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  1. The grid is huge. There are many other communities out there. I will say that city/town RP areas have always been some of the most drama filled and short lived RP areas in my experience. After the first couple I tried to play in imploded. I stopped doing that kind of RP and found something else.
  2. When I sell L$ on the Lindex, I always go 1 higher than the highest exchange rate. Usually these days that's 241L to 1$US. My L's sell first and fast and I only lose a very small amount vs if I'd sold them at say 240 to 1. Remember there's a transaction fee and yet another fee if you do a process credit. You aren't going to make a profit trying to play the spread between buy and sell prices.
  3. And while that new system is within the rules, I suspect it's going to fail. Why? Because before, every pull of a gacha gave you a chance, however small, of getting one of the 'good' items. With this or even worse, ones that just show a single item, You know you're going to get junk every time since presumably the instant a good items shows up, the person at the vendor will keep going to get it. If no good items are showing, many will simply walk away. Personally I hope so many do that the creators trying these give up and just sell their items the normal way.
  4. The bottom line is that gachas are going away. LL doesn't owe any more explanation than they've give for the reason. They didn't even owe that. I hope the majority of gacha creators with actually quality items (not the majority of gachas) just put the items in regular vendors, preferably copy/mod/no trans, and let people buy what they actually wanted. I'm sure a few will try the conveyor system which I am betting will ultimately fail. Many only played to get the rares whether to keep or resell and the only reason they kept playing was there was always a chance of the rare. Now, you'll be paying for the crap items knowing that's all you'll get. The alternative version where you know like the next 5-10 items in advance might encourage more sales since if the rare you wanted is in that, you'd probably pay for the crap in front to get it.
  5. It's perfectly legal. I make $200-$300 a month in SL. I had to file a 1099 with LL and include that as part of my income at tax time.
  6. Ultimately, sellers have options. The obvious one is to sell with regular vendors and sell the items for what the seller actually hoped to average for them in the first place. Bundling some of the fluff items might help sales there, especially if they related to what had been rare items. I hope building items get sold copy/mod as well since that's stopped me from even trying a lot of gachas. For gachas with really cheap items, they could just be set free. They could try one of the options posted in this thread with the vendor showing the current item. I don't think buyers will go for that, but it would likely be legal. They could pack up and leave. This sadly is what some will do. All the arguing, and rules lawyering going on here won't affect the policy one bit. It never has in the past. LL is not run by committee.
  7. It would probably be ok, but the issue is, it get's rid of the main reason people paid gachas. Sure you'd likely get a junk item, but you had that chance of getting the rare. If you know up front you're getting the junk, fewer will want to pay.
  8. CasperVend, the most popular vendor system in SL, already offers re-deliveries. I do tend to shy away from sellers not using it for this reason.
  9. In general, gaming desktops are not affected, nor are custom built systems. It looks like this is mostly going to hit some brands of laptops.
  10. You pay for the food and know you're getting food. At no point are you directly paying for a random item. Breeding a breedable in and of itself doesn't cost anything.
  11. Breeding them doesn't cost anything. No rule break there.
  12. They don't. You know what you're getting when you buy one.
  13. As long as the random roll was done before the sale, that would probably be ok, but we both know a lot of the 'common' items in current gachas are absolute crap. While people might be willing to get crap if there had been a chance of getting something good, if they know for sure they will get crap, they might be less inclined to pay.
  14. They are in some states believe it or not.
  15. That's actually pretty creative and might be enough to pass the test. Nothing says every item being sold has to be available all the time, just that when you spend the L's, you know what you'll get that specific time. Eventually the 'big' prize would show up and likely whomever was buying at that point would buy the ones in front to get it. Essentially it would do the dice roll prior to the sale instead of after. This would still eliminate a lot of fluff items since who's going to pay for crap if they know they will be getting crap.
  16. I don't buy no mod/no copy items as a rule. If the gacha sellers want to compete with the non-gacha sales model, they will either adapt or go away.
  17. Except when you buy a breedable, you know what you're getting. Breeding itself doesn't cost anything and is totally voluntary on the part of the owner so not the same thing at all.
  18. There are actually states in the US that ban those quarter machines as gambling devices.
  19. Then they won't sell and/or other creators will make similar items to compete.
  20. This was inevitable given the crackdown on loot boxes in other games. I can't say I'm upset. I've always hated the randomness when there is an item I wanted to buy. I also hated that most of the items were no copy/no mod. Kudos to the sellers that allowed exchanging an item for one with those perms. Far more often I encountered creators who acted like I had crapped on their shoes when I asked if that was possible. I expect some creators will pack up and leave and for others they will raise prices to levels that are actually fair for the items they made.
  21. I'd likely stop using SL. I manage a number of places and it wouldn't be in any way workable to have to go over land/water to get between them.
  22. Shy is self centered fear that you aren't good enough. You are good enough, you deserve friends. They might be the ones you expect.
  23. Been vaxxed since March. Great to see everyone getting it. For anyone worried about the injection, they use a needle so fine you barely feel it. If you get your first dose, make sure to get the second when it's time.
  24. I've had my trailer home for around a year and a half. I got lucky with the location and have some privacy from the nearest neighbors. It's in a nice area to go horse riding and it gives me a place to go change AVs/outfits. I don't spend a lot of time there as a rule, but it's my usual place to start from when I log in.
  25. There are a few live singers in SL I would pay a 'cover charge' to see, but I'd only pay in L$. $3US is around 750L.
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