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  1. What Skin might this be?

    It is a Pumec skin
  2. Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    You can purchase separate head skins. As Rhonda mentioned, Glam Affair is the base skin that comes with Lelutka. But you can purchase other Glam Affair sets for the head, and they include all the basic colored brows and a no brow option.
  3. If you do this. I will NEVER buy your product

    Ads draw me to a product, so of course the more vibrant or innovative the ad, the better they get my attention. Once they have my attention, I look for the demo. If the demo fits and I love it.....it makes no difference to me what the actual ad contained, as long as the correct information and demo were available from that ad. Like others, I do prefer to see SL models in them, as I enjoy seeing how creative people can be using inworld shots. But, that preference still does not deter me from trying and buying a product that works for me. They could dress Cookie Monster up in a pretty dress, if I like that dress and it fits..... I am buying it
  4. Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    LAQ skins are not all Omega. There is a selection of Omega based LAQ skins. You need to make sure you read the ads carefully if you are looking to only purchase Omega based skins.
  5. Paying L$5000 for a Catwa head...is this normal?

    Oh gosh, no .. I didn't take it that way at all No worries! This topic comes up for me a lot. It is one the most frequently asked questions I get. And, I do actually understand where they are coming from. They want pretty things for their favorite heads, that makes complete sense to me, so ..yea, I get it. But I have had to explain my side of it quite a lot. It just really boils down to what I am personally interested in and TIME. I need someone to create more time for me ....I'd pay big Ls for that
  6. Paying L$5000 for a Catwa head...is this normal?

    All things take time to create. If a creator has limited time in SL to create, they must choose wisely. It may seem like ...oh , it's just one more tiny hud to add to the product, but ..again that still takes time. From my experience, I create for only the heads I like to wear and it is time consuming as it is. So, I create what appeals to me and what works for my schedule. Really, if you are not finding what you want ...learn to create it. That the beauty of SL! Embrace it
  7. Maybe you don't read good She has already explained... that the textures she makes are specific to the mesh bodies she works with. Those textures do not translate well on the system body, as in...things don't line up well, etc. She would have to remake those textures to fit, and she doesn't feel they are wanted enough to warrant spending more time to do that. Her target market is those with mesh bodies. It is not that hard of a concept.
  8. Store Owner - Alt or Main?

    I run my shop on my main as well. I am busy working most of the time, so it's just easier to be on my main for everything. Customers can easily reach me and I can deal with any thing that pops up right away. My inventory is big no matter what I do. I try to keep it organized best I can and keep all my shop related stuff neatly in it's own place. Works for me
  9. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    The name of the thread is, "Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread". The very point of it , is to get feedback on what works, what might work, what we want to work...... I could go on and on with this. If that was not the point, It could have been called, "Bakes on Mesh Nothing to talk about Thread"...which makes little sense. Materials, clothing and other features are not outside the scope of the conversation. And all those things are legitimate concerns that many of us have. And what do ya know!! Here is the very place we can talk about it to get a better understanding....... go figure
  10. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Well, that is disappointing. Without it , I will consider the project unfinished. I will wait and see how things work out, and no matter what ... I will deal with what comes my way
  11. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Hi Blush! We MLFs miss you I don't disagree with any of this. My own work would, of course benefit from not having to make added textures with...lets say an added eyeliner to each eye shadow. So yea, I totally get it. And I am very excited about being able to layer make ups in using the BoM system, it is something I've wanted since I began doing what I do. I feel very restricted when creating textures for appliers, but only because I have to think my way around layering transparencies and the built in designated mesh areas of mesh heads. BoM would completely change that for me, for all of us. However, I still want the best of both worlds. I want to the ability to HUD up my system layers.... for all the same reasons I previously stated. I don't see this as part of the project that will or should delay it. I see it as an important aspect of the project that should be integrated while it's currently being developed and not sometime after. It needs to exist as an added choice for creators, another tool for them to work with. The more choices the better
  12. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    I actually like appliers ... GASP!SHOCK! Of course I do not like the pesky problem of layering transparencies, no one does. So, some points off for using appliers. Here is what I do like; I like having the ability to visually see my options, and clicking away until I am satisfied with the look. I also like that the applier replaces a folder full of system layers... which helps keep my inventory down. Now , I am a bit biased, as I make cosmetic appliers... but my reasons still stand. I am able to make fairly large elaborate cosmetic kits all wrapped up into ONE applier. Some of my kits are made up of a 100 (give or take) textures. If I were to release those only as individual system layers, it would be a nightmarish bloated folder of dooooom. I don't actually use clothing appliers, but I do use lingerie, tattoo and stockings/hose appliers. I have some sets, that creators have included a ton of options. Having all those options in one applier is pretty great, and would be perfection if it were not for the dreaded transparency annoyance. So, I am all for finding a way to combine the use of appliers and bakes on mesh.
  13. Here is a thought.... wait a few days. Events always calm down, and by the next week the 'full' sim problem, is no longer a problem
  14. not sure how to fix this

    Yes, unfortunately there really is no way at this time to have all our different mesh parts match up to perfection. We can get very close though. I personally do not cam in to see if someone has a hint of a seam. The only time I find it is noticeable, is if someone has not used matching appliers, or they have tried to skin match using the color pickers. It does become more of a problem, in my experience ..when I am taking pics. As there are certain windlights and lighting instances that can really highlight the seams. This is just something many of us deal with, it is annoying..no doubt about it, but..it is what it is. And you are right, that the only way to get that perfection would be to have one whole full mesh body...head, hands and feet all as one. Only time will tell where the mesh body phenomenon will eventually takes us.
  15. not sure how to fix this

    This is a really good point. I had to rely heavily on CaIWL when I had no choice but to use my crappy lappy. I could only use very low graphic settings, and that WL was a saving grace tbh.