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  1. Hello i want to make my avatar older than 30 or 20, im 49 year old. Where can i find Wrinkles and baldness ? Thanks 😁
  2. Too many people because pandemic containement ? Same thing for me, no fly, no walk...
  3. Thanks for all !!! I work with majors students, so it's not a problem for us. I have in past a free acces to a land, someone let me and my students doing some expériences, this was pretty cool. I think my school is ready to rent a land to make something in SL, my real project is to rebuilt temporarly the entire school to offer a second space for my students and colleagues. Yes i know im dreaming... But sl is a dream space too (sometimes) 😉
  4. Hello everybody, im lecturer in french art school of Orleans and l've prepared my students to work on/with SL for 2 weeks, before possible covid19 containement. I wonder if some free places exist in SL to teach, build, create groups and share knowledges ? Thanks for all, lb.
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