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  1. Ariel Vuissent

    Help! My huds stopped working(((

    Probably not... There are all sorts of reasons for a HUD to stop working. First step, as Sagadin says, teleport to a different sim where scripts run. Preferably a quiet, low lag one. If that doesn't work, try detaching them and adding them again. Check that you haven't added another HUD that might be blocking them: HUDs often have invisible parts, and if two HUDs overlap, the covered HUD may not work properly. Next, relog. Still not working? If you have the original boxes, open them to get fresh copies. If not, go to the main stores for each and get redeliveries.
  2. Ariel Vuissent

    Tongue problem!

    As Ethan says, add the Animations HUD in the Catwa folder. If its minimized, click the icon to expand it, and look for a square - like the stop button on a bluray player. Click it. That will stop all of the "face AO" animations that are automatically enabled. I recommend clicking one or two of them, though, to re-enable them. Having some minor facial movement helps you look less like a robot; but having all of them enabled makes you look spastic!
  3. Ariel Vuissent

    Tongue problem!

    Maybe. I assume you're using a mesh head. Which one? Knowing that will help us help you.
  4. Ariel Vuissent

    suddenly for unclear reasons avatar walk has changed

    It's possible there's a walk animation built into the pants. That's...not common, that I know of, but not outside the realm of possibility. If you take the pants off, is the problem fixed? Did you change anything else? Animations are more typically built into shoes; did you try new shoes as well as new pants? Have you tried a relog? Are you in a laggy area? Right click and edit the pants and see if you can look in the Contents folder. Look in there for anything that looks like it might be or contain an animation. If you find one: If the pants are modifiable, take them off. Drag them to the ground somewhere you have permission to rez objects, like a sandbox, right click, and choose edit. Open the contents folder again and delete the animation. MAKE A COPY FIRST. Take the pants back into your inventory, add them again (the new, animation-free copy), and see if that helps. If they are not modifiable, you can't really do anything except find a walk animation or AO with a higher priority. High priority animations will override lower priority ones.
  5. SelinA is the best for a growing belly, but clothing is almost impossible to find. Eve has a pregnancy belly (full term only) as well as specially clothing for it, but other clothing made for it is rare. Lena Lush had a maternity version but is an overall bigger body, and clothing, again, is an issue. Try Belleza Isis. Shape sliders (should) work up to a similar point as Maitreya, but more importantly, Apple May makes a fitted mesh belly for it. Five sizes (included in one package), omega compatible. Still, sadly, no mesh clothing for it, but the shape is lovely. As for Maitreya (and Belleza, actually), don't forget the body thickness and body fat sliders. They are essential for getting a decent maternity shape without resorting to extra mesh parts, especially body fat. Also, for full term, the Lab 737 belly has a lovely shape and is also omega compatible. (If you use it, remember to slide belly fat back down to 0; it doesn't work well with the belly fat slider!) Again, limited to applier clothing. Either of the above bodies without an add-on will work with fitmesh clothing made for the body, although some clothing will distort. I found that tight clothing works best; looser items distort more, in my experience, as the belly size increases. Less noticeable in tight tops or bodycon dresses. Also look for a skin with less definition in the belly area. If possible, try for one with a "fat" or "curvy" option or add-on. Won't help the shape, but it definitely helps the overall look. (I know you were looking to primarily wear mesh clothing, but the add-ons were worth a mention both for you and for others who might be looking for maternity ideas.)
  6. Ariel Vuissent

    Ok I've had enough of reporting this person D=<

    She can file the DMCA herself IF she owns the source material. This would be more likely if it's a furry avatar (who often draw their own fursona, then ask for mesh creators to bring those drawings to life inworld). Otherwise, yes, the mesh creator needs to do it.
  7. Ariel Vuissent

    Ok I've had enough of reporting this person D=<

    I'm unclear exactly what happened, here. Copybotting involves replicating items without purchasing them, and using or selling the reproductions. It is against the ToS, but only the original creator of the product or products can file a legal claim to have them removed. Did this person steal content you created? File a DMCA, not an abuse report. If they stole someone else's original content, tell the original creator so they can do this. What it sounds like you're saying, and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, however, is that someone replicated your look. That's not against any rules. Impersonating you is - they can't run around SL claiming to be you, especially for malicious purposes. Just looking like you, however, is completely fine. Unless you're using custom content not available to anyone else, they're just using the same resources you did to create the same look. Completely allowed. As for selling it.... what are they selling, exactly? If they're selling the avatar as a complete package and don't have permission from the relevant creators, again, let those people know so they can take legal action. A smaller possibility is that this person created a "custom" avatar for you and is reselling it. If you created original artwork this person used in the creation, again, DMCA - that's your intellectual property. If not, you don't really have a leg to stand on unless this person signed a legally binding contract not to reproduce this custom creation for anyone else.
  8. Ariel Vuissent

    Style Me!~

    Mayreal, I hear, does lovely Asian heads; and Mudskin is great for skins! So they say, anyway. When it comes to good heads and skins, though, be prepared to pay; some of the top heads on the market (note that I don't say "best", as that's personal opinion) can run $5,000L on their own.
  9. Ariel Vuissent

    Skin Matching using UUID

    Please don't share this. It's pretty much an instruction manual on how to steal/ copy bot skins.
  10. Ariel Vuissent


    Yeah... don't do that. You know there's a block button, right? If someone is harassing you, open their profile and block/mute that person. Before that, try just... saying no thanks? I know, novel idea... It's possible she reported you. Since the worst you were doing at that moment, according to your story, was standing somewhere you shouldn't have been, your account may have been downgraded to an "under 18" level pending review? I'm not sure that's something LL does, but it's...possible, I suppose. You'll need to actually contact LL via support ticket to find out for sure. If you haves a Premium account, you can try live chat, as well. Also, check the email you used to sign up, if possible: LL wil usually send you a message if you are banned. Of course, they also usually ban your whole account... There's another possibility, as well. If the person you lied to told the location owner or manager, and that person owns multiple adult regions and/or had contact with other owners of said regions, you may have ended up with a massive region ban - any and all of those owners may have banned you from their land. In that case, it's not an LL issue - it's a user dispute. LL will not interfere. You'd need to contact at least one if those land owners and explain. Good luck; given the consequences of allowing underage adult activity, I'd keep the ban in place, personally. Do you get a specific message when you try to enter adult regions? What does it say? That might shed some light...
  11. I'm game! Helping create and figure out avatars is fun (at least, I enjoy it). But... unfortunately, I won't be on probably until tomorrow evening. If, on the off chance, you haven't gotten help by then, or just want some more, feel free to hit me up! The above advice is great for continuing on your own until some form of help arrives, though. Also try meshbodyaddicts.com. It's a bit out of date now, but the advice and tutorials that are available there are still pretty sound.
  12. It's.... sort of both? Shape changes the actual, physical structure of your face. Skin, however, adds contouring and details that can greatly affect the finished look. (Similar to skillfully applying heavy makeup in RL, actually.) Shape is limited by the sliders; there are a series amount, and technically, we could all create the very same shape, because we all have access to the exact same resource. It's possible, given personal taste, that the shapes you're choosing are all similar in structure. If that's the case, they'd all look pretty similar with the same skin over top. Try a few demo skins (for classic avatars) and see what happens!
  13. Ariel Vuissent

    Help with Bento Tail

    Reading the description, included in that package is a tail from a third-party creator. Check the package for instructions on how to work it. If there aren't any, click around. There may be an animation HUD, or clicking the tail itself may pop up a menu. My guess is that you may have to activate it manually, since the original tail states it has both static and swaying animations included. It may have come with a static animation activated. If nothing seems to work, contact the original creator of the tail for assistance, or see if you can find a group for their shop to ask in. That would be Blackheart, made by Isfrael Blackheart.
  14. Ariel Vuissent

    How do you report copyrighted items?

    It's actually a US law thing. Ll is based in the United States, and as such is subject to US copyright/IP laws. In the US, the holder of a copyright/trademark and/or the owner of the intellectual property is responsible for enforcing his or her claim. These types of items remain for a couple reasons. One is that, as you say, most people aren't going to bother notifying, say, Disney to let them know about this story of thing; and people from Disney likely don't lurk around SL to find them. Another is that SL and the objects available therein don't affect Disney's business, really. Unlike an unlicensed figurine, for instance, which infringes on the company's potential profits from the sale of similar, licensed figurines, most major corporations don't have a presence in SL. They're not trying to sell objects inside SL, and so don't lose money on sales of unauthorized merchandise. As a consumer, you can go the extra mile to alert the company who owns the trademark/IP on that character (and any other such things you see) if it means that much to you. However, the best way for you to make a difference is to simply not purchase these items. (And not post links to them, making them easier for others to find and purchase.) (This is not the case for items stolen from other creators inworld. Please, if you see a content creator's work being sold by a different user, excluding gacha items, alert the creator as soon as possible so that they can file a DMCA! Other users selling the work of an SL content creator without their knowledge or permission DOES damage their business.)
  15. Ariel Vuissent

    Maitreya Mesh Body HUD not working

    There's a button on that HUD that removes all scripts from the body. If you have pressed this, deliberately (perhaps, not knowing what it would do) or accidentally while attending to do something else, your body will stop responding to the HUD. Wearing both the HUD AND the body from a recovery should resolve the issue, if that's the case. First two solutions, however, should always be to relog, then to teleport to a different, quiet sim that has scripts enabled.