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  1. In defense of using Alphas, it is impossible to know what an end user will do to their avatar, how it will move etc. Making a swim suit isn't as hard as a pair of jeans or shorts where there are a lot of moving parts and no amount of posing your rig model will be able to ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Playing CyberPunk 2077 as an example showed that even at the top things poke through when you don't want it too. Not long ago, an outfit HAD to have an alpha for your SL avatar to wear anything. Remember socks? Is it a crutch? Not at all. We want you too look your best as designers. Las
  2. Hello, I have this happen from time to time. I work in Blender so if that's you then this might help. - Check to see if your model has UVs and a Material - Does it have more than 1 UV map? Object Data Properties > UV Maps if so get rid of the extra ones See if that helps. : )
  3. I didn't know that or that it was time coded. Thanks for sharing : ) Ah t=33s I see : )
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaEAdn4G0Mo&t=33s Fun to make this short film in Second Life. Hope you enjoy it. : )
  5. Sari6t

    SLUV yes, but how?

    SL has been a wonderful playground and one of the things I'm going to attempt is creating an Avatar. Creating the Avatar isn't the problem, it will be hard and painful, but I make something for sure. What I've not been able to satisfy is how it is that other makers, SLINK,Maitreya, Dev, etc. all have SLUVs. I've Unwrapped a lot of things and while there are a ton of things you can do to manipulate UV's , I'm not entirely convinced that the UV editor window is where you want to mess around. It almost seems like this would be part of an earlier process. Like you start with a SL avatar and go fro
  6. No bother I figured it out.. : ) Yay fun times.. Tysm for your help
  7. Awesome...ty I got it working. Was easy once I knew it was possible and your schematic helped me think it through a little better. The only thing thats left is how do I make the STAND button appear to detach the object. The object itself isn't something you can click to detach. If thats not possible then maybe some command line /1 stop type thing.
  8. A friend of mine and I have been trying, with out success, to create something that seems easy enough. Using an SL EXPERIENCE on our region a person collides with an object, say a floor tile, that in turn attaches a, for lack of a better term , pose ball, that has an animation inside. The person has fun with the animation and when they are done they click stand and thats that. Getting the Experience to run is not problem, attaching is no problem, but there is something that we are missing or simply don't know when it comes to that attachment being recognized as such or having it run th
  9. I know I am months late to this thread but when I forget what I'm about to share I will have a place to find it at the very least. : ) I've been fighting with making hair that works in SL as well for a few days, and thanks to the Covid thing, I've had time to test a zillion ways it doesn't work. Ok, enough rambling. 1. No blended mesh combined with Alpha textures. 2. Alphas don't cross each other to avoid the blinking effect 3. Use hair cards, duplicate the most visible ones and flip the normals so you have TWO sided mesh hair cards 4. Cool trick... Lay out your hair,
  10. Hi ya, I seem to be coming out of my seat when flying various vehicles across sims. Just wondering if I have missed a super secret "Stay in Seat" setting in LSL or FS Viewer. If not, then I'll just try not to let go : )
  11. Woot, got one. I'm trailer trash and proud of it lol. Honestly, given the choices of them its really quite nice. Got me a pickup truck and a BBQ.. All set.
  12. That's very triggering. That should work, thanks
  13. Ok, simple question really. I have a working script that does what I want. The question is this. Is there a function that will trigger the particle effect over Prims like llWater and llGround does? I went through a lot of them but nothing seemed to me like llPrim lol. Cheers llAbs - is a function. I don't need to go to the gym anymore
  14. Well thank you Shield Markus for such a nice reply. Thoughtful , polite and informative... Thank you so much.
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