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  1. Hi, I'm looking for single's dance animations in the style of doowop singers use in their routine, i'm looking at putting together a Jersey Boys set and would like to replicate their moves, does anyone know of any animation creators that have those.
  2. It's inside the object that is shared with the group. Is there an option to share the card under permissions in content?
  3. How do I set permission so that a group member can edit a notecard inside an object that is shared with group. It just says they do not have permission to edit. I have even tried given them permission to edit my items
  4. If the item is copiable, have you tried wearing a copy and changing it's colour with the hud. I'm sure the hud will only change what you are wearing and not whats in your inv at the time.
  5. Is there any way of finding out when a group was created? I want to find out when my group Nightfire Inn was creaed to find out it's anniversary
  6. Hi, I'm looking for someone who could create the infamouse Morecombe and Wise dance to Bring Me Sunshine. You can respond here or send me an IM inworld. Here is a link to specimen on youtube, main part is at the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jltBWJnbvQ0
  7. Thankyou all for your quick responses
  8. Hi, I'm looking at getting back into designing clothes and as there is now a plethora of mesh bodies on the market, I was wondering which would be the main ones to design for and are you able to get the dae files to upload into Blender.
  9. The other issue to bare in mind is that you cannot organise your items within the box into folders and the items are listed alphabetically. I suppose you could do boxes within boxes but that could become unmanageable.
  10. Can someone point me in the direction of tutorials for blender and fitted mesh. I havent tried creating any mesh items at all so would need it to start right from basics Thanks in advance
  11. Also make sure that when you actually create the dress that the settings for underpants waist is 100 and undershirt length is 100. Use the template to control lengths of sleeves ect and not the serrings in appearance. Also, dosent apply in the case of plain material, remember that the lower templates are approx 80% narrower than the top templates.
  12. You could make a normal length jacket and overlay the bottom half of the Jacket on the skirt texture
  13. Ty Amethyst, thats what I wondered. Will stay just with designing and making adult clothes for now.
  14. Thanks for your prompt reply Chelsea. Was thinking that was the case, could be a bit tricky makiing petite shoes etc. Will bear what you say regarding heights, I think most of my normal clothes are OK for normal height avies. By petite I was meaning tinies, here dancing along with a tiny dj dressed as a fairy
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