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  1. Shotcut, but downloaded Davinci to learn it. Then I got distracted by Unreal Engine.
  2. Probably no help but this reminds me of the time my Ex-Wife linked our skybox to her Neko tail. Was laughing my own tail off watching the whole thing swing back and forth erratically while I was falling from the sky. If your TP is linked to the build but not the furniture and the build moves but not the furniture, I would say the TP is causing the problem. I would suggest unlinking it and seeing if that helps. LL isn't perfect at putting things exactly where the script says every time. Especially if it has to move large objects a long way.
  3. I did send a couple letters here and there with requests for more information or at the least a version of some clothing that isn't set to full bright and locked, or why an item listed with 31 LI is actually 97, but to date have never received a reply to any of those requests, so I stopped trying. No LI listed (for rezzables) = No Sale No Perms listed = No Sale No Copy & No Mod = No Sale Bought one item that was "Contact me for the item with the actual perms as listed if I decide your morals are acceptable", will never buy from that merchant again. Plenty of merchants that want my money enough to fill in all the little checkboxes.
  4. The troll is one of the hardest puzzles. Very few clues and multiple steps. Glad you're having fun!!! I did the rezzing tech thing, so it would take up less room and LI. At max it never breaks 100 LI and you get several rooms worth of puzzles. Plus it let's me do some cool effects for the changes. Works best if you set the sun to midnight.
  5. Yeah that would work. Or even a general warning to Merchants that it's not for spamming people with unsolicited demos. Got another one tonight from a big name store. These aren't redeliveries or updates, they are pure spam demos of products I don't own and didn't ask about coming in as "My purchase of" items. I just really, really don't like spam and I don't want to keep blocking Merchants. Would this be subject to an AR for Spam?
  6. I have an animesh babysitter that has a bunch of editable HUD triggered chat messages. Not the same as a human but she will sit in a chair as long as you want her to and she's always on duty. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NaS-T-Baby-Sitter-Sandy-Animesh-NPC/22049491
  7. My kids got their own kids, and one of them is old enough to have her own kids. I'm so over "back to school" days. 😃 I have 3 Seasons. 'Halloween', 'Christmas' and 'Miserably hot'. Hopefully I'll have time to make a new Challenge with Animesh NPC's for next year. This one still has static mesh but it's pretty fun.
  8. It's that time of year! My "Venture House Interactive Mystery Game" {Fancy title for an automated escape room.} is set up until Halloween! It's a 30 minute, Demonic themed haunted house mystery game with "Holodeck" style technology. And it's always 100% FREE! Happy Halloween! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Werenfort/238/90/1231
  9. I just set up the "Venture House" for the Halloween season. If you want to try your luck. It's a 30 minute timed mystery adventure for one or two players. Pro level challenge and always Free. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Werenfort/238/90/1231
  10. I will agree that this is a great new feature that I will surely use, but it is already being abused. I logged in to a handful of "updates" that were nothing but demos. I chalked it up to an over-zealous merchant then saw this thread and now I understand. Maybe implement some type of throttle. No one updates products on a daily basis. Maybe a counter or other type of limiter or a trigger that would alert a Linden if someone was sending out several updates in short order on the same product. At least the ability to block would be cool and probably the easiest to implement. Wouldn't blocking the Merchant account block them?
  11. Exactly as said above. I ran into that issue with the Gianni body as well. The skin they include does not have a head and a lot of head skins don't have a body. You have to add a body skin in these cases.
  12. Earth 2 is the 'new' Major player in fake land. A lot of buzz about whether it's a giant scam or not. They made a 1 to 1 copy of the Earth from Google map and are selling land like it was an NFT. They have made Millions, so far. This is in no way an endorsement. I wouldn't touch it with a 20 foot flying willy. There isn't even a game behind it yet. They claim to be making it into a metaverse style building game but right now there is zero game play. Just a way to buy virtual plots of land.
  13. Right? Yeah that one was easy to spot. Didn't really even need a brand name. I changed it to "... and an old Motorcycle fender". I didn't really care if that one got pulled anyway. Was an ancient avatar made of og prims that I should have retired 6 or 7 years ago. Don't think I've even sold one in years.
  14. I've done it a couple times, never had an issue. Always got thank you notes for the update. I don't 'think' there is an automatic switch for that on the MP. Someone has to file an AR and I doubt LL would look twice at it if someone did.
  15. I don't know of we are allowed to discuss the list of words here so I'm being a little obtuse, but I can say the suggestions here about a popular brand name being on the list are probably 100% correct. They added some words and some extra gating to the banned words list and that is (Probably, there's that obtuse part again.) one of them. One of my recently unlisted ads contained the words "Made from a bunch of old motorcycle parts...and the fender off a Harley Davidson Panhead." Removing the name fixed the issue, at east for that ad. Other ads had other words. I found 4 specific new 'banned' words myself. It took me over a week to clean up the mess.
  16. Think I fingered this one out. It was caused by the same block of keywords that was copied into all these listings as well as the foreign language fields. The block was from a very old listing that I'm sure carried over from the clone bug years ago. What happened was LL added a new banned word to the list. Then every one of these listings that had it, but shouldn't have, was suddenly unlisted. Not only are all these listings now massively keyword spamming, which wouldn't get them unlisted en-mass like this, but I do hate that and am irritated I'm now guilty of it due to something LL just did, -breath-, since the block of keywords was from an adult item it also had a word that has (evidently) now been banned. So when that word was added to the list, every one of these listings that were originally affected by the replication bug were suddenly keyword spamming and had the newly banned word. The clue was in the two listings that had it in the Title, the original item that was cloned, there was only one word from the title in the keyword box, that same word was in every listing. Gonna take a bit to fix this, have to go through every listing and fix the keywords and make sure the newly banned word isn't in the description of any. Fun, fun, fun!
  17. Well that didn't work at all. In fact it appears to have made it worse as these all appear to be for new and different, more vague reasons. Which means I get to hunt and peck through every listing, again. Every day for over a week now this has been what I wake up to. And all established listings that have been up for months or even years.
  18. Yeah, in my mind they changed some algorithm and it's catching more every time it scans. I went through and mass cleared every text box from every language field in every listing. That should fix it. We'll see if I get anymore notifications tomorrow.
  19. Sorry, was worth a shot. Guess you're in that lovely place we call "hunt for an unknown word or combination of letters that looks like a banned word." But since they won't give us a list of the words it's a tough hunt.
  20. But this is a new thing happening out of the blue. These are not new listings, these are listings that have been up for years in some cases, that are suddenly getting unlisted, on mass. Every day for almost a week now I have been getting up to a string of mails about another dozen or more products being unlisted. I'm going to go in today and mass edit the entire store to make sure every word is deleted from every foreign language field. This has gone beyond being an inconvenience and is starting to get annoying. Every day for like 5 or 6 days now, several listings unlisted that I haven't touched in months or more. If it does it again after today's mass edit I'll know there is a problem on LL's side. And it's all the same text from the same listing being copied into the Spanish language field, which is what makes me think it's related to the old cloned listing bug.
  21. Check the foreign language fields. I have been getting several a day unlisted for the past few days for the same reason. I fix them and then next day a dozen more get unlisted.
  22. Anyone remember back when the MP had an issue with reverting copied listings? The fix was to put item numbers on every listing. I do that. Every listing has a unique stock number. Welp, yesterday almost 100 of my listings were unlisted due to "Banned words in the other languages field". I never use those fields so this was bizarre to say the least. And all at once, some products that have been up for months. A little research showed that for some reason each of these ads suddenly had the ad copy, features, title and keywords fields from one of my adult items pasted to each of them in the Spanish language tab. It happened to be an Adult Dragon RP toy so the text was, shall we say, highly inappropriate for things like baby sitters and kids party tables. I went through and cleaned off all the copied junk, by the time I was done, 39 more items had been unlisted for the same thing. Rinse and repeat. At least the mass edit function works. So I don't know if anyone else has been affected but it may behoove you to check the "other languages" tab and look for any surprises. Mine were all in the Spanish tab and it was the same listing copied into every one, which is why I assume it's related to the "copied listing" bug from before. I never type anything there so anything there was pasted by LL. I 'fixed' them but if anyone else is affected maybe we should do the bug report thing?
  23. Oh, you mean rent some extra tier just for the momentary purchase. Well then I'd have to pay them, thus adding more costs and making the process even more expensive and complicated, just to buy and abandon land. Would what they charge be less than the land flipper mark ups? No clue. My way worked fine, fine as it could do anyway, the first 2 land flippers just never replied. Your way would work as well, at an extra cost. Smaller steps on the tiers would eliminate all those issues. Back when I was a Mainland Realtor I was paying for massive tier (over $3k a month at one point as well as having tier from other owners whose land I managed) and flipping regions almost daily. I had a ton of tier and to maximize it's profit I'd rent out the excess when I wasn't using it. Paying for 2 or 3 regions worth of unused tier is not a good idea. 😃 The tier doubling really gets expensive above 10 regions. A tier discount is a good thing, a forced doubling of the fees to pay for land you don't want, can't get, can't afford, whatever, just stops people from expanding. I know a lot of people would snag up the odd bits of land in their region if didn't double their tier to do it. LL would make more money and give less tier discounts as the discount wouldn't be applicable below the next level. Forcing the double tier fee is a blocker, it should be "When you own this much land you will get this extra discount because you own so much land". What we have now is, "You only want another 1024? Too bad, you gotta pay for half a region!". It's a show stopper. They are preventing people from expanding unless they (players) want to pay a massive double fee. Another way to look at it is this, instead of being forced to step all the way up to the next tier you could keep buying land at the same tier you are currently paying. All you want with no extra fees or discounts. Then WHEN you have enough land to hit the next level you call LL and say "Jump me up so I can get that sweet next tier level discount." Then the tiers would be as they should be, a stepped discount for owning more land, not a way to force double fees down peoples throats for land they don't want/ can't afford/ whatever.
  24. I used to rent out my excess tier to one of those groups. Not a bad deal. Been burned one to many times to have anyone but myself between me and LL these days. Can't afford to have my store vanish because someone else quit SL.
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