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  1. Uhmm, yes the grid that LL owns and operates. I actually have a problem with my memory known as Ischeamic disease on my brain, so please understand that when you have memory issues, a polite correspondence doesn't hurt ok?
  2. I just did a region restart on my sim about 5 hours ago, I usually do it every Tuesday but once I forgot and it was done for me on a Friday. If you own your own land, full sim/region, then you have full rights, it's not fair if you have those full rights intervened with. Please I would much appreciate it, if I were informed in future so I can be aware of this but as I say, I do usually do a region restart on Tuesdays.
  3. Hi, well, from what I have seen here I have 88,883 items in my closet and NOT in alphabeticle order either or date bought by. I bought a VC for about L$500 and that didn't help either. I wish I could have a Virtual organiser!!! Or even buy a closet that would automatically sort out my inventory alphabetically!!
  4. Hi, I have spent thousands of Lindens and I mean thousands, trying to make the skin on my Slink HG body, hands and feet match my Catwa Catya head or visa versa and even though I have purchased Omega system kit and Omega aplliers kit I am told I need a O hud and a relay hud, just how much Lindens do I need to spend to get my avatar's skin to match on all body parts including head. I am sorry but I am so very very stupidly thick because I really do NOT understand wth I am doing wrong!!! I also do not undersand what everyone is talking about skin textures, owning them and three textures...... I seriously can't follow the post because I couldn't understand it. Now, I have not even started on powder pack and Gatch yet because after months and months of trying to get used to this mesh body and head stuff and used to using the hud that comes with them, anything outside of that like trying to change the skins and matching each body part has completely lost me. Anyone got a video link to share in how to use all the different appliers, textures, huds and everything else Omega I need to learn PLEASE.
  5. Why are secondlife females just like real life females? Take TOO much TIME and MONEY!!!! Even when you spend SL lindens and scrutinise your avatar SHE'LL STILL have faults!!!!
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