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  1. Ariel Vuissent

    Doubt about Maitreya Lara

    If you can, try taking a picture of what you mean and posting it here. It may be your shape, or an animation(s) you're using, or both. Not all animations play nicely with all mesh. (I have one or two old ones that twist my wrists completely around so they look like wrung out dishcloths!) Narrow shoulders are a popular look, and that can affect things as well. If you can snap a photo, that may help. Also, snag a Belleza demo and, using a similar shape, see if the same thing happens with that body.
  2. Ariel Vuissent

    Mesh Head's and different ages

    Not sure when I'll next be inworld, but this is what I was thinking of: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FEM-HOM-chart-for-gender-and-age-Catwa-Bento-Heads/13343238 It's not fully up to date with all Catwa heads listed, but it's a good starting point. Just looking at the bare shape of each head helps some; you can see right off the bat that some have the rounder, fuller cheeks that children often have while others are sharper and more defined, less youthful.
  3. Ariel Vuissent

    Mesh Head's and different ages

    Skin matters. Add-ons like Izzie's wrinkles help, but skins that have close to the right appearance to begin with will help get you in your preferred age range. The heads can only do so much. There is, or was, a list, which I can't link to right now, for Catwa of what age range each head fits into best. Not all heads will age up or down equally. Therefore, there is no standard range of sliders for different ages, because each head will react differently.
  4. Ariel Vuissent

    Ankle Line

    That looks like an ankle size issue. I don't remember all the possible options when it comes to the Slink HUD, but I do recall there being multiple ankle size options, to match different body fat levels. Couldn't tell you exactly where to click for them, but check the Slink Utilities HUD and see if going up a size or two helps. (Or down, but they look too small to me compared to your legs.)
  5. Ariel Vuissent

    Stuff sticking out of my neck

    Take off everything you're wearing, one item at a time, until it disappears. My prime suspect is your hair. If it doesn't go away at all, you can try choosing a classic avatar from your library. Pick one with all necessary parts (my usual choice is Girl Next Door) and right click the folder, then click "replace." Then you can start from scratch replacing your old avatar.
  6. Ariel Vuissent

    Not Found/Clef de Peau

    Cleft has, or had, multiple generations of appliers. Not Found may not match their current generation, but perhaps an older one? Shooting in the dark, here; I don't have experience with either shop personally.
  7. Ariel Vuissent

    Catwa Eye Issue

    Ah. Okay, that helps. Are they rigged eyes, or the unrigged catwa mesh eyes? Are you using a mesh head, and which? If they're unrigged, you should be able to change the size, either manually or with the HUD. Make a copy first! In case it goes wrong. You should also be able to move them manually, so try shifting them back, or up slightly, or a combination. Again, copy first.
  8. Ariel Vuissent

    Catwa Eye Issue

    When you say everything, what about: Editing your shape? Try things like eye depth and eye opening. Just like with system shapes, just because you CAN use extreme numbers on the sliders doesn't mean you SHOULD. That head may not be made for your desired eye shape and may not play nicely with those slider numbers. For a good test without editing your own shape, try on a few demos and see if the issue persists. Look for demos with an eye shape different to what you're trying now. A redelivery? Does a fresh head and eyes have the same issue, in either the default shape or yours? Reset skeleton/animations? Could be an animation got stuck/buggy in a weird place.
  9. Ariel Vuissent

    Help! My huds stopped working(((

    Probably not... There are all sorts of reasons for a HUD to stop working. First step, as Sagadin says, teleport to a different sim where scripts run. Preferably a quiet, low lag one. If that doesn't work, try detaching them and adding them again. Check that you haven't added another HUD that might be blocking them: HUDs often have invisible parts, and if two HUDs overlap, the covered HUD may not work properly. Next, relog. Still not working? If you have the original boxes, open them to get fresh copies. If not, go to the main stores for each and get redeliveries.
  10. Ariel Vuissent

    Tongue problem!

    As Ethan says, add the Animations HUD in the Catwa folder. If its minimized, click the icon to expand it, and look for a square - like the stop button on a bluray player. Click it. That will stop all of the "face AO" animations that are automatically enabled. I recommend clicking one or two of them, though, to re-enable them. Having some minor facial movement helps you look less like a robot; but having all of them enabled makes you look spastic!
  11. Ariel Vuissent

    Tongue problem!

    Maybe. I assume you're using a mesh head. Which one? Knowing that will help us help you.
  12. Ariel Vuissent

    suddenly for unclear reasons avatar walk has changed

    It's possible there's a walk animation built into the pants. That's...not common, that I know of, but not outside the realm of possibility. If you take the pants off, is the problem fixed? Did you change anything else? Animations are more typically built into shoes; did you try new shoes as well as new pants? Have you tried a relog? Are you in a laggy area? Right click and edit the pants and see if you can look in the Contents folder. Look in there for anything that looks like it might be or contain an animation. If you find one: If the pants are modifiable, take them off. Drag them to the ground somewhere you have permission to rez objects, like a sandbox, right click, and choose edit. Open the contents folder again and delete the animation. MAKE A COPY FIRST. Take the pants back into your inventory, add them again (the new, animation-free copy), and see if that helps. If they are not modifiable, you can't really do anything except find a walk animation or AO with a higher priority. High priority animations will override lower priority ones.
  13. SelinA is the best for a growing belly, but clothing is almost impossible to find. Eve has a pregnancy belly (full term only) as well as specially clothing for it, but other clothing made for it is rare. Lena Lush had a maternity version but is an overall bigger body, and clothing, again, is an issue. Try Belleza Isis. Shape sliders (should) work up to a similar point as Maitreya, but more importantly, Apple May makes a fitted mesh belly for it. Five sizes (included in one package), omega compatible. Still, sadly, no mesh clothing for it, but the shape is lovely. As for Maitreya (and Belleza, actually), don't forget the body thickness and body fat sliders. They are essential for getting a decent maternity shape without resorting to extra mesh parts, especially body fat. Also, for full term, the Lab 737 belly has a lovely shape and is also omega compatible. (If you use it, remember to slide belly fat back down to 0; it doesn't work well with the belly fat slider!) Again, limited to applier clothing. Either of the above bodies without an add-on will work with fitmesh clothing made for the body, although some clothing will distort. I found that tight clothing works best; looser items distort more, in my experience, as the belly size increases. Less noticeable in tight tops or bodycon dresses. Also look for a skin with less definition in the belly area. If possible, try for one with a "fat" or "curvy" option or add-on. Won't help the shape, but it definitely helps the overall look. (I know you were looking to primarily wear mesh clothing, but the add-ons were worth a mention both for you and for others who might be looking for maternity ideas.)
  14. Ariel Vuissent

    Ok I've had enough of reporting this person D=<

    She can file the DMCA herself IF she owns the source material. This would be more likely if it's a furry avatar (who often draw their own fursona, then ask for mesh creators to bring those drawings to life inworld). Otherwise, yes, the mesh creator needs to do it.