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  1. I try to voice in my window laptop but the voice not coming out.
  2. how to change picture to texture? from my pc to second life texture.
  3. i am finding a few people to role play in my private linden home. pls contact me if you want. i am also finding good friend. i am also finding a king to be my role play partner. i also finding some so call adopt parents.
  4. hi do you have a job for a 3 year old player? i am finding job pls contact me rose9991sl if you want interview thanks.
  5. can someone pls teach me how to dj in second life?
  6. I was a host, dancer and chating with clinet. Pls recomended a good job that last long
  7. thanks but the time different is different
  8. thanks but the second life is wee morning training
  9. I work as a dnacer before and a greeter. I do not have experience as a dj. Can someone train me to be a dj thanks. I really need a job in second life.
  10. I saw this bumper who hit then they tell who hit who> Which bumper give warning?
  11. i am bored because i cannot return to singapore. I want to make singaporen friend. my id is rose9991sl. I need to know what going on in singapore. I will also talk to other national country. pls contact me.
  12. i stay in singapore. i play sl a lot but most singaporen player not online most of the time. pls contact me rose9991sl if you want to chat thanks.
  13. uhm like fainting and not responding. i perfer that. not death sis lol.
  14. i want to try with someone. i might live.
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