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  1. I have claimed no one here is stupid. If you have recent references of people that have done well financially off SL then please post.
  2. What are you talking about? Getting defensive? lol I just posted 2 stories about SL millionaires. I never said I could or couldn't do it! I was simply asking where people are at and any advice would be appreciated.
  3. So it took ANSHE CHUNG 2 years to become a millionaire on SL with $0 investment.. https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/first-millionaire-in-second-life/ 10 years ago this couple quit their job and started working on SL fulltime having a starting investment of $250 each
  4. currently have my sights set on renting out some properties.. what do they usually pay out per month on minimum?
  5. Thanks for your response. Most people didn't read the first sentence as i asked VARIOUS jobs AND incomes. I didn't say what 1 job as i know that is an impossibility. So i know a combination of owning homes, clubs, doing escort jobs, hunting lodges etc will eventually accumulate.
  6. not trolling , Just ambtious i guess lol. $L 500K A Week is the goal if i were to live off it fulltime
  7. The main goal is 500k but I know i have to start smaller. I heard there are some people that bought brothels and multiple homes and rented them out
  8. Hey all, New player here so was hoping someone could fill me in on various jobs and incomes players do to make L$ My goal is to make L$500k per week If anyone could offer advice that would be helpful
  9. omg wow! the 2nd one looks so similar. How can i achieve that similarity
  10. Thank you. Are there ones that u can send photos to rather than filming yourself like that?
  11. Thanks all for your responses. Loving this community already So avatars are already pregnant during sex services or they get that way afterwards? Still learning
  12. Thanks so much for your reply. Loving this community already. do you know any apps or programs I can use where I can send in face and body pics to get it done? I’ve had some quotes that range up to $500 yikes
  13. Can someone explain the following terms; Mesh Body Mesh Head ***** Hud Mama Alpha Mesh ***** RLV Sex Hud(s) Thank you
  14. Hey guys, Noob player here with a 2 part question; 1. Can i create an avatar to look like me? As in, Can i hire a 3D Graphic designer online to create one that will look like me or are we limited to what SL provides us with? 2. Can we have multiple avatars that we can switch back and forth from? Sorry if it may come across as a noob question but literally just started playing 3 minutes ago. Thanks again
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