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  1. Agreed, and it has been the big 3: Catwa Genus and Lelutka for quite awhile now. I know for me, those three products sell the best. With Lelutka doing better than ever since the Evolution heads were released. My Genus product sales never once slowed down after the DMCA either, so the Genus brand has pretty much solidified itself. Between the 3, we are getting quite a diverse variety of looks. They are all great products, each one has something to offer. A bit of something for everyone. I think the lesser known heads still have a fighting chance as well, there is room there for more.
  2. I make make cosmetic appliers/system layers for Mesh heads. I have made some for all the top selling heads. I have never had to pay for a Dev kit or really had to apply for one. Most of them come with them or offer the kit instore. In fact , the only one I ever had to actually apply for , was the Genus kit..but that was over a year ago. I know as a creator, I find working with the Genus heads very satisfying. The kit is fairly extensive and easy to use. The head does have very limiting onion skins for make ups, but now with BOM implemented you can now do a lot more with them. You can actually use both system and the onion skin layers together. No longer need to choose between using eyebrows or eyeshadows lol. As well as being nice to work with, I also really love the look of them. Simple as that
  3. Not sure it has been posted, but Izzie's has a lovely small breast fixer with system and appliers included. You can pretty much change any of your skins to a small breast look with minimal shading: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-Small-Breast/19835916
  4. Trying not to derail, buuuut ....I just have to say, I feel for all the Karens out there , that are not actually "Karens". They now have to deal with the fact that their name is now a new hip and trendy pejorative
  5. That is a ridiculous counter. There is NOTHING in SL that is needed to live your life. It is not sustenance, shelter or health care. Its all just a bunch of PIXELS. SL is full of is creative people, that you for some reason believe.... should make all that fabulous stuff for you without any compensation. Fine, why don't you spends 50 hours a week and make us all the stuffs we want at no charge....of course. NO? Is that a ridiculous request? Nawww ....seems pretty legit to me.
  6. Who is "we"? P.S. Don't buy anything you don't want to. It's so simple, it's embarrassing to even write.
  7. They definitely can run their store how they choose and by their own rules. I have my own rules too: No demo... No buy. Soooo many beautiful skins out there that do offer demos.... easy enough to shrug it off and move on
  8. None of you can really be surprised by any of this? Entitlement ...in SL....nooooooo, say it isn't so!
  9. Without a pic... hard to know for sure. It may be you just need adjust your material settings on your body and head HUDs, turn them off or adjust. Also .... Catwa has a very busy help group. There are a lot of specific help and fashion groups in SL that are very active. A ton of in world help is available, if one pays attention. Search for: Catwa Head Friends.
  10. Its a glitch in edit mode. I eventually have to upload the actual texture to check it out of edit mode.
  11. My guess is.... I don't care. The fees exist to keep LL viable. With so many businesses dead in the water atm......any that can weather this storm, well more power to them. LL's fees are not extraordinary. This is not a hardship. Good Luck, though *shrugs*
  12. I am a creator that now has to rely on my SL business income. I, like thousands of others, have had to change our lives around because of Isolation. It is what it is, and we have to deal with it the best we can right now. So, let me explain why the OP's request that LL lower it's fees, bothers me so much. 1. I need SL to remain stable and ONLINE ... so I am willing to pay those fees every time. No SL= no store for Tara = no small income to help get by. Running a business costs money. And thank the gods that the cost in SL is nothing compared to running an RL business. 2. I need SL to help keep my mind off it all. It helps ease my anxiety to log in and work on stuff, play a little dress up and chat with peeps. LL needs those fees to ensure, I can have 1. and 2. available to me. P.S. I see people also demanding inworld stores SLASH! their prices .... give stuff away for free. I am all for helping out, but... buying things is SL is already very cheap. If you are spending more than you should, don't. And if stores want to have sales, they will. SL is full of generous understanding people. Making demands , though...seriously...it's not cool.
  13. Make sure you have the recent updated hotfixes (body is 5.02, HUD is 5.01). Just have the body redelivered. You can do that easily using the new HUD, on the Misc. tab.
  14. All 3 layers: tattoo, underwear, and clothing are optional. With or without them, you can use the HUD driven alpha cuts. You can also choose to use system alpha layers as well or instead of. The choice will be yours.
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