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  1. hi Erik im in the exact same spot with finger gloves for maitreya. I can rig them but they come out deformed. Did you solve the mystery?
  2. Thank you, I had read this a few times. Since there was no solution offered I thought maybe something had changed, for instance avastar has limited Bind Pose support now, more Jake users etc. Perhaps the opportunity cost is too high for Jake.... Thanks
  3. Hello, I have received the Jake Belleza Dev Kit from Belleza and am a Blender user. I have 2.79 and 2.72 for various needs and Avastar 1.7.1 for Blender 2.72 and Avastar Bento 2.3.2 for Blender 2.79. I have done my best following the instructions given by Belleza to convert the rig to Avastar/Blender and as far as the rig goes it is functional but the issue is with the mesh clothing floating dramatically away from the body, I've gone so far as to suck it up into the body itself and while it does get it closer the issues that creates moving forward are just silly and not useful. See the picture for what I am getting. I work with most of the other major Dev kits and while each have their own quirks this one is something special lol. If any of you talented mesh makers have over come this I would love to know how. All the best, Scarlet
  4. Sari6t


    So this is the basic script cobbled from a few examples in the Wiki and it works a treat for what I need. Might mod it more but if someone needs something like this, then this works. float gap = 1800.0; // Send Message Interval float counter = 0.0; string wwGetSLUrl() { string text = "Located at ...."; string globe = "http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife"; string region = llGetRegionName(); vector pos = llGetPos(); string posx = (string)llRound(pos.x); string posy = (string)llRound(pos.y); string posz = (string)llRound(pos.z); return (text + globe + "/" + llEscapeURL(region) +"/" + posx + "/" + posy + "/" + posz); } default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(gap); } timer() { counter = counter + gap; key owner = llGetOwner(); llInstantMessage(owner,wwGetSLUrl() ); } }
  5. Sari6t


    Hello, I have a flying machine I made and its lovely and public and it tends to get taken across a sim or two making it hard to find. I love letting people enjoy the ride but would like it to tell me where it is. Anyone ever see such a script? Ive tried the Market Place. nothing, well not from my searching anyway. So if I was going to try to make this Im thinking; timer() llBESTLOCATIONEVENT ( ) llGetOwner IIInstantMessage () the logic being, where am I ( sim and co-ordinates) who owns me send owner message with surl send every x minutes, say 30
  6. A little short for my sim....enjoy
  7. Oh thank you Optimo, I have used smooth but apparently can't read words like FIX DEFORMS lol,...I'll give it a shot and see. Thanks again
  8. I've been making mesh clothing for a while , about a year, and there is one thing that has been driving me mad the whole time, so much so that I generally avoid creating clothing that includes... shoulder straps. I see other creators make clothing with delicate shoulder straps that don'd distort like a runny pancake like mine do and I'm at a loss for how they do it. When I inspect the clothes I see they are very dense with Polygons or rather Triangles, are two sided and sometimes have a Li of a good sized castle. I hope that isn't somehow part of it. I use Avastar, and the work flow is to transfer the weights from the body to the mesh item then rig the item to the avastar rig "KeepIng" weights for other than the shoulders it's usually pain free. I smooth weights here and there, lighten in areas that don't need to crumple etc but no amount of painting seems to fix this or , more to the point, I've gone around in circles so many times I need to just ask. Below is a pic of what I'm talking about. This is shot from above on the left shoulder, head to the left of the image. Now I can tell that the shoulder bone is pulling at it but ...ya circles I go. So any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. Love this idea but its way past me on being able to even start. The logic is clear enough but syntax....nuuuu lol. I can imagine using something like a dataserver and some way of knowing when it stopped and started and then llGetPosition ,,,,,a timer() and a Listener for the arrival board with lRegionSay sending the updates and a few pounds of coffee and Advil at my side lol. Thanks for the idea though. In time I will give it a try . Thanks though.
  10. I used a stop watch on my phone a few times lol
  11. I need to understand why there was such a discrepancy in timings for the route . +- 18 seconds on a 13 minute round trip, over the course of a day the clock is so out its useless. I found a person who made a train station sensor with updating board in the MP, for a couple dollars it may be better than making it all.
  12. Yes of course, time dilation....totally forgot about that.,....cheers
  13. Hmmm, Well thanks for all the ideas. I will try a few and what one works best. As for my original question, can I assume then that the sim stays locked as far as timing goes and its the shuttle and other factors causing the timing fluctuations?
  14. Thanks Rolig, that is what I was going to do in the first place but was hoping to not have to write more scripts that might impact Sim script spare time, its a combat sim so need all the head room I can manage.
  15. I have a cool shuttle that runs around on its own between two parts of the sim. People love it but asked me for an Arrival/Departure sign. I found a simple count down clock that auto restarts once it reaches the end. So easy right, time the route , input the time and done. So, that's not working , lol . Although the route is automatic and unchanging, the timing varies still a great deal. So I have started thinking about a better way to do this but I was wondering before I get too fancy, is Sim time accurate. Meaning , can it fluctuate or is it likely the shuttle lags a bit here and there changing it's lap times making it a real life transport simulator lol.?
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