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  1. You did NOT see childporn........ you saw a teddybear and some porn pics. In NO way is a teddybear and some porn pics anywhere near being childporn. This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen said on these forums in a very long time. Seriously, get over yourself. And yes, if you are going to be camming/spying on your neighbors....remember that how they live and what they do is none of your business. Of course if you do see ACTUAL childporn, as many have already told you....you have an obligation to report it. I cannot believe this is even a real conversation at this point. ><
  2. Sigh >< Stop doing this to me lol. Now I want to change my house so I can use this porch. Gahhhh
  3. As far as I can tell , they fall within the covenant. They are not doing anything wrong. If LL decides they are, by showing their house...having an open house, then everyone else will have to abide by that as well. Meaning no one can have an open house, designer or not. You cannot single out residents that are also designers. But, as of right now....they are not breaking the covenant.
  4. I did not tell anyone one what they can or cannot say. I just expressed my exasperation at being told what I can and cannot do with my own place. Those are very different. You all can continue discuss it ad nauseam. I will continue to use the LL covenant as my guide to how I can live on Bellisseria.
  5. Discuss away. I too, felt like saying my piece. Ironic...huh?
  6. The real point, that most of have been getting at is this: We are tired of people deciding what we can and cannot do with our houses. This is not the one and only thread created with the premise of policing what they deem to be "the best" for those that have chosen to claim their piece of Bellisseria . The deal is this, as long as you abide by the covenant... you are golden. Why is it so hard to live and let live? Why is anything anyone does with their place, anyone's business? It's getting old. let me live my slife, and I will grant you the same courtesy.
  7. What about Springhurst Gulf: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Springhurst Gulf/229/179/25 There is just an island and some crabs....seems would not inconvenience anyone there.
  8. I cannot see how any account that is being paid for , even if the account holder has several other paid accounts ....are in any way illegitimate. Any account being PAID for, has the right to the premium perks. This is a weird thing to even be arguing about.
  9. Blueberry has a couple of similar styles, here is one of them https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blueberry-Demi-Long-Short-Dresses-Fat-Pack/16987849 Use MP and filter it down to formal dresses, you will find a tons of them....you may find closer to what you are looking for.
  10. Ok, but the thing is...who are you suggesting set this up? And why should any Gacha 'retire'? Honestly , I am curious and confused .... the more I ask, the more curious and confused I get lol
  11. Annnnd here is where it gets fuzzy. What were you proposing then? To retire them...at some point? Again, I still am not understanding ...Why? Also, how my questioning any of this "double-talk"
  12. Ok, I see you saying that, but...... Why? I cannot for the life of me see any logical reason for this. To make something more 'rare'? Again..Why? You would need gacha designers to ALL agree to this...Why should they? How, where and when a designer sells their items, is their business. LL will not intervene and change it, so..yea, I am super confused about the whole..issue...non-issue?
  13. Wow! I knew I should have came up there to see what you were to quietly working on Looks really amazing... don't make me switch my house out ><
  14. Rez zones seem to be popping up! Here is one at Crab Island http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Springhurst Gulf/215/161/22
  15. Rez zones and more interior/exterior house textures are, like pretty much everyone else ....is what I would like to see happen. This is not any sort of solution to the no rez issue, but What Next has some gachas that are wearables Wearable rowboat, chairs , flying things ...etc. And at 50L a pull, very affordable fun!
  16. I adore looking at everyone's house pics So fascinating to see how each one is different, even using many of the same items. This whole experience with the new homes has really been a lot of fun for me. Here are some snaps of my place....umm that is if I can figure out how to put pics on here 😛
  17. I have been wearing my Maitreya body for four years. I have never kept any of the other sizes, I threw out all the standard sizes years ago. I have never once missed any of it. I don't feel at all like switching bodies, so those sizes would just be a waste of space to me. Soooo out they all go I am pretty ruthless with my inventory. If I don't wear it, like it or am tired of it.....it gets trashed. That said, I still have very hard time keeping my inventory down to a reasonable number. My goal a couple of years go was to keep it around 50k to 60k, I am currently at 118k. *shrugs*
  18. I was replying to Qie Niangao's post ..... I thought that was pretty obvious, since I also quoted him....as one does.... when replying.
  19. I think you, and many...vastly underestimate the fashionista/fashion blogger market. Fashion is HUGE in SL. That includes all the accessories, poses, backdrops, furniture and houses/buildings. Tatts are a fairly popular item, they sell well enough to keep being invited back to events. It is not really a mystery
  20. Your avatar has to wear a shape at all times. You can wear any shape you like with the Maitreya Lara. The Maitreya body will take on the figure of your shape, this also means when you adjust your shape, the Lara body will adjust with it. Skins come in two forms. 1. system skins, they can only be worn on system/classic avatars. 2. skin appliers, they are meant only for mesh body parts. Each brand will need a specific type of applier. Maitreya can use Omega or Maitreya appliers. You match your body skin to your head by using the same skin by the same creator in the same tone for both head and body. If you join the Maitreya Lara Friends group inworld, you can ask all the questions you need until you completely understands how it all works
  21. Looks like you are trying to demo skin appliers meant for the Catwa heads. You must be actually wearing the Catwa mesh head. Skin appliers will NOT apply to a classic head. You need to go to the CATWA store to get the mesh head demos. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catwa Clip/144/114/24 You should join the Catwa Head Friends group, great place to find a lot more help
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