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  1. This issue seems to have picked up recently. When it happened to me, I was told it was a missing inventory issue and to follow the advice on the Firestorm viewer page for missing inventory. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, and I never recovered that shape. If you also cannot recover your shape, there's an easy outfit fix if you use Firestorm. Find an outfit with the old shape in it in your inventory. Right click the link to the old shape in that outfit, and choose "replace links." Find the new shape you're replacing it with and drag that to the second box in the window that opens up (
  2. DEMO is just trying it. Demos are free (or sometimes cost $1L, but honestly I'd avoid those as there's no reason to charge for a demo) and usually have some indicator that they are a demo. (CATWA heads are missing pixels in the forehead and chin; skins may be marked with the word DEMO in an obvious place; some items have a box marked DEMO that will float above or next to your head; etc. Those features will go away with the full version.) All mesh should have demos. If there is no demo, don't buy it. Once you get the demo, specifically a demo mesh head, there should be a shape included th
  3. Honestly, the best way is to demo, demo, demo what's available on the market. There's a lot; unless you have very non-standard features you should be able to get close with the right combination of mesh head, skin, and shape. The shape you can customize yourself; the head, skin, and mesh body you can buy. Note that a mesh head and body aren't required, but are recommended, both because they look nicer and because there's more available for them these days. Depending on your gender and what you look like, you'll have a variety of options. Catwa is a great place to start looking for heads f
  4. It doesn't sound like the HUD is "spoiled." It sounds like you don't fully understand your laptop. On my laptop, the page up/page down keys are just above the left and right arrow keys, respectively, on the keyboard. You'll need to really study the keys on the keyboard to find where yours are. If, by some strange change, you don't have them - or, more likely, can't find them, perhaps because they're not clearly labelled or for some other reason - do as Nick suggested and enable WASD navigation, thus mapping Page Up to the letter E key. If it really is broken, though, it was free. Y
  5. Sounds like, because the lacy sleeves covered the wrists, they have an auto hide script that triggered your body to authorize them. Then, when you detached them, there either is no auto unhide function or the body alpha failed to respond to it, leaving your wrists invisible. As others said, unhide them using the body alpha HUD. Unless by "wrists" you actually mean "hands," in which case you'll need to find your hands in inventory and reattach them. Be aware that you can't usually detach or remove specific body parts that way. Body, hands, feet, and head, plus any genitalia you may us
  6. Usually to take an applier tattoo off of Genus, you add and open the HUD. You should see a tinting box, the one with the big rainbow of colors. If you don't, look at the top of the HUD for double arrows and click them to extend the correct tab. Click teardrop next to the word "blush" in the list to the left of the tint box. That'll clear the layer. Yes, brows on Genus typically apply to the blush layer. Yes, that's really weird to me, too. You can do this for any applier you want to remove, just choose the appropriate layer. I'd post pictures, but I'm not inworld right this second.
  7. Mesh is a way of building things. If something says it's mesh, it's talking about the "material" it's made out of. Mesh genitalia is genitalia built using mesh. (Mesh here isn't talking about the criss-cross, netting type of fabric material you might think of IRL, it's just a building tool.) This is true of anything mesh - bodies, heads, clothes, furniture, etc. A mesh body is a body-shaped object worn on top of, and therefore covering/hiding, your regular, "classic" avatar body. Mesh bodies are smoother and more refined than the classic system body, but respond to the same system s
  8. I had this happen recently as well, and the answer was that you've lost inventory. It could be a lot, or a little. Check your total inventory count and see if it looks off; then try following the advice on the Firestorm website for lost or missing inventory. The steps are largely the same whether or not you use Firestorm. Good luck! I sadly never did recover my shape, but I wish you the best.
  9. We could really use more details, but with what you've given us I have a couple thoughts. 1. You're wearing system clothes on a system avatar and also wearing an alpha *layer*, which would hide parts of your body and also potentially the clothes. Don't use alpha layers that hide your body if you want to use the system body and clothes. 2. You're wearing a mesh body and the Alpha HUD for it, but trying to wear system/BoM clothes with a non-BoM body. The mesh body hides the system body, so anything you wear directly on the system body will be hidden. This has nothing to do with the alp
  10. It's been a while! Changed my hair, temporarily at least.
  11. To be honest, you're not really in the right place - unless the tags are in error and you actually wanted people to help you find good freebies, of which there are plenty. Try Relationships, or maybe Roleplay. You might get a bite here, but those two are better for this.
  12. The base avatar itself is more like a big gray blob of clay (that's the shape/"skeleton," basically an uncolored claymation character). The skin is the "paint" on top. You can't make that blob partially transparent; its either there, or it isn't. What you *can* do is slap on a full body/head alpha and make the whole darn thing disappear, invisibility cloak style. Then you add on whatever object you've purchased/made that is partially transparent. It can't be a texture applied directly to your avi, though, since your avi is now invisible; it has to be an attachable object. You can probabl
  13. I'll have to take a peek at what I have in inventory, although most of my stuff is probably outdated; I haven't used my kimono in AGES. Same advice applies, though: you can search marketplace for "kemono AND anime," "kemono AND human," etc. and find some really great stuff. I've also found MP to be especially good for anime/kemono stuff because many creators along those lines don't have inworld stores. I also think the Utilizator inworld store may be attached to a mall? I recall a kemono/anime mall inworld somewhere...again, it's been ages, but you could try the Utilizator main store. Aga
  14. What avatars are you seeing it on? There are lots of anime skins for the kemono and avatar 2.0 bodies that may have that effect, but it seems likely to be rarer for Maitreya as it's not a body created for that look. If you see something you like, you can always ask the person wearing it! They might tell you or might not, but it doesn't hurt. You could also try a search like "anime AND Maitreya" on the marketplace, narrow to skins, and see what comes up.
  15. You don't have to be wearing the HUD now for the item to have changed color. If you saved the outfit, then later wore one of the items in that outfit again and at that time changed its color, the item in the saved outfit will now be a different color. The item in the outfit is a LINK to the original item, not an item itself, and therefore it will reflect all changes made to the original item. Otherwise, I'm not sure what the issue could be, but other good advice has been given. Good luck!
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