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  1. Uhmm, yes the grid that LL owns and operates. I actually have a problem with my memory known as Ischeamic disease on my brain, so please understand that when you have memory issues, a polite correspondence doesn't hurt ok?
  2. I just did a region restart on my sim about 5 hours ago, I usually do it every Tuesday but once I forgot and it was done for me on a Friday. If you own your own land, full sim/region, then you have full rights, it's not fair if you have those full rights intervened with. Please I would much appreciate it, if I were informed in future so I can be aware of this but as I say, I do usually do a region restart on Tuesdays.
  3. Hi, well, from what I have seen here I have 88,883 items in my closet and NOT in alphabeticle order either or date bought by. I bought a VC for about L$500 and that didn't help either. I wish I could have a Virtual organiser!!! Or even buy a closet that would automatically sort out my inventory alphabetically!!
  4. Hi, I have spent thousands of Lindens and I mean thousands, trying to make the skin on my Slink HG body, hands and feet match my Catwa Catya head or visa versa and even though I have purchased Omega system kit and Omega aplliers kit I am told I need a O hud and a relay hud, just how much Lindens do I need to spend to get my avatar's skin to match on all body parts including head. I am sorry but I am so very very stupidly thick because I really do NOT understand wth I am doing wrong!!! I also do not undersand what everyone is talking about skin textures, owning them and three textures...... I s
  5. Why are secondlife females just like real life females? Take TOO much TIME and MONEY!!!! Even when you spend SL lindens and scrutinise your avatar SHE'LL STILL have faults!!!!
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