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  1. As I was reading this weird thread, I just kept thinking exactly this. BilliJo, why in the world did you ask about something you already knew all the answers to? You clearly don't actually care what anyone has to say about it. Do what you want with your hornets ffs. Seriously , there was no reason for this ridiculousness other than you get off on causing chaos.
  2. I am a creator of cosmetic appliers and your assessment is exactly right on. This is what I hear all the time when asked why I only make appliers specific to the brands... " But they are all based on the SLUV". OK, so "based on" being the most important two words of that statement. Yes all the mesh heads are "based on" the SLUV, but all that means is this: All the of noses, eyes and lips will end up in around the same vicinity. That is it. All mesh heads then have very different mesh topology. A lip texture I make for Catwa does NOT fit correctly on any other head. Yes it will end
  3. Yep this. For those strictly Flickr bloggers, you are given a lot of room for lengthy commentary and links right in the description box. It is entirely possible to never need to start an actual blog, if you so choose. Flickr also gets a lot more immediate feedback from the community than blog pages. There are are exceptions to that, of course..... those being the very big popular blogs, like Strawberry's. But even Strawberry posts all her pics on Flickr with a link back to her blog. If someone is interested in being a part of that community, Flickr is where you will find a big concentr
  4. Try Flickr, you will find a large SL blogging community
  5. Wandering and shopping at current events is a good way to find all sorts of AV related things all in one place, by different designers. It also a good way to get acquainted with the different designers and styles available. Many use the Seraphim site to stay up with all the Events and sales: http://seraphimsl.com/
  6. BoM will only solve the alpha sorting problem with the onion layers. It will not solve the alpha sorting problem in it's entirety. When you run into the 'glitch' while layering hair and mesh clothing, it is still caused by the same issue. And that is layering transparencies. Now, of course, hair needs those alpha blended textures to get that lovely soft look, and of course any top that has lace or see through bits also needs to use alpha blending to get a nice look about it. When you run into the glitch with a top that has no apparent reason for needing an alpha blended texture,
  7. Well, I have definitely learned something new today Thank you all for taking the time to clarify. It seems it is something happening under specific lighting/circumstances, if I am understanding correctly. ALM is still very much capable of allowing users to view alpha blended textures as they were intended to be viewed, for the most part. So, now I wondering, will BoM ....circumvent this, as it does the problem of alpha sorting?
  8. What you have pointed to here, seems to be some sort of ...bug? I can see that is does in fact exist and some have run into it. Bugs do exist through out SL, through out many games. And much smarter people than I are working to figure out how to fix them. But, as someone who uses ALM ....I have yet to encounter it. It may exist, but it does not seem to be a problem for me at this point. The fact does remain, that I and others do have ALM enabled and don't have any problems viewing alpha blended textures. There thousands of Flickr pics by many many SL bloggers, designers and hobb
  9. First off, Blush is referring to our current issue when trying to layer textures using the onion layer system, that mesh bodies use. That is...that we run into the annoying alpha sorting problem. ALM had nothing to do with her comment. I always have ALM on. I make cosmetics for mesh heads. It doesn't make them look hideous. I spend most of my time in SL working with textures and onion layers...hours of looking at them. Now, things can look wonky depending on what sort of windlight one might use.....but really, a mesh head can look dreadful w/out make-up under some windlighting and in
  10. This is pretty much the same for me. A while back I just stopped buying tattoos, really any applier based items for my mesh body. I don't wear any sort of 'system' type clothes, but I do like tatts and lingerie appliers. I got tired of fighting with trying to layer anything on the onion layers of the mesh bodies. So for me, BoM means I can go back to tatts and undies.... which means I will go back to BUYING them. As for my OLD system layers, I trashed them years ago. I have no desire to wear any of that. I am sure there are some that are looking forward to it.....but quite a lot of
  11. Truth hair is not free to join, but you do get a new gg fatpack of hair every single month. I believe the fee is 350L to join.
  12. Ooooh boy, soooo many stores to choose from Here are 2 to start you off with : 1.Pixicat for this sweater, because I looove it! They also have some other cute cozy things to wear for winter as well : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Pixicat-CozySweater-Shade/15578648 2. COCO, because also another amazing sweater....and because everything they make is slife! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/COCOOversizedSweaterBeige/13474397 You should check both their stores inworld as well, as there may be items not up on the MP.
  13. I know this may be true for some stores. But I know it is not for all of us. The few bloggers I have asked to blog for me, were chosen for their creativity. period. I don't have any sort of rules for those that blog for me either. I only ask that they blog what inspires them, and that they post it to my Store's Flickr....so .....OK, I have 2 rules I only felt the need to point this out, because I always cringe when I see groups of people painted with a broad brush. So...just a friendly nudge, a reminder...that both bloggers and designers are not all the same
  14. Honestly, I don't see how people have time for so much social media lol. I have RL work, my SL work, I have some SL group obligations and I keep up with flickr. Oh and I occasionally post in here Anymore than that would be madness for me lol. I don't even have a facebook Never have had one... and I am not planning on having one.
  15. I made a Plurk account a long while back, but I never could really get into it. I think it would probably be a great place for marketing....well way back when, I am not real sure about now. But , yea... just wasn't my thing I guess.
  16. Yes to what Skell said , 100%. Also... we can post direct links to inworld locations , so those on their PCs can click and have the option to teleport right away. Another things, is that the flickr SL community has a been around for many years, we have built it up to the powerhouse it is now. Why move away from it , if we don't have to. It works well for a lot of us
  17. Wow that threatmap link is super interesting. I am not going to pretend I understand everything I am seeing on there, but it sure does look like a whole lot of people a tad upset with California lol.
  18. I am not going to presume that I know a whole lot about what this or that 'new generation' wants. But, from what I have observed in many groups...is this. A new person ask a question about how they can get into creating in SL. Right away they get very negative answers, like .... 'google' , or 'if you cannot mesh, not worth your time'.... 'find a group that cares, this group is for (insert name brand here).' Eventually, much better answers come up....like telling them about Builder's Brewery , the forums and informative tutorials. My point is, I do see quite a lot who are interested
  19. It was "naughty" for me because it was a rule I broke. I was not allowed to go w/out permission and w/out an adult. It was just one example of rule breaking at a young age. Insert w/e experience you want there. I don't know any perfect children that did not/do not break a few rules on their way to adulthood. That was my point. If you were the perfect 8 year old, then kudos to you and your parents
  20. I take it , you never did anything just a tad bit naughty when you were 8? I know I did. I walked to the store with my best friend, no adults, no permission...at 8 years old. Mom was not happy, I got grounded for a bit....and life went on. But it did not mean that by the time I was 20, I was still not allowed to go to the store on my own And that is just one thing I did ... I did plenty of boundary pushing. He is not the first , I am sure. As for being 'world weary'..... maybe that is a stretch, but ...so? A lot of residents are now explaining how things are. No harm done. Much
  21. Most that use the Caspervend system have it connected to their Marketplace, so I can tell you when, how, what and where from MP as well. So, really... just from the total numbers from Caspervend, you could make a good estimation for all around sales.
  22. I have no idea, but... it would be very interesting to know those stats. I think a big enough portion of stores use that system, that the numbers would be fairly representative of how SL shops as a whole.
  23. I can tell you precisely what mine are, thanks to the handy dandy Caspervend 50% of my sales come from inworld, and that is (give or take a tad) the same, every single month. Also, I too..... do the majority of my shopping inworld.
  24. You cannot remove scripts from no MOD items. You can use the 'Remove ALL Body Scripts' button on the Maitreya HUD....that will remove them from your body, leaving it essentially frozen in it's current state. ALWAYS make a copy of your body, hands and feet before you use the button of DOOM! Again... doing this will freeze them, the HUD will no longer work....on that copy of the body, hands and feet. Incidentally, that button of DOOOM! is another culprit of the "Help! my Maitreya HUD is broken!". Also, no amount of relogging will fix that one either
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