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  1. I do been using ak head cindy. But the problem is I am confused about ak and bom. And I wanted to find good set of eyes for my ak.
  2. i turn to dating agency most of the agent become racist with me. that why i do not like to meet human beings for now. i better stay single.
  3. They are not fine with my skin colour. I have one ex lover call me fat and ugly till i today i cannot date any man due to my body size.
  4. i see but most people see skin colour before dating
  5. thanks for your sorry. But i feel like i should dating a lot of men i saw cross the line and dump me.
  6. i see how depends on the guy. But most guy will talk bad about their gf.
  7. thanks for your advice will consider and find a place in sl with positive people
  8. I already try to social with people but because i am asian they put in the position where they want to say bad things about my culture till i do not want to talk to people.
  9. Hi i am finding a man who is okay with me in sl and rl as a normal friend. No love required as a couple due to bad experince.
  10. Hi i am Rose. I am finding some small group of friends which accept because i am werid person in rl and sl.
  11. it is beacuse i perfer what i look in my avi and i want it to look like simple like me okay i perfer using simple makeup for my avi and adjust it to my head and face to look like me i believe it is to the person individual and identity.
  12. then i think is such a waste of money when i can make a face and body for myself thanls.
  13. i know but how to start to do a bento head? i am so confused
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