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  1. Nah, SL's only involvement would be to provide records in response to supeneas.
  2. I go to the new smaller SS Galaxy on a Zhoa rental SIM--not to be confused with the larger musium version .
  3. Pucca Firecaster and Nobel Creations are excellent for menswear in my opinion.
  4. That's the ticket. It really cuts down on the drama-potential when they ask for it. That, and the fact that the women have the men so outnumbered. It is just impossible to keep up with demand.
  5. Indeed. It will be a big job. I would budget US$ 1 million to get started. One would expect an immediate countersuit for libel. It will be ugly, and the only winners will be the lawyers.
  6. You keep saying that, but it's a bit more involved. "Copyright is automatically granted to the author of an original work (that otherwise meets the basic copyright requirements, discussed above). Registration is not necessary. However, registration amplifies a copyright holder's rights in a number of ways. Registration is required before a lawsuit can be filed, and registration creates the possibility for enhanced "statutory" damages. A copyright can be registered online at the US Copyright Office's website. The Copyright Office reviews applications for obvious errors or lack of copyrightable subject matter, and then issues a certificate of registration. The Copyright Office does not compare the authors new work against a collection of existing works or otherwise check for infringement." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_law_of_the_United_States
  7. Libel is not legal, and so care must be taken generally speaking. "Written defamation is called "libel," while spoken defamation is called "slander." Defamation is not a crime, but it is a "tort" (a civil wrong, rather than a criminal wrong). A person who has been defamed can sue the person who did the defaming for damages." Nolo.com › legal-encyclopedia › de... How Do You Prove Defamation? Is Any Defamatory Speech ... - Nolo
  8. Well, you were lucky to get that calling. For those of us that did not, perhaps someday we'll have the technology to put one gender's brain in the other gender's body. We could make a game of it. Maybe call it Second Life.
  9. I came for a technical conference not long after the beta period. The idea was teleconferencing I on a grand scale. SL ended up becoming a playground, but once it had promise to be something much much more.
  10. In my part of SL, friends communicate mostly by voice (Discord these days, but Teamspeak and Ventrillo before that). SL voice works ok, but lacks the bells and whistles of the gaming voice programs. About 10% have different apparent gender in-voice versus apparent gender in-world. People got used to it a long time ago, and it's no big deal. Certainly it does not, in the balance, tip the scales toward making SL either more or less attractive for men. It's a wash in my opinion.
  11. I think you should know that process is what we all have to do. I am currently working on my second original flying bird vehicle. I chose the project because I am already reasonably good at scripting, inworld building, and out-of-world mesh building and Photoshop'ing, and I wanted a project that put all these skills together. Even though I am reasonably knowledgeable about several things, I still have to dissect the scripting wiki pages, build test scripts to clarify ambiguities, and study known anomalies in the JIRA. Don't be surprised when you have to dig a little for answers. That is part of the game. You might post questions in the creation forums from time to time. More creators hang out there.
  12. Yes. They need one to do a video on BOM among other things.
  13. Cheap shot because you know that males cannot get away with returning the condescension in-kind. SL is very welcoming to males (which is the original topic here). The general discussion forums not so much.
  14. No, I think because of the double-standard applied to men's expression in the forums, well explained and brazenly exhibited above, that men do well to avoid gendered topics in these forums when they can. I regret entering this topic after what has transpired here, and am now doubly on my guard.
  15. There are also YouTube videos available. Some are in languages other than English.
  16. The Ivory Tower of Primitives course is in several languages.
  17. I recommend walking through the tutorial at the Ivory Tower of Prims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Natoma/211/164/28 Backstory http://slnewserplaces.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-first-sims-natoma.html?m=1 After starting with that, proceed to any courses you like at Builders Brewery.
  18. Imagine an erotic film with a male director steering the action. Not much different. So, SL is welcoming to males including those interested in playing the role of choreographer. I mentioned gender here because the topic is gendered: "Making SL more welcoming to males"
  19. Agreed. I think SL is already incredibly welcoming to men. Yet if anyone imagines a way to make it even more so, I am sure the idea will be implemented quickly.
  20. Probably just cloud migration. If SIM X is in the cloud and SIM is still LL hosted, SIM crossing may be unusual
  21. Notice the heading of this forum: "General Discussion Forum Second Life discussions welcome here! Please follow the community guidelines" I notice from time to time that some of the most voluminous topics herein have nothing to do with Second Life. I rather regret the time I have wasted in such topics. Maybe we should have a non-SL forum to which we can move discussions that have nothing to do with SL.
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