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  1. Girls raid indigenous dancers skivvies D A I L Y.
  2. Avastar Team has made significant contributions to Blender over the last ten years; perhaps this is one.
  3. Holly arrived in red silks. MUJIK mujik noun. Russian peasant
  4. There are several inworld tools for sale that let you put your avatar through a series of poses that you can then upload as an animation. They are fairly simple, but effective. I'd recommend getting a bit of experience with one of them. There are basics to learn about initial-offsets and such. Its easier to learn the fundamentals first before moving to a system like blender that has many more degrees of freedom. Speaking of Blender, CG Cookie has a good free beginners tutorial. Watch that before deciding if a CG Cookie subscription is worth it for you. Speaking of Avastar, the @Gaia Clary 's blog keeps one reasonably up to date about the progress of Avastar for Blender 2.8/2.81. Avastar for Blender 2.79 is an incredible tool, but if you are just getting started I recommend spending the time learning Blender 2.81, and then you'll be ready for Avastar 2.81 when it launches.
  5. Someone has WAY too much time on their hands. I have an acquaintance that says they created over 2000 alts (via programming, not manually) back in the day when LL compensated for traffic.
  6. Apparently its a brain-mapping thing. Search phrase for your favorite search engine: Psychology Today "Neuroscientists establish breasts as sexual organs"
  7. What I need for my antiques collection is a copy of the first posterior slapper, which is unrealistic because lots of people back then could start, write, and finish a posterior slapper in LSL while holding their breath. This thread reminded me. I remember being thrilled to hunt around in my new megaprim inventory to build anything, because I could only make prims up to 10 meters. I had a weapon that used a long thin megaprim to shoot from one corner of Jessie to the other; arrows stop at "no object entry" zones, but megaprims reach right through. I have some 2048x2048 textures in my inventory; one can no longer upload textures that large.
  8. There are only two kinds in SL. Alts and Animesh. The Alts show up on radar; the animesh does not. 😎 No one plays on their main. Heck, even the founder of the place is playing on an Alt.
  9. Time under radar negates sonar. JEMMY noun a short crowbar used by a burglar to force open a window or door.
  10. I haven't looked at events for years because they were so spammy. Now maybe it will be worth looking at them again.
  11. Dazzling, amazing neighbor cheers effectively. jazzy
  12. Well, 2016. But like they write on the cover-page, the counter has a limit of 100k residents of a single last name, and they saw no reason to redesign it to continue counting after the "Resident" transition. Last Updated 2016-07-16 21:50:54 slnamewatch doesn't have the old Linden names; those are here http://djdoubledown.blogspot.com/2009/11/complete-list-of-all-known-lindens.html
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