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  1. Thanks! That gave me the words to search for!
  2. Background Greetings, I like to think of myself as an intermediate scripter, though clearly not as advanced as several who hang out here. My experience is STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), though only a small fraction of my career involves working as a coder, and then only on analytical/mathematical routines that professional coders can wrap GUIs around. I'm starting a project on a series of Second Life vehicles that will look and behave much differently, but as most will appreciate, will be built of mostly the same stuff. First of all, I want to control everything through a hud. User will touch the Hud to rez the vehicle in front of them. The Hud will transfer initial parameters to the vehicle (via llSay(), llRegionSay()), as appropriate, using a dynamic channel for most things and fixed channels where gesture keybindings are necessary. The Hud will have performance profiles that user selects (a mixture of llDialog() menus and llDetectedTouchST() touchpoints) that the Hud will then transfer to the vehicle. The Hud will have cosmetic profiles of textures that the user selects, and the Hud will then transfer the corresponding parameters (UUIDs, etc.) to the vehicle. The user will drive the vehicle with either keyboard-only or keyboard and mouselook, depending on the vehicle. Obviously, there will be a lot of code reuse between vehicles. I tend to use a lot of LsL User-Defined Functions to keep things tidy. Also, I tend to keep variable names the same in the Hud and the inworld-target-vehicle, for my own readability. Question. I'm using SubLime Text as an LsL editor. What is the best way to organize my LsL User-Defined Functions and variable declaration lists? I'd like to keep my LsL User-Defined Functions and certain variable declarations lists as separate files on my computer, and somehow #Include them into my scripts by reference. That way, if I update an LsL User-Defined Function or variable declaration list, it will be updated next time I re-compile my target scripts. I am doing this now by cut-and-paste, but it seems like there should be a more automated method within Sublime Text. I just don't know the Sublime Text vocabulary well enough to find it in the help files
  3. Umm, I don't have any good derail ideas. That being said, the new Blender 2.80 rocks!
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