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  1. I'm interested to know if anyone has resolved this. Is there a fix for the neck seam with heads other than the one it comes with? I tried the neck fixer in the HUD with poor results. Overall, I bought it anyway for the versatility it offers. The included skins aren't bad, and the head is actually pretty if that's the look you go for. Planning on toying with it when I have a few minutes to spare. My main complaint is those super pouty lips; which is a bit ironic, because the head I used has relatively large lips. I also really like their slimmer body, but I suspect that one has too much competition to see any real success.
  2. It sounds like you are making edits to links of your body/head. This happens when you either a) copy an item and choose "paste as link" instead of just "paste;" or b) when you save an outfit. Outfits save as a series of links back to the original items. Any changes you make are to the original item the link goes back to, not to a separate object. So, if I wear a dress and use it's HUD to color it blue, then save that outfit - and then I wear the same dress and use the HUD to turn it pink and save THAT outfit -when I wear the blue outfit, the dress will be pink even though it was blue when I saved the outfit. ETA: You can tell an item is a link because it's name will appear in italics in your inventory, and with an interlocked chain icon next to it. There are a couple of ways to circumvent this. 1) Copy any changeable items (head, body, clothes, anything that can be changed with a HUD). Rename the copies something identifiable, like "Catwa Majer Red Lips" if you've got bright red lipstick on, etc. (Or use whatever you're going to name the outfit as a whole) Wear all those relevant copies and save your outfit using the save outfit feature. Make sure to take them off the next time you want to make any changes! The outfit will still be a bunch of links, but they'll be links to specific items for that look only, not to a generic original. 2) Do the same as written above, but instead of saving an outfit, make a new inventory folder with a convenient name you'll recognize and move the copies here. When I do this, I like to also take a snapshot of my outfit and save it in the folder for a quick reference to what the outfit looks like, but this is optional. The downside to either method is that your inventory can get pretty bloated with all those copies, so organization is key! The takeaway here is to make sure any changes you make are to a copy of your items, not to the original or to a link. Another thing to mention is that with BoM skins and makeup, if you have BoM activated, your body will use whatever system layers you have on. Make sure you save your outfits with the skin and makeup, etc. you want to wear with it. P.S. You can also, once you've finished making your changes to a copy, delete the scripts from it. This will prevent you from making changes to the scripted item (body, head, etc.) I don't recommend this because I'm too afraid I'll ruin something unintentionally.
  3. Just based on the demo, I do like that it's one single attachment. I prefer that to having to separately add the hands and feet; it saves attachment points for other things without feeling like you're a shoe away from maxing out and lagging out the grid. Practicality wise, I don't personally know if they've achieved their low-lag goal or not; everybody *says* their product is low lag, so I'm always suspicious. There is a product on MP for about 200L that is supposed to help those who dislike the lack of alpha cuts. It's a huge pack of system alphas that supposedly work with BoM (whereas most of the older ones don't) to give you as many different options as they could think of for alphas to sort of "mirror" the effect of alpha cuts, which as discussed here is a major critique of the body. As for thin...I haven't tried, but my initial guess is no. Using the same shape I always use, I found the body to be similar to, and even in some places larger than, my preferred body without changing anything about my shape. I'd have to go one and fiddle to say for sure, though. Maitreya is probably, to my knowledge, the thinnest on the market. She's pretty tiny.
  4. Honestly I think Aphrodite just hit the market too late. There are already a ton of mesh bodies with the same shape and features of Aphrodite, with a majority of quality clothes being made for those bodies. She doesn't offer anything unique or special to attract audiences, so is entirely reliant on whether or not the very small details of the build are better than other bodies (ala the great knee debate over Belleza Venus from back in the day). The only thing really "special" about her is the built in animated genitalia. In my personal opinion, Aphrodite feels like an afterthought. It's not the point; the point is the maternity version, Persephone. Aphrodite is where they ripped out all the maternity features, didn't rig the belly to be able to achieve the maternity look, and popped her on the market to appeal to anyone who'd be turned off by a pregnancy specific body. My problem there is that they released them at the same price; both bodies are $4,000L but one is lacking a ton of features and the other seemingly requires an additional purchase to unlock those features. Personally, I'm having a rough time justifying the cost when I already have more than one mesh body that I can easily find clothes for and that look...mostly the same as Aphrodite. If the clothing market for her expands, though, I can see an appeal, particularly for anyone interested in "adult activities" since they wouldn't have to purchase separate "parts." None of that makes it a bad body, though. I thought the shape was perfectly fine; just not enough to replace what I already use and have clothes for.
  5. You can wear your own shape, yes. That will keep your body looking the same as it always does. The head looks the way the head looks with very minimal customizability, so no matter what shape you wear, the head and face will not change. You can't make the lips bigger, or change the slant of the eyes, or narrow the nose, etc. You can stretch it a little, and that's all. This is different from bento mesh heads. You *can* wear your own shape with bento, but you'll look...pretty weird. The amount of shape editing required to get something even human-looking, much less attractive, can be pretty intense, which is why it's recommended for bento heads that you wear their included shape and then modify it to suit you. If you put a bento head on with a shape made for a classic avi, odds are good you'll end up looking like a space alien. This isn't the case with static heads, since they don't respond to almost any shape sliders at all. The body itself is not modifiable. You can't right click, edit, and change things in the body, like removing scripts (although you can do this via the HUD, but it's not recommended!) or altering the mesh, unlink things, etc. The shape is a separate piece, and can be modified. Since the body is rigged to the avatar bones, changing the modifiable shape UNDERNEATH the body alters the visible shape of the body, but doesn't change the mesh itself or its contents.
  6. Shoot the creator of the product in your link a message inworld; their ad says to send a note card with questions. Give them a few days to respond. What they'll probably tell you about the face is what mesh head was used, and maybe what skin; the shape is probably custom, but you can get close if you know head and skin.
  7. This may or may not help you, but also remember that Legacy has a deformer to fit into Maitreya clothing. I've had some luck using it with some older Maitreya stuff from before Legacy's release. If you find a suit you love for Maitreya, it may be worth demoing with the deformed to see if it works. Otherwise, keep an eye on some of the popular brands like Blueberry and Addams; as summer approaches, it's likely these brands will start releasing swimwear.
  8. This issue seems to have picked up recently. When it happened to me, I was told it was a missing inventory issue and to follow the advice on the Firestorm viewer page for missing inventory. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, and I never recovered that shape. If you also cannot recover your shape, there's an easy outfit fix if you use Firestorm. Find an outfit with the old shape in it in your inventory. Right click the link to the old shape in that outfit, and choose "replace links." Find the new shape you're replacing it with and drag that to the second box in the window that opens up (or just click it; I can't remember if you click or drag) and choose "replace all" and all outfit links to the old shape will be replaced with links to the new shape.
  9. DEMO is just trying it. Demos are free (or sometimes cost $1L, but honestly I'd avoid those as there's no reason to charge for a demo) and usually have some indicator that they are a demo. (CATWA heads are missing pixels in the forehead and chin; skins may be marked with the word DEMO in an obvious place; some items have a box marked DEMO that will float above or next to your head; etc. Those features will go away with the full version.) All mesh should have demos. If there is no demo, don't buy it. Once you get the demo, specifically a demo mesh head, there should be a shape included that you can wear (a bento mesh head will look really weird on your default shape!) Wear that, then edit it normally with shape sliders and see how close you can get it to what you want. Be aware that skin can dramatically affect the finished product, but the "bones" of the head will stay the same. If it has huge eyes by default, it will always have huge eyes. If the default lips are really pouty, they always will be. Test the minimum and maximum sizes of different features, and make sure to check the profile. (I didn't realize how "duck-lipped" one of my heads was until after I bought it, because I only looked from the front!)
  10. Honestly, the best way is to demo, demo, demo what's available on the market. There's a lot; unless you have very non-standard features you should be able to get close with the right combination of mesh head, skin, and shape. The shape you can customize yourself; the head, skin, and mesh body you can buy. Note that a mesh head and body aren't required, but are recommended, both because they look nicer and because there's more available for them these days. Depending on your gender and what you look like, you'll have a variety of options. Catwa is a great place to start looking for heads for either gender, but they are pricey and they're far from the only ones out there. It's a process, so DEMO as much as you possible can.
  11. It doesn't sound like the HUD is "spoiled." It sounds like you don't fully understand your laptop. On my laptop, the page up/page down keys are just above the left and right arrow keys, respectively, on the keyboard. You'll need to really study the keys on the keyboard to find where yours are. If, by some strange change, you don't have them - or, more likely, can't find them, perhaps because they're not clearly labelled or for some other reason - do as Nick suggested and enable WASD navigation, thus mapping Page Up to the letter E key. If it really is broken, though, it was free. You've lost nothing but a small amount of time.
  12. Sounds like, because the lacy sleeves covered the wrists, they have an auto hide script that triggered your body to authorize them. Then, when you detached them, there either is no auto unhide function or the body alpha failed to respond to it, leaving your wrists invisible. As others said, unhide them using the body alpha HUD. Unless by "wrists" you actually mean "hands," in which case you'll need to find your hands in inventory and reattach them. Be aware that you can't usually detach or remove specific body parts that way. Body, hands, feet, and head, plus any genitalia you may use from other brands, may be separate, but wrists, ankles, legs, etc. are part of your body. If they're invisible it's typically because they're hidden using the body's alpha, not because they've been detached.
  13. Usually to take an applier tattoo off of Genus, you add and open the HUD. You should see a tinting box, the one with the big rainbow of colors. If you don't, look at the top of the HUD for double arrows and click them to extend the correct tab. Click teardrop next to the word "blush" in the list to the left of the tint box. That'll clear the layer. Yes, brows on Genus typically apply to the blush layer. Yes, that's really weird to me, too. You can do this for any applier you want to remove, just choose the appropriate layer. I'd post pictures, but I'm not inworld right this second.
  14. Mesh is a way of building things. If something says it's mesh, it's talking about the "material" it's made out of. Mesh genitalia is genitalia built using mesh. (Mesh here isn't talking about the criss-cross, netting type of fabric material you might think of IRL, it's just a building tool.) This is true of anything mesh - bodies, heads, clothes, furniture, etc. A mesh body is a body-shaped object worn on top of, and therefore covering/hiding, your regular, "classic" avatar body. Mesh bodies are smoother and more refined than the classic system body, but respond to the same system shape sliders so that they can be customized. A mesh head is the same concept as a mesh body, but for your face and head. Not all mesh heads work with shape sliders, though! Always read descriptions (if you want something you can truly customize, look for the term "fitmesh") and demo. A HUD is a display that attaches to your screen - not to your avatar -and is only visible by you. It allows you to control the appearance and/or actions of the attachment it's made for. In the case of clothing, this may be the color or style of the item. For genitalia (which, given the censoring, seems to be what you're asking about?) it could be state of arousal, accessories such as piercings, etc. The exact capabilities depend on the specific object. A sex HUD is, well, probably exactly what it sounds like. There are lots of different things that could do depending on the exact item. Mama Allpa (not Alpha; this matters in search) is a HUD that allows you to either simulate a female cycle and pregnancy, or to get someone pregnant, depending on whether you have the male or female version. RLV is Restrained Love Viewer (I think that's the term) and it allows objects or people to control certain aspects of your avatar, such as locking you to a piece of furniture.
  15. I had this happen recently as well, and the answer was that you've lost inventory. It could be a lot, or a little. Check your total inventory count and see if it looks off; then try following the advice on the Firestorm website for lost or missing inventory. The steps are largely the same whether or not you use Firestorm. Good luck! I sadly never did recover my shape, but I wish you the best.
  16. We could really use more details, but with what you've given us I have a couple thoughts. 1. You're wearing system clothes on a system avatar and also wearing an alpha *layer*, which would hide parts of your body and also potentially the clothes. Don't use alpha layers that hide your body if you want to use the system body and clothes. 2. You're wearing a mesh body and the Alpha HUD for it, but trying to wear system/BoM clothes with a non-BoM body. The mesh body hides the system body, so anything you wear directly on the system body will be hidden. This has nothing to do with the alpha HUD; that you're wearing it when this happens is inconsequential. For more help, add more detail here by editing your post or commenting. Or feel free to message me inworld, and when I log in I'll try to help. Minimal details required: are you wearing a mesh body and which one; what alpha HUD are you wearing (the one for your body?); what clothes are you trying to wear; what symbol is beside those clothes in your inventory (a box, a little shirt/pants symbol, something else?). Pictures, particularly of the worn tab in your inventory, may be helpful.
  17. It's been a while! Changed my hair, temporarily at least.
  18. To be honest, you're not really in the right place - unless the tags are in error and you actually wanted people to help you find good freebies, of which there are plenty. Try Relationships, or maybe Roleplay. You might get a bite here, but those two are better for this.
  19. The base avatar itself is more like a big gray blob of clay (that's the shape/"skeleton," basically an uncolored claymation character). The skin is the "paint" on top. You can't make that blob partially transparent; its either there, or it isn't. What you *can* do is slap on a full body/head alpha and make the whole darn thing disappear, invisibility cloak style. Then you add on whatever object you've purchased/made that is partially transparent. It can't be a texture applied directly to your avi, though, since your avi is now invisible; it has to be an attachable object. You can probably find "ghost" stuff on the marketplace. If you want to make your own, you'll need to learn how to make mesh or how to build with prims, if you don't know already.
  20. I'll have to take a peek at what I have in inventory, although most of my stuff is probably outdated; I haven't used my kimono in AGES. Same advice applies, though: you can search marketplace for "kemono AND anime," "kemono AND human," etc. and find some really great stuff. I've also found MP to be especially good for anime/kemono stuff because many creators along those lines don't have inworld stores. I also think the Utilizator inworld store may be attached to a mall? I recall a kemono/anime mall inworld somewhere...again, it's been ages, but you could try the Utilizator main store. Again, though, my top advice is to go to anime/kemono themed clubs or hangouts and ask people wearing things you like what they're wearing! If what you're seeing is in ads, you may be able to find an official insta or Flickr for the store with details listed, or message the ad creator.
  21. What avatars are you seeing it on? There are lots of anime skins for the kemono and avatar 2.0 bodies that may have that effect, but it seems likely to be rarer for Maitreya as it's not a body created for that look. If you see something you like, you can always ask the person wearing it! They might tell you or might not, but it doesn't hurt. You could also try a search like "anime AND Maitreya" on the marketplace, narrow to skins, and see what comes up.
  22. You don't have to be wearing the HUD now for the item to have changed color. If you saved the outfit, then later wore one of the items in that outfit again and at that time changed its color, the item in the saved outfit will now be a different color. The item in the outfit is a LINK to the original item, not an item itself, and therefore it will reflect all changes made to the original item. Otherwise, I'm not sure what the issue could be, but other good advice has been given. Good luck!
  23. For myself, I am female in RL and identify as such. In SL, I'm the same. I know a number of people whose SL genders do not match their RL genders and identifiers, and some who match one but not the other. I'm privy to the reasons for some, and not others. I roleplay with my avi but she is not a roleplay character; she represents aspects of myself though seldom my whole self. I've considered adding a male alt for a variety of purposes, but put more than enough funds into my main account. I hardly need to add another to drain my bank account! I'll admit to some amusement with the "voice verify your gender" crowd. a) It's not foolproof (my very male ex sounded quite effeminate over the phone, and I have several very female friends with low voices) and b) In a virtual world, I fail to see how it matters. But then, I don't really care in RL either. I enjoy seeing others express their gender identities, and the interesting and often quite lovely avatars that can result. People are as endlessly fascinating as they can be exasperating. In my, admittedly limited, experience, how one presents in SL is greatly influenced by what one hopes to get out of it.
  24. You don't have a gender listed, or a mesh head/body brand, so it's a little hard to help you. Do you use a mesh head or body? Which ones? I'm *guessing* you're male, but names are misleading and ladies can be bald too, so I can't be for sure. I've seen more older or slightly more weathered skins for men than for women, so if you are male, at least you have that going for you. Stray Dog had a few, last I checked. Skin Fair's on right now, so wait or week until it's a little easier to get in and you can check there. I'm afraid that's the end of my personal knowledge, but if you give us some more details it'll make it easier for us to help!
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