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  1. I think that those with the title Advisor are better able to gain the ear of the moderators. You may notice a lack of diversity in the advisors. Also, having a few posts under one's belt is helpful when the idiological hit squad comes after one with twitteratti techniques.
  2. It's not all about market share of the OS. IoS users tend to spend a lot more money. It need not be all that good from a user perspective. LL just needs to do the technical hard stuff like security. Third party viewer teams will take the open source code and add RLV, which LL does not appear to want linked to their corporate image, as well as other bells and whistles. We
  3. The advantage of scripting, as Rolig doubtless knows and now stated here for other readers, is that mono scripts are protected at the server level (non-mono scripts, not so much). Everything else can be copied off-world and uploaded anew. If your creation depends on your own scripts, you own it at the deepest level. Most mesh clothing and fashion accessories are made by relatively few full-perm sellers, most of whom provide off-world uploadable versions for a price. The value-added in the selling of clothing and fashion accessories is mostly a matter of marketing and merchandising, which are important skills that make the SL world enjoyable, but are distinct from creation. At it's best, SL creation is a hobby and an art like, say painting or gardening, but one where the paint does not dry nor the plants wither if real life calls one away for a time.
  4. One's rank is based on how many times one touches the "submit reply" button.
  5. The short version is that SL now has a gender imbalance in erotic roleplay. Erotic roleplay in the SL of my experience is rather involved, with considerable time required to set an elaborate scene leading to consumation and fulfillment, as well as an ongoing relationship, with variants of the scene playing out over months, even years. Avatars of one apparent gender seem to enjoy this more than avatars of another apparent gender. Within the roleplay the former appears to be getting the worse end of the deal viewed through conventional social justice norms, for the roleplay's pretense is that the latter acts on claims de jure (versus by negotiation). Yet, for reasons lost in the primordial-sea of time, the former seems to enjoy it rather like a Harlequin Romance Novel. A decade ago, most genders seemed to view the scene as a fair trade of time and energy relative to the benefits to their respective fantasy lives. Today, all genders have access to unlimited free erotic video on demand, just as all have low cost, virtually free, access to the genre epitomized by the Harlequin Romance Novel. However, one apparent gender has disproportionately shifted their attention to unlimited free erotic video on demand. SL roleplay being mostly polyamorous, the reminant of one apparent gender finds itself spread quite thin playing its role within the roleplay environment. This increased workload leads to further shifting from roleplay to the previously mentioned alternatives.
  6. No. 5% fee is capped at US$500. https://secondlife.com/corporate/pricing.php
  7. I miss Nexus Prime. Funny thing is that it was a hostile uninvited build on that SIM.
  8. For me, I felt that I'd graduated from noob status when I finally replaced my last Alberto Linden furniture, and had my land furnished 100% with my own prims, except for a momento or two--decorative items from friends. It's just not practical to do that anymore. I swear that I know how to build all the objects I own in Blender, but life is too short to make something one can buy for a pittance. (The forgoing does not include mesh clothes. I have never gotten into weight-painting mesh clothes. I am one of those guys that wears the same thing every day in-world) So, yeah, I am speaking of a culture that doesn't exist anymore when I speak of the cachet of having the skills to 100% furnish one's land with one's own prims. I get flamed over anything I say about gender. One cannot describe the second life culture shift without discussing gender. The situation is rather the opposite of what stereotypes would suggest. I wish I had a well-aged female avatar ALT to explain it, but alas I do not.
  9. For me, the key takeaway is that it is senseless to give or collect charitable contributions in L$. Just make your donations directly in your RL currency.
  10. I made a 2004 account to attend an in-world conference. I didn't realize what SL was, and considered it a throw away just for the conference. So my oldest "real" account is a 2005 account, which I still use sometimes. I traded real estate on the old original 16 SIMs for a while, about five years, and at various times owned half or more of Jessie, Freelon, and Da Boom, but not all at the same time. Now I have a little plot over on Welsh by @Steller Sunshine 's beanstalk, unless someone has paid my rediculous price for it in the last few hours. As a class of 2005 and a (former) land trader, I always used to consider only 2002 and 2003 accounts to be oldbies, and am pleased to have met several and still enjoy seeing them log in from time to time. I am something of an SL Historian and have a number of old artifacts in my inventory including the 2002 First Prim and 2002 @OldJohn Linden statue--both from the pre-SL alpha period. I also have most of the 2003 collectables including the First Dog, the @Alberto Linden Arch (a copy sits at the entrance to the Ivory Tower on Natoma SIM) and several versions of the original Hippo, and all the old Linden Bears. I wish I could get a copy of @Ryan Linden 's old statue. I had a tour system set up to visit it from my Day Boom land, before I sold it. I bought my first freestanding region in January 2006. I have had innumerable dance clubs and role-play SIMs since then. These days, I mostly just build stuff on my one region. I am finally getting good at making flying vehicles after all these years. I bought the first version of Avastar back in 2012 and am looking forward to its forthcoming upgrade to Blender 2.81. I plan to include animesh in my vehicles at that point. I used to sell things a long time ago, but realized I am happier and have more freedom if I just give them away, which is what I do now (well L$1 dollarbies so they can be gifted). So, am I really an Oldbie? I guess words change over time; perhaps so.
  11. I am thankful for Alan Dershowitz's new book, "Guilt by Accusation: The Challenge of Proving Innocence in the Age of #MeToo.".
  12. One can replicate this behavior if one inadvertently maps their 10 GB viewer cache to Microsoft OneDrive. In that case, the viewer is waiting on OneDrive to finish syncing before closing. I am sure there are other ways to get the behavior, but that is one way
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