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  1. I'm not an expert in this, but maybe you could try getting a Maitreya Lara body, then use furry appliers and I assume there are...um, mesh "bits" you could to the body to make it definitely male. I'm sure someone else has better ideas and can steer you in a better direction than I.
  2. I wouldn't doubt if this topic has been brought up before so forgive me if this is a repeat. The wonderful thing about Second Life is how you can be anything you want. Having said that, I very much doubt the people who choose to be dogs in SL identify as one. Gender is a whole other beast and can be pretty complicated. I've met some people who biologically do not match the sex of their avatar but they do identify as them on a gender level. I'm curious how many people out there are the opposite? I play as a male, I don't correct people when they call me a guy but in real life I am a female
  3. Thanks everyone! And especially Matty. I decided to try this one because it was only L$150...it's nearly exactly what I had in mind. I love the behind the back arm holding especially.
  4. Scared? No. Cautious, yes. Regardless I am completely taking this seriously as should everyone. I firmly believe everyone should do their part and call off all non-essential travel, not only for your sake but for those close to you. No one should let their ego get in the way of doing their part to keep the people of their country safe. Just stay at home. We'll get through this. Don't be scared, just stay safe! 💖
  5. I've demo'd and sadly bought a few, all of them come with a bit too much confidence or "swag" for my liking. All the male AOs I've ran across seem to ooze coolness and I'm not looking for that. Can anyone help me find one that's more on the calm side, bonus points if it comes off shy as well as reserved.
  6. I'm listening to my favorite song, yet again.
  7. I've only been on SL for about three months and though I have acquaintances I chat with from time to time I've yet to make real friends. However, having said that, I do think it's 100% possible to form real and true friendships various places online and Second Life is no acceptation. So: No I don't, but I'm looking forward to hopefully make some with time.
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