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  1. The one thing that keeps me from wearing my LAQ head full time is the animations. I just don't care for them, compared to other brands. The head I have doesn't play well with third party animations like Vista's full body and face AO's, but I think some LAQ heads do. Mine (Lulu, I think) just ends up looking kind of stroppy. But it's a really gorgeous head with probably my favorite eyes, and after the 1 time 3000L HUD purchase everything is pretty cheap, really.
  2. I'm assuming by "charter" you mean "character," and further assuming that you're attempting to replicate your imvu avatar in second life. Since none of us know what your imvu avatar looks like, we can't help you very much. Take a look at various threads talking about mesh bodies and heads, peruse some fashion blogs (strawberry singh's is a good one), and try the mesh body addicts group inworld for a view of what's out there. Without more specifics, that's all I can offer.
  3. The shadow around the beard looks like an alpha, which is probably there for the illusion of tiny hairs so your beard doesn't look like a solid lump on your face. That "alpha halo" is normal. (I'm guessing, here, as a non-beard-wearing lady; but this same effect occurs with a lot of hair, etc., so that's what it appears to be to me. Someone else can probably explain better. )
  4. We don't know what you're trying to use. It sounds like a product you purchased, so it might help us to know which product. The easiest and fastest way to learn how to use a specific product, however, is to read any and all instructions it came with. Then, if you're still confused, ask the product creator or their inworld support group, if they have one. In general, however, a HUD is a clickable display that attaches to your screen - not directly to your avatar, like clothing. Only you can see or interact with it, but, depending what it's for, others can see/hear its effects. You need to find it in your inventory and ADD (not wear) it. Hopefully it came with an instruction notecard, which you should read to understand how it works. If this isn't the information you needed, your question needs to be much more specific.
  5. A bit, here and there. My avi is relatively short, as in RL I am fairly short. She's always passive and freckled; I am both, and it just feels right. Glasses, sometimes, but usually no, as it's nice not to have to wear them in at least one world! Eyes no, hair...I'm a ginger at heart! Although I did recently switch to something closer to my RL color, at least for now. I suppose my avi is more an "ideal" version of myself, in some ways, but if you put us side by side I doubt there'd be so much as a family resemblance I find that RL inspires my clothing, more than anything. I tend to dress according to the weather in my area; finding fun, fashionable outfits that match the weather outside my window is fun! Not that I would necessarily wear those things in RL.
  6. That's a really good question for the product group inworld. You may run into someone here on the forums who can help, but this is more for general questions. Product-specific stuff gets answered quicker and more accurately inworld; find a progeny support group and ask there.
  7. Consider fatpacks. They're a bit pricier, but just being able to change the color/pattern of something can go a long way to a full wardrobe. Heck, I'll buy a few colors of the same top in RL sometimes! Some places will actually have two or three different styles in a pack, too; I know Blueberry sometimes does this, where one fatpack of a skirt might have a short and a long version, etc. You might do well to spend a small amount on a couple of decent clothing groups, as well, for a few group freebies. Personally, no, I don't think it's weird. I have a few friends who almost never change outfits, or rotate between just a few things. Whatever makes you happy. I'll live in the same thing for days, sometimes; or change three or four times in a single day!
  8. The preferable solution is as mentioned: remove the body part when not using it. I have a handy outfit with all of my "adult" attachments for easy access, and/or they're in my Firestorm favorite wearables and just a couple easy clicks away. Full time wear isn't really practical, and others will thank you for just taking it off.
  9. If they have Slink physique body appliers, those should work for your hands and feet.
  10. No. The colors in your Maitreya HUD will only affect the nails built into your Maitreya hands, not add-on nails from a third party. You would want to hide those nails completely to use the add-on Empire nails. If the nails don't come with a color HUD and no additional colors are made specifically for them, look for Omega nail appliers. According to the ad, those will work, and they're pretty common. They also say there are fatpacks available at their inworld store; perhaps those will have different colors? ETA I own the Astralia nails posted above; the almond shape is very similar to what you posted, and I know those come with a small color HUD and that there are lots more you can buy for them. I've also seen other nail systems, but if you really love the Empire ones, demo to make sure they'll work for your hands!
  11. Hiding the nails is simple, and yes, you should do it. In the last tab of your Maitreya HUD is a small box towards the right side (under foot positions, I think) with pictures of different nails. The one with a slash line through it is to hide the nails. The others are for different lengths and shapes. You can get kind of long nails just with what's built into the Maitreya bento hands, but for really long ones like in the picture, you need to buy add-on nails. I have some from Astralia, but as others mentioned, there are many options. Just make sure the ones you choose work with Maitreya hands.
  12. I've always felt the shape of TMP was the best, at least for the ladies. The system makes it unusable. I may try the demo at some point, but it would take a lot to convince me to buy it. Plus, at this point, who's going to make clothes for it? And that's not even mentioning the fact that those who purchased deluxe were promised free updates, especially as it was in beta. Paying another $2500L? No, thanks.
  13. What happens when you try? What does it look like? Too big, too small, doesn't load...? If you're trying to use hairbases, you need something made specifically for TMP; nothing else will work. If the hair is too big or too small, you may need different hair. Most hair now is rigged mesh, which means you cannot resize it. You may need to hunt for unrigged mesh hair, so you can resize. Without more detail, though, it's hard to be more specific.
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