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  1. Hello! I have a lot of free time SL and RL. I want to search a job on sl and i'm interested about being a dancer/stripper (but without voice for the moment because my micro are broken rip..) I am 20 years old in RL and i have a full mesh avatar. I just need to have someone understandable because it's my very first job and who explains well ! thank you (can't wait to have replies haha)
  2. Hello !! I started my Flickr recently : https://www.flickr.com/photos/187251262@N04/ but I don't the quality of my pic.. So I wanted to have tip for taking good pic (I use the firestorm viewers) thank u if someone help me!
  3. Hi. I would like to meet LGBTQ+ people in SL, I tried to go in a group or meeting people around but it's a bit difficult.. I wanted to know if there are place who LGBTQ+ goes? Thanks you!
  4. Just saw this post and wishing find someone like this lol
  5. you can add me i'm 20 years old & a girl !
  6. hello! i'm back in secondlife (bc of my bored life student lol) i prefer to say before i'm 20 years old irl ! i hope i can find people who can do role play (i wish having a family in second life!!) also, i like anime/manga! & kpop but i can listen to rock too~!! i hope i can find friends
  7. Hi! so i'm restarting playing second life and i need some tips/creator who do asian(japanese,korean..) skin,clothes,head (and good shape too!!) etc..i'm lost for information i have maitreya and catwa catya head) thank you so much !
  8. hello i'm looking for friend like kpop or anime/manga !
  9. hello ! i have maitreya shape and catwa catya head but i would like to buy skin like korean/japanese and i don't find this >.< thank u for help
  10. thank u i have find my transaction !!
  11. i don't find the transaction information..
  12. hello i have purchase item from violent seduction (map) but i don't received on my inventory.. help my please i lost 250 L$...
  13. hello i have purchase item from (map) but i don't received on my inventory.. help my please i lost 250 L$...
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