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  1. The designer, of course , has a point of view...and however they decide how they want to sell something, that has and will always be up to them. But, the reality is....most people want copy/mod furniture and houses... period. I occasionally make exceptions for cute gacha items or an item of superb detail that I cannot live without it If I find a cute chair for my new dining table....and if I cannot copy it over and over to fill in seating for 40 people if I so choose, I am 100% not going to buy it. I would not hold any negative feelings about it, I would just simply move on and find a designer that offers something that will work for me. We all have a lot of choices.....that goes for both designers and consumers.
  2. For anything my AV wears, I actually wouldn't mind all of it no copy/transfer. I am not interested in modding any of it, so that is not a problem. I do buy a lot of stuff, I also tend to get bored of stuff Ive had for a while. It would be nice to be able to just give it away, pass it on to someone that could use it. I am pretty brutal about trashing anything that does not fit or I do not wear anymore...I cringe a bit every time, as it I would prefer to just be able to give it away. I collect a lot of gacha stuff for that reason, aside from the fact that a lot of it is super cute too When I am buying furniture, housing and/or garndeny type stuff, I do prefer that to be Copy/Mod..for the obvious reasons. I don't mind having cute gacha decor though.
  3. Kids these days....am I right? Ya know, back in my day......we read all the NCs and we liked it! "What happened to SL?" .... was there ever a time when everyone always read the instructions? This just seems like business as usual.
  4. As well as, being able to layer textures that use transparencies. Currently, layering them using the 'onions' of a mesh body results in the dreaded alpha 'glitching' . The onion layers can have applier textures added to them, that is where the real difference comes in. More textures (1 body, 3 onion layers) , larger textures...more to rez.
  5. It has been explained...numerous times. Blueberry ....if you've not noticed, has also given an explanation as well. My advice.... for what it's worth: Remove your tinfoil hat, the coast is clear.
  6. Ahhh yes, I definitely understand the panty situation with mesh bodies. I switch between a few applier panties I like, if I need to. I have a mesh panty set from insanya that fits under a whole lot of mesh clothing though, not everything...but a lot of it
  7. Oh it's a trick many have thought about.....and many of us decide NOT to do it that way Personally I don't wear very many applier based things. The odd tattoo and/or lingerie. When I do, I just wear and save the applier HUD with outfit I am saving.
  8. Low setting does not give me the same results as you are getting.....Why? that has been explained several times. I have no bias here. I don't oppose anyone or LL taking the time to optimize and make SL better. I have considered what you've said, obviously ..as I replied. I didn't realize it was suppose to be a one sided conversation, where only you were allowed to have opinions. My bad
  9. TBH, "Creators" don't have to do anything. They are residents too. Consumers... also don't have to do anything either. Talk with your wallet, buy what you want. Become a creator, make and sell the things you think we all ought to be buying. Lead by example.
  10. Again ...LAG has many contributing factors, that will give each person a different result. Are some mesh bodies more complex than others, I am sure. And I am sure, for some... depending on their computer set up and connection that will matter more. Can more be done to optimize all mesh creations, I am sure that is true too. What more is there to say on this though, you've already decided the what, how and why of it. Not sure why this needed 2 threads.
  11. As was stated in previous thread.... loading times is going to vary for everyone, because of a number of factors, such as their connection, set up..etc. Personally, the mesh bodies all load pretty quickly for me, I have noticed no significant difference. Something you can do on your own, is gather info. Wear each body and note the complexity for each one, would be a start I suppose.
  12. This looks like they are referring to objects ..and you can stack those, using 'ADD' ...instead of wear. IF it is appliers that are being referred to, those are only controlled using the mesh bodies's HUD, and cannot be stacked.
  13. To stack layers on your body, for objects...like mesh clothing , shoes, jewelry and/or body parts, you must always right click it from your inventory and choose 'ADD' instead of 'Wear'. ADD will stack layers, Wear replaces the layer.
  14. You can purchase separate head skins. As Rhonda mentioned, Glam Affair is the base skin that comes with Lelutka. But you can purchase other Glam Affair sets for the head, and they include all the basic colored brows and a no brow option.
  15. Ads draw me to a product, so of course the more vibrant or innovative the ad, the better they get my attention. Once they have my attention, I look for the demo. If the demo fits and I love it.....it makes no difference to me what the actual ad contained, as long as the correct information and demo were available from that ad. Like others, I do prefer to see SL models in them, as I enjoy seeing how creative people can be using inworld shots. But, that preference still does not deter me from trying and buying a product that works for me. They could dress Cookie Monster up in a pretty dress, if I like that dress and it fits..... I am buying it
  16. LAQ skins are not all Omega. There is a selection of Omega based LAQ skins. You need to make sure you read the ads carefully if you are looking to only purchase Omega based skins.
  17. Oh gosh, no .. I didn't take it that way at all No worries! This topic comes up for me a lot. It is one the most frequently asked questions I get. And, I do actually understand where they are coming from. They want pretty things for their favorite heads, that makes complete sense to me, so ..yea, I get it. But I have had to explain my side of it quite a lot. It just really boils down to what I am personally interested in and TIME. I need someone to create more time for me ....I'd pay big Ls for that
  18. All things take time to create. If a creator has limited time in SL to create, they must choose wisely. It may seem like ...oh , it's just one more tiny hud to add to the product, but ..again that still takes time. From my experience, I create for only the heads I like to wear and it is time consuming as it is. So, I create what appeals to me and what works for my schedule. Really, if you are not finding what you want ...learn to create it. That the beauty of SL! Embrace it
  19. Maybe you don't read good She has already explained... that the textures she makes are specific to the mesh bodies she works with. Those textures do not translate well on the system body, as in...things don't line up well, etc. She would have to remake those textures to fit, and she doesn't feel they are wanted enough to warrant spending more time to do that. Her target market is those with mesh bodies. It is not that hard of a concept.
  20. I run my shop on my main as well. I am busy working most of the time, so it's just easier to be on my main for everything. Customers can easily reach me and I can deal with any thing that pops up right away. My inventory is big no matter what I do. I try to keep it organized best I can and keep all my shop related stuff neatly in it's own place. Works for me
  21. The name of the thread is, "Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread". The very point of it , is to get feedback on what works, what might work, what we want to work...... I could go on and on with this. If that was not the point, It could have been called, "Bakes on Mesh Nothing to talk about Thread"...which makes little sense. Materials, clothing and other features are not outside the scope of the conversation. And all those things are legitimate concerns that many of us have. And what do ya know!! Here is the very place we can talk about it to get a better understanding....... go figure
  22. Well, that is disappointing. Without it , I will consider the project unfinished. I will wait and see how things work out, and no matter what ... I will deal with what comes my way
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