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  1. Thank you for the input, so far folks.
  2. Dear reader, I run a city and in that city there are shops. The question is....If a shop uses... "....for example, a trademarked logo or brand name, a distinctive product appearance (known as "trade dress"), characters or material from a movie, book, or other copyrighted work, or a celebrity image or name (protected as a "right of publicity")..... ...then who is responsible for not breaching any intelligent property? Me as a city owner or the vendor? Kind regards,
  3. https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/internet-telecoms/data-protection-online-privacy/index_en.htm Thank you for 10 years of fun. But though you (linden) say your new terms of service is gdpr compliance, it's not. You shared a link to where it should say you're gdpr proof but that link holds not one word about gdpr: (https://www.tilia-inc.com/legal/privacy/) or Europe (or any other continent). Peace out. Edit: the right page with privacy police for people outside the USA: https://www.lindenlab.com/privacy Europe law: https://gyazo.com/695ae216988f612f495dd80257
  4. There is a zoom in mouse look. Whenever I used to go in mouse look and clicked the right mouse button my field of view would become deeper (without CTRL-8 etc). And I would see more of the environment. I've used this for ages when I was using my weapons as a warrior. Always worked up to yesterday. I messed something up when trying to make a snapshot in mouse look, which worked (but that is off topic). So anyone who is aware of the right click option and knows where to find it's setting so I can activate it again please stand up and spread the word
  5. For Sale 1/4th of a sim L$21.000 Hillside, grass 16.384 square meter Right-click ground to buy. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Querqua/58/156/85
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