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  1. Thank you all for your input and information. I guess there really is no way to track him down and see if he's okay. I'll just hope for the best for him Thank you!!
  2. Hi all, This question may have been asked a thousand times before so please forgive the repeat. If a friend goes missing and you suspect illness or worse, will LL do anything to help you contact this person? Yes, it was a good friend and yes, we kept our RLs private so I don't have personal info I can use to locate him or find out if he's ill or something like that. This is NOT a person who would ever ghost me or just drop out of SL and not say a word. I've considered both of those possibilities but that is just not him so I'm ruling that out for now. Are there any options other tha
  3. I wish I could get my Vista AO to do this but I keep getting stack errors when I add animations and adjust the Default card. I'll check out the 4D AO though, thank you!!
  4. Does anyone know of a hud like the Huddle that's all inclusive for an AO and dances? I'm finding memory issues with standard AOs from animators like Vista, Tuty's, etc., and never had any with my old Huddle (which has gone missing). Thank you for any help or suggestions!!
  5. Does anyone know of any photographers who specialize in product photography? Thanks for any info you can give me here or in-world!
  6. I've been reading this thread with some amusement and some disgust, to be honest. Carlotta, you've found offensive communities on SL and you're aghast. Got it. Where you're completely wrong is that YOU have to suffer this stuff. Maybe in RL if you stumbled upon an actual club, say something called Misogyne, and someone tried to put a boot down on your head, you'd have a case. But this isn't RL, this is SL. And there are places from one corner of SL to the other full of kinks, fetishes, etc. for anyone's tastes. Do I find some of them outright disgusting? Absolutely. But acting like I
  7. Has anyone noticed you go around to "Adult" clubs and they're exactly the same as every other dance club in SL? What's the point of putting them in the Adult section of the forums if it's the same old song and dance? There's usually no RP, no sex, no nudity, no anything that would make it an Adult atmosphere except people pretending it's "sexy". I just don't get it at all.
  8. This LM goes nowhere and your club profile says "rebuilding" yet you posted this ad yesterday. Is your club open?
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