance can help
  2. Teleporting Without Intervention

    I have the latest version as a freebie on marketplace also, if you are more comfortable with something already packaged up.
  3. Modern Sim Lag Times

    I would like a copy, please.
  4. The original poster did not say $1200. The original poster said, "Accepting offers to sell. ***You pay $600 transfer fee*** Please Notecard inworld... make me an offer. Let's talk." Grandfathered Region is $195 per month. New region is $249 a month, for $54 savings per month. $54 savings per month pays back the $600 transfer fee in 11.1 months (= $600 / $54). Back when grandfathered Regions saved $100 per month (= $295 - $195), they would commonly sell for a range of $1000 to $600 to the owner plus $600 transfer fee (a range of $1200 to $1600), which was a range of 12 to 16 months in payback time (12 months =$1200 / $100. 16 months = $1600 / $100). Obviously, selling price must also be adjusted for pro-rated value of remaining monthly tier of ranging from $8.30 per day (=$249 / 30 day month) to $6.29 per day (=$195 / 31 day month), depending on how one values the remaining tier.
  5. Premium account - Looking for 1024 parcel

    Used the search tool in the Linden Viewer (or third party viewer). Each has a separate mainland search function. You can search for the parmeters you are looking for like size and region rating (i.e., Adult, Moderate, General) and sort by price. You can then TP to each parcel. This is a gridwide search tool.
  6. purchase land owned by an inactive user

    Sometimes they will move the 4 meter x 4 meter (16 sq meter) plot out of the middle of your land to the edge of your property. Submit support ticket and hope for the best.
  7. Full Sim for sale

    New SIM from Linden Labs costs $349, which includes the first month's tier of $249 [Note 1]. So, it only costs $100 to get a new SIM from the labs, which just happens to be exactly the same as the transfer fee [Note 2]. Only reason to buy a transferred SIM is if one wants to keep the current build and current roleplay theme. Note 1: Note 2:
  8. Last names question.

    Use a search engine for "Explains Why Last Names For Second Life Avatars Were Removed" or "Looking Back: Why Did Linden Lab Get Rid of Last Names" or similar for some interesting reading.
  9. Terrain RAW File in Blender or Maya LT ?

    I was able to get the Blender approach to function. I did not experience the problem you report. Maybe I just got lucky, however I am no longer using the technique. However, I found another way to do what I wanted that seems easier. I hope technical support managed to fix your region.
  10. Terrain RAW File in Blender or Maya LT ?

    Search YouTube for Video number Nl2QdNyOsME . Search YouTube for Video number TyR1XOF3qoA . External links tend to disappear from these forums, but those numbers will take you right to older YouTube tutorials on Blender and terraform maps.
  11. Well, its not clear which forum this should go in. Is there a plug-in for editing Terrain RAW files in Blender or Maya (I use Maya LT)? By "Terrain RAW file" I mean the term in the sense of . By Blender or Maya plug-in, I mean something like the 2011 solution for Blender that you get if you search YouTube for Video number Nl2QdNyOsME . I'm just looking to get some guidance before I go off searching.
  12. No, this is a script library. This was an open source contribution to the community. Nothing more; nothing less. I've been using this approach for a few weeks now and it has really cut down on the script load on my Region/SIM with no ill effects. I'm certainly not claiming this technique is good for every application, but its been great for mine. Some people seem concerned about unused declarations for the Rez2 API. Having the Rez2 API already typed in is convenient for me when I want to modify the script to do something else. If I don't use one of them, the compiler removes them from the run time image automatically.
  13. My advice is go inworld and do what you like to do. Then over time you will meet people who like to do the same things. If you like music, for example, go to dance clubs featuring music that you like. If you like art, then go hang around the art exhibits. If you like making things, then go to the Ivory Tower of Prims or Builders Brewery.
  14. Oh, now I see! I tell it 256x256 and 13 channels, and then I have the RGB, Red, Green, and Blue channels up top, just like I needed! Thanks so much! Problem solved.
  15. Well, as long as we are getting our post count up. I'm sure there is some way to do RAW files.