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  1. Thank you for the info. I can see how as we evolve the scripting is gonna exceed our demands lol. I'm really glad to hear AVsitter does the giver button as well as the animation, and has an easy converter from MLPV2. Will definately look into that. Thank you all for your help. I greatly appreciate it!
  2. Lol. Thank you both. And I wil kick it Kathryn...the old-school fix. hahaah. But was hoping my customers wouldn't have to. Do you think there may be scripting that may fix the issue? I've used AVsitter, but havn't looked into if it rezzes props and gives items from a button like MLPV2 does. Does it? Thank you both again for your help. I greatly appreciate it :)
  3. Hi all. I've used MLPV2 for along time. But for some reason just recently I'm having an issue with my poseball the first time it's run, which is very annoying. So for example, if the menu is ShutDown or Stopped, then the next time I run an animation, the the poseball will rez in some random place. If I click on the "same" animation a second time, the ball moves to the correct saved position. After that it runs fine for each animation unless the menu is Stopped or ShutDown. This is a single animation (only one poseball). My .positions are set as follows: {stand} <0.213,-
  4. LOL, thank you both so much for your help. If the baby is mod, I may be able to have the mom add a listener to it. But otherwise I may just have to have the mom rez the baby in place it. I greatly appreciate all your help with my silly project. :)
  5. Thank you again for the links. I looked over them and played a bit. But the logic is missing a piece. The prim baby is an object owned by the mom, so I cant add a listening script to the baby. Even if the touched object talks to the mom directly, and the mom has the baby attached, how would she send the attached baby to that position, rather than moving herself to it? Again, your help is greatly appreciated. 🙃
  6. Awesome. Thank you sooooo much. At least I know where to start now. Sounds complex lol. But I'm up for the challenge. Thank you Mollymews for your help :)
  7. Hello. I am not a scripter, but can do a bit here and there. I'm currently creating a project which includes scripting for prim babies. I would like to have a scripted object that the mom can touch and give permission for her rezzed prim baby to move to that location/position. I have absolutely no idea how to go about this since we are dealing with prims and not avatars. Can anyone give me an idea what type of commands to use? Thank you so much. 🙂
  8. Ooooooh. Thank you Wulfie. That's good to know. At least I can put in the readme that if it disspears to check the minimized notices. Thank you so much. That helps a lot!
  9. Hello. I'm not a scripter, but I am slowly learning. I have an object that when rezzed will ask the avatar if they want to attach it..yes/no. The problem is the dialog box for their response disappears after 6 seconds. I tried using llSetTimerEvent(60.0); in various places of the code to make the script wait 60 seconds for a response, but have not been able to make the dialog box wait longer. I'm posting a simple shell of the code below. Can anyone suggest a way to make the dialog box wait longer? Is the LLSetTimerEvent even the way to go? Thank you in advance. Raena Pa
  10. Thank you Rolig. I like the vehicle because it lets the user paddle in whatever direction they want to go. Not sure a raft script would work for that. Thank you for explaining the run_time_permissions thing. That makes sense. Will play with that some more. I did notice the land_collision function, but what I really want is when multiple users are on the floaties and they collide it would make a collision sound. so the land_collision wouldn't be the answer. Any idea how to make the floatie float a little higher in the water? Looks like I'm sinking lol. Thank you
  11. Hi All, I have three questions (1) I decided to try making my own floatie, something similar to the purple inner tube, but my own build. I used the To0b script that came with the freebie as a starting place. For the most part it works. However I am sinking about 5 inches deeper into the water than I should be and it looks like i'm drowning lol. The object turns physical when sat on. I've tried several things including changing physical property type, hover height, boyancy, and gravity (which sent me flying into the air haha). Anyway, I cant seem to what parameter needs changing
  12. AWESOMMMMME!!!! That is exactly the starting point I need for my scripting! Thank you so much! And Thank you everyone for all your help!!!!!
  13. That's awesome. Sounds like what I'm wanting to do. But if I sit on the object, how does it become walkable? I can make the poses and objects, but cant find any info on how to make the object so its walkable. The vehicle scripts I've seen are all flying or gliding.
  14. Wow! Thank you everyone for all the suggestions. I really appreciate it. I can build the animations no problem. Figured I would only pose the upper body from torso up and let the lower body work freely so avatar can walk. Am trying not to have to transfer ao's, animations, etc. to the sitter because I'd like it to be available for public use (all avatars). So if I make the object takeable/attachable/droppable, sl would leave the object where I unsit, right? That's what I'm looking for. My question is, how to make the item takeable/attachable/droppable. Is it all done with scrip
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