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  1. So, guess what? This Huntsman last name sort of rings a bell...as If it was one of the entries I sent to the contest. (I just picked 3 surnames, and from them, I only liked one that has not been chosen so far, and I just forgot the whole thing) Anyhow, no one has contacted me from LL to let me know that I won or something so... In any case, yes, it's a quite silly name too
  2. After so many years asking for the return of last names and after waiting for it for so bloody long, LL is only able to come up with a small list of mostly ridiculuos surnames? Come on, LL go back to work and hurry up to add quite a few serious/Ordinary looking surnames worth to paid 50 bucks for!
  3. Why are you so badly stressed out every time you log in?... Well, never mind; this question may be just irrelevant . My advice? just log out, try to enjoy or discover new hobbies and don't look back. If you have a partner, close friends, "family" or perhaps you are a creator/merchant inworld, talk to the people you want to be aware of your leaving, forget about your store, and just, leave. Whether temporary or for good, it's entirely up to you,and you don't even need to decide that right now. A virtual world or any other kind of passtime should not be a source of stress, if it is which SL
  4. 40 plus the premium fee is way too much for quite a few people. Once more, looks to me like LL have shot themselves in the foot. I really doubt that, at this price, much people is going to change their name, surname or both.
  5. Latest Sweethearts update: Bots have left the place too!
  6. Sweethearts was too the first club I went to back in my newbie days. In there also, I meet my current bf 10 years ago. To see it becoming the lonely place that it has been for so long, puts me in a sad mood.
  7. Sweethearts does still exist, but it has been a "ghost town" for months, if not years. -A few bots are its only regulars nowadays- It happened to be one of the the most popular ballroom venues until a few years ago, when Dilbert Dilweg And Charity Colville sold it out. Actually, I feel sadder for sweethearts' downfall than for Franks closure, because Sweethearts is not closed, it's just, as it seems, completely neglected.
  8. Let me give you a small advice. Fill in your profile. I have peeked at it and, -but for a little bit in the first life tab- it's otherwise, completely blank. Write in there something about you, likes and dislikes, what you do enjoy doing in SL, whatever, add in some picks to places you like and you might see women being more willing to start a conversation with you. Also, perhaps to hide the adult groups in your profile might help. Truth is that guys with an empty profile and adult/sex related groups in their profile are 9 out of 10 times only looking for sex. If you are not one of them, try
  9. I went with my partner last Saturday evening to Bogarts, still not knowing about its next closure.(I usually have group notices disabled) We don't go much to ballrooms, prefering the rock, soul or adult clubs, anyway, it feels sad to see one of the most relevant places of SL go, even if it's for a happy reason in Nanceee's RL. Anyhow, I wish her all the best
  10. Copied from the group notices. Franks Elite Jazz - Our Member's Exclusive destination of the Franks Entertainment Group. FEG Closing Nov. 24, 2019 Until then Memberships are reduced to L$50. Thank you for the memories, Nanceee Sinatra For more information, check Notices for Closure. In the attached NC, Nanceee Sinatra explains that she's getting married IRL, that's the reason behind the closure of all of Frank's related venues.
  11. If you are looking for a commited relationship, ditch the guy, because, for whatever reason, it seems pretty obvious that he does not want the same. However, if you really like him enough, you can tell him that you are going to be only "A friend with benefits" No commitent, no mention of him in your profile, etc. You will enjoy time with him when/if you feel like it, and the rest of time is yours to do as you please, including dating other guys
  12. Among other reasons because LL actively keeps trying to promote SL with advertisings as follows: Encuentra el hombre/mujer de tus sueños = Find the man/woman of you dreams (I have found this ad very recently in a site that, sorry; I am unable to remember right now) In the last years they have done an F******damn work in facebooking SL; and to the hell with people who used to enjoy it as a virtual place apart from RL
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