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  1. You only need to use 1 tattoo applier layer to get asymmetric arm tatts with the Maitreya body. This is achieved by using the Selection Mode to select and de-select areas on the mannequin, on the Layers tab; https://sl-maitreya.blogspot.com/p/layers-page.html
  2. Clearing up some things: The EvoX can and does use BOM make up layers. There is a Classic mode and the X mode. Both are BOM. But... each mode uses a different UV. Classic mode uses the normal Sluv. X mode uses a new BOM layer with it's own Uv. All the Evolution heads can use the same HD appliers for lips, eye shadow/liners and brows.
  3. Shine (specular) has looked good in SL for a long time. There are a lot creators that use it... builders, clothing, hair and applier creators have been using them for years. It can be abused and/or used wrong. Settings to high or messing with material sliders while not having Advanced lighting enabled can lead to some very strange looking AVs to those of us with ALM on. But it is used by many. ... Some shadow baking is usually needed, I think most can agree on that. But to say there is no other way for shadows...is not true. For those that run on ultra with shadows enabled, they don't need a lot of extra shadow baking. So that is one way, maybe not a way for everyone, but it is an option. Maybe ALM and ultra shadows is not an option and/or not wanted by everyone. That is fine, as we all have the ability to customize our viewer to fit our own aesthetic and/or computer limitations. That doesn't mean that any option other than what you've chosen is not used by anyone or does not work. I think it is important that misinformation be nipped in the bud ASAP.
  4. Catwa heads have had materials enabled for years. I used the specular slider way back when Catya was first released. What is new about the HDpro is more about the "HD" textures now being used. Materials are nothing new in SL for mesh heads... or anything for that matter.
  5. Your answer is here: Scroll down to "Working with the new channels" ... There you will find how to use transparency with the Aux channels.
  6. Most mesh clothing that makes use of the auto-hide script are no mod. Not much you can do about them at that point. You either live with them that way or wear something else. The newer auto-hide script for the Maitreya, works differently though, as even if they are in no mod items, they can be changed or deleted. This change came with the V5s.
  7. Maitreya includes the BOM addon parts & addon HUD. It is for those that wish to wear BOM clothing and be able to smooth their bits. The addon also has toe caps for use with BOM stockings.
  8. You could, completely kill the body scripts. No auto-hide would ever work on it again Granted you could not use any HUD option at all. But, if one were clever.... they could use rigged nail addons and only BOM for everything else ! Having the option to disable auto-hide (using the body HUD) all together is not a bad idea though.
  9. If you use the 'save as' function when you are done fiddling, that saves it as a new and separate shape...your original will not be touched. But as with anything, there are many ways to get where you are going. Do what works best for you
  10. You can save your current look by saving your outfit. Not really sure why you need to make a copy of the shape, unless you plan to make changes...where as you can just use the 'save as' function. Wearing the Demo body has no effect on your shape what so ever. Also the Maitreya has a help button on the MISC tab on the HUD. That help button takes you to the online manual. You can also join the inworld group : Maitreya Lara Friends.... tons of help to be found there
  11. Since I have updated my viewer to the most recent version (I use FS), I no longer have a problem with testing temp textures in BOM mode. I no longer need to go the route of testing on an applier layer first So, this is my way of saying.... update your viewer , if you have not already.
  12. ON the Skin tab of the Maitreya 5.3 HUD is the Bakes on Mesh button. Push it ...when the text is white, the body is in BOM mode...remove any full body system alpha layers. Done. At any point you try to use a skin applier it will turn BOM mode OFF.
  13. The are not photoshopped. The are a set of nails by Pink Hustler. https://gyazo.com/01e53f2f16d96e22d0ce1aa29b5d22bc
  14. I personally only accept bloggers that I am already a fan of. After that, I have no rules for them. I want them to only blog what inspires them. I don't want it force it and I don't want to approve their shots. I accepted them to begin with, so I trust them. SL bloggers are very important to designers, and they are just as hard working and creative. I am willing to let them do it their way, so I can be freed up and not worry about it
  15. It has nothing to do with that script. It has everything to do with the re-rigging of the feet. @size 25, the feet will be just the same size as they always were. Only newer shoes that have been rigged to the new feet will actually change size along with the feet sliders. Ahhh, just as Skell has posted, the included NC
  16. Your head is red, that means you are in BOM mode and have an alpha layer on....so you need to remove it, you do not need it. BOM is a code that allows the system layers that your system AV is wearing , to be reflected on any worn mesh that is in BOM mode. System alpha layers make the system AV invisible, so they will do the same to your BOM mode mesh. Mesh that has not been optimized for BOM, turn red instead of invisible. Just like before mesh bodies, you wore a system skin and did not need to use any sort of alpha layer to hide anything.....it is the same now when wearing mesh bodies and heads in BOM mode.
  17. BOM mode does not require alpha layers to hide the system body. That head alpha will only be needed if you wanted to use APPLIER skins.
  18. Threads like this get me peeved. Then I remember... I don't care. So, I stopped being peeved and started being awesome
  19. Lelutka Evolution HD mapping is very different from the SLUV. They cannot easily be made to fit for use on BOM layers. I have tried it....I won't keep messing with it. If I make an HD set, that is all it will be. Same for a BOM set...it will never be made for HD.
  20. Utilizator heads are modify. You can switch it to BOM mode yourself, in edit.
  21. Skin stores will offer the same tones for both head and body. Demo is the key
  22. Changing texture colors in PS is what PS does beautifully. There are a handful of different ways of doing this as well. You change the Hue w/out touching any of the highlights or darker areas...just one example. There are so many amazing tricks and filters, that its basically trivial at this point. One face...can hold one texture. An object can be made with many faces and each may have their own texture. You can select the face, but that in no way changes how the tinting built into SL behaves. It ignores all light values. Its works OK for subtle tinting, and fixing a color that may be slightly off. It is still never ever as good as the original done in PS. Most creators worth their salt, are using all original texture for each color or print selection on a HUD. Some may offer a tint HUD as well... like many hairs. And I was only using hair as an example.
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