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  1. I Never Delete Anyone. If they want off my list then they have to do the deleting. I just cant bring myself to make someone feel bad by noticing I have deleted them!😊
  2. Me too. I tried being a average size in secondlife but I cant do it at all !!! I need to be a Amazonian Woman in my SL. ...... Its in my blood!!!!
  3. Here is My Latest of my Beffle & I💓
  4. I just Love your freckles Babe.. I think they might be the best ive seen so far!
  5. I Took This Last Night of Myself and the Lovely Rʏᴀɴɴ ʀᴏsᴇ and Natasha Szaberwick... Girls Looking for Trouble! 😉
  6. Im a Londoner and my favourite genre is Hip Hop/RnB. We Also Have afew Good Hiphop Artists, Maybe not so well known but still of a great standard. Wretch32 Shystie Devlin Ms.Dynamite To name afew...... Smiles....😀
  7. This is my new Pale Look........ ......The first New Skin I have Tried in Over 11 Years! And......I Kinda Like it! ........ Grins....
  8. Heres My Newest Avatar... Im Too Cute.......Grins
  9. I use Firestorm viewer and I want to stop seeing someone who is on my friends list log in/out. But I would prefer not having to remove them from my list. Is there away that I can not see their name every time they log in/out? Thankies for any replies. 😀
  10. I am *Huge* in SL. I dont think I can even move the height button any more, its totally maxed out. I like being tall in SL. I am only 5.5 in real life, but have always had a hankering to be taller. So, in my SL I love being a *Amazonian* Everything else about Ditto is based on my real life Woman. She is Me, I am we.... I like to role play in SL, but, really, Ditto is Me in a digital form.
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