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  1. We bought the "K-Ks KING PLAZA ANIMESH SEX BED" Pretty good and has sexy animesh Figures that pop out and you can play with
  2. Strange I have made and transfered dozens of animations now, including many pairs, for dancing wrestling etc and all I have needed to do was filter them through "BVH Hacker to get them all configured right and usable by my AV Bots and now animesh dolls we are working on. Next step is transfering to QVanimator Bento to get face and hand expressions tossed in. Does not seem to be a problem so far. ? Am I missing something? They have all come from my old poser designs. I just use two Second Life Poser Models for the transfers in Poser, and that is it. I can later adjust speed in BVHhacker a bit ...
  3. WOW super cool, the low level one looks like an escalator when it is broken or being serviced LOL
  4. Hi I am something of an accomplished animator, and would like to try my hand at making animesh. I can assume that being proficient in Blender and Avastar is the way to go first. So, I came across this selection of courses from Udemy https://www.udemy.com/topic/blender/ Has anyone here tried them? or can anyone recommend any on line training in particular? or am I better off sticking with some of the excellent youtube Blender courses like the Blender Guru ? blender Guru or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4qx4cBQFLA that are tailored to Second Life? thank you
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