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  1. you got a link to it?
  2. Hey do you have a link to it? And does it change my skin?(hope not)
  3. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/suPPort-Cleavage-Enhancer/1889905 looks like it changes your skin but I read the reviews so I might try it
  4. thanks I im using maitreya body and Genus Head .
  5. Hello It's me again I need to find some HUD or something with Clevage options without changing my skin...like Babe's (Soft) Applier in the photo below: I am using a Maitreya Body(Not BOM) its omega (but I may make it BOM) I need these options
  6. thanks laurel and cougar
  7. hello I love these brows that came with the head skin(brow option) but I would like to know if there are any creators who make these? I asked people they Couldn't help me tried to ask the Group (Fabrixquare) but it said I didn't have that ability so I came here. (for GENUS) I love the arch and some highlight(under it) would be nice too. Please I need to know
  8. Thanks Ms. Ceka
  9. Hello my name is Akira and I just got a Genus head. I am unaware of what theSkinnery body applier I should get if I don't know the head skin color? here or IM me. (new to this kind of Head)Thanks
  10. I was talking about the laq head lol and i got it on there but it cuts off on the upper part of nose
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