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  1. For myself, I am female in RL and identify as such. In SL, I'm the same. I know a number of people whose SL genders do not match their RL genders and identifiers, and some who match one but not the other. I'm privy to the reasons for some, and not others. I roleplay with my avi but she is not a roleplay character; she represents aspects of myself though seldom my whole self. I've considered adding a male alt for a variety of purposes, but put more than enough funds into my main account. I hardly need to add another to drain my bank account! I'll admit to some amusement with the "voice verify your gender" crowd. a) It's not foolproof (my very male ex sounded quite effeminate over the phone, and I have several very female friends with low voices) and b) In a virtual world, I fail to see how it matters. But then, I don't really care in RL either. I enjoy seeing others express their gender identities, and the interesting and often quite lovely avatars that can result. People are as endlessly fascinating as they can be exasperating. In my, admittedly limited, experience, how one presents in SL is greatly influenced by what one hopes to get out of it.
  2. You don't have a gender listed, or a mesh head/body brand, so it's a little hard to help you. Do you use a mesh head or body? Which ones? I'm *guessing* you're male, but names are misleading and ladies can be bald too, so I can't be for sure. I've seen more older or slightly more weathered skins for men than for women, so if you are male, at least you have that going for you. Stray Dog had a few, last I checked. Skin Fair's on right now, so wait or week until it's a little easier to get in and you can check there. I'm afraid that's the end of my personal knowledge, but if you give us some more details it'll make it easier for us to help!
  3. Try searching "Asian head" here in the Avatar forum; this has come up before. Mudskins is usually mentioned frequently when this topic comes up. Also Mayreal, which I believe is a mesh head brand, if it still exists. I have no personal experience with either. I do know that Catwa has at least one Asian head. If you're willing to go to the expense of another head, you could demo it. Skin goes a long way, and you can definitely manipulate the system shape to look at least Asian-inspired with many non-Asian-specific heads, but one purpose built will be easier to work with. For skins, Pink Fuel has a couple definitely Asian choices and all of her skins have a monolid option. I think I recently saw some good options over at Deetalez, as well, but Mudskins is the most commonly mentioned name for this. Good luck! P.S. Most skins I see these days include a shape, so if you love the ad, make sure you try both skin and shape from the demo! Try to see if you can find a note on the ad for what head the skin os made for, since you won't look exactly the same unless you have that head along with the skin and shape. Don't be afraid to mix and match, though! Just because a shape wasn't made for your head doesn't mean it won't look great, and you can edit features you don't like.
  4. This is why we say demo, and when you do, look at EVERYTHING. The perky, wide-set breasts of Maitreya are a feature, not a bug. That's just how the body looks. There are other popular body brands without that distinct shape. That said, I have the deformer linked above. Most settings of it I find much too dramatic, but the first couple aren't bad at all. Give that a shot and see what you think. Unfortunately we can't do all the work for you. We can only make suggestions as to what we've seen. What works for your body, skin, and taste is up to you.
  5. The group is pretty good for customer service. You may not always get an "official" rep, but there's usually someone knowledgeable floating around to help out with advice and whatnot. The more specific you can be, of course, the better. That being said, the Genus eyes were buggy from the start, and I don't think they've ever been fully fixed, although they come MILES from the original beta test.
  6. Pretty sure my Maitreya body has one. Helpful tip, though: if your body doesn't, grab a demo from just about any other mesh body. It'll probably have a fully functioning body alpha layer in it. Drag it from the demo folder into your mesh body folder and delete the demo folder. (It shouldn't matter if the demo is for a male or female body; an alpha layer is an alpha layer.) You may also have one in your library.
  7. I was curious about this recently when I got my first BOM head skin and realized it wasn't on the skin layer. The skin maker created an FAQ specifically for this, and here's what it says, directly from their website: The best way to create HEAD skins is to do it on the system tattoo layer! Because there are several mesh bodies around in Second Life, DeeTaleZ is offering skins for, its impossible for us to create our HEAD skins on system skin layer. Because the system skin layer needs head and body texture to work, we would have to create 864 (!!!) system skin layers for each offered Skin in the store, if we want to offer you the full range of existing body skins we have, and that is what we want also with BOM! Calculation example to make clear what that means: We have every HEAD skin available in 6 Skintones, each with 6 different brows options on skin. That means we have to create (6×6) 36 system tattoo layers for HEAD skin. Now that we have 4 Mesh Bodies we offer skins for, each in 2 Versions (chubby and default, the freckles version was not considered here), each with 3 different breast options (small, big and natural breasts) we have (4x2x3) 24 BODY skin textures for every Skintone. This means that we have to add the 24 BODY textures to every single one of the 36 HEAD textures, that is (36×24) 864 system skin layers for every skin product we offer. Even if we would do the brows not on skin texture, we would have to create (6×24) 144 skin system layers plus 30 system tattoo layers for the brows (also here the BODY freckles version was not considered)….. So you see this cant be the way to do it! The system tattoo layer is the best way for us to offer our HEAD skins! You can use it in combination with makeups and addons that are also created on tattoo layer very easy by sorting the layers (moving them “up” or “down” on your Avatar) in “edit outfit” menu! With BOM there is no alpha glitch and you can use up to 42 layers! The BODY skins will be on system skin layer, separate available in the Body section! ETA: While, in theory, they might not have to make a version for every body, since a single BOM skin would work with all BOM-ready bodies, the mapping is slightly different for each body in different areas, such as fingers and toes. I noticed this using with two different bodies, particularly that the shadowing for the underside of the breasts didn't line up properly using the same BOM skin on each. Using a skin made specifically for each body, both BOM skins, things lined up perfectly.
  8. The one thing that keeps me from wearing my LAQ head full time is the animations. I just don't care for them, compared to other brands. The head I have doesn't play well with third party animations like Vista's full body and face AO's, but I think some LAQ heads do. Mine (Lulu, I think) just ends up looking kind of stroppy. But it's a really gorgeous head with probably my favorite eyes, and after the 1 time 3000L HUD purchase everything is pretty cheap, really.
  9. I'm assuming by "charter" you mean "character," and further assuming that you're attempting to replicate your imvu avatar in second life. Since none of us know what your imvu avatar looks like, we can't help you very much. Take a look at various threads talking about mesh bodies and heads, peruse some fashion blogs (strawberry singh's is a good one), and try the mesh body addicts group inworld for a view of what's out there. Without more specifics, that's all I can offer.
  10. The shadow around the beard looks like an alpha, which is probably there for the illusion of tiny hairs so your beard doesn't look like a solid lump on your face. That "alpha halo" is normal. (I'm guessing, here, as a non-beard-wearing lady; but this same effect occurs with a lot of hair, etc., so that's what it appears to be to me. Someone else can probably explain better. )
  11. We don't know what you're trying to use. It sounds like a product you purchased, so it might help us to know which product. The easiest and fastest way to learn how to use a specific product, however, is to read any and all instructions it came with. Then, if you're still confused, ask the product creator or their inworld support group, if they have one. In general, however, a HUD is a clickable display that attaches to your screen - not directly to your avatar, like clothing. Only you can see or interact with it, but, depending what it's for, others can see/hear its effects. You need to find it in your inventory and ADD (not wear) it. Hopefully it came with an instruction notecard, which you should read to understand how it works. If this isn't the information you needed, your question needs to be much more specific.
  12. A bit, here and there. My avi is relatively short, as in RL I am fairly short. She's always passive and freckled; I am both, and it just feels right. Glasses, sometimes, but usually no, as it's nice not to have to wear them in at least one world! Eyes no, hair...I'm a ginger at heart! Although I did recently switch to something closer to my RL color, at least for now. I suppose my avi is more an "ideal" version of myself, in some ways, but if you put us side by side I doubt there'd be so much as a family resemblance I find that RL inspires my clothing, more than anything. I tend to dress according to the weather in my area; finding fun, fashionable outfits that match the weather outside my window is fun! Not that I would necessarily wear those things in RL.
  13. That's a really good question for the product group inworld. You may run into someone here on the forums who can help, but this is more for general questions. Product-specific stuff gets answered quicker and more accurately inworld; find a progeny support group and ask there.
  14. Consider fatpacks. They're a bit pricier, but just being able to change the color/pattern of something can go a long way to a full wardrobe. Heck, I'll buy a few colors of the same top in RL sometimes! Some places will actually have two or three different styles in a pack, too; I know Blueberry sometimes does this, where one fatpack of a skirt might have a short and a long version, etc. You might do well to spend a small amount on a couple of decent clothing groups, as well, for a few group freebies. Personally, no, I don't think it's weird. I have a few friends who almost never change outfits, or rotate between just a few things. Whatever makes you happy. I'll live in the same thing for days, sometimes; or change three or four times in a single day!
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