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  1. Tarani Tempest

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    I just want to point out that most of us were not responding to how he ran his business in the past, as that is irrelevant in today's market. And that is the point. But he has already stated that even today , he would keep his business model. Which is fine and that is absolutely his choice. It is also our choice, as consumers (including the 'landlords') to buy from designers that will and can meet our current needs...and I am pretty sure, that would be....99% of alllll the consumer's choice.
  2. Tarani Tempest

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    How is that not greed on your part as well? You want others to buy your items, then not be able to to do what they want with them w/out paying more of a price. The best thing going on here is that no one has to even deal with that nonsense. There are fantastic designers, selling everything imaginable ...that are in fact COPY/MOD. We buy it up...we display it ... we spread it around for all to see. Those are the designers getting all the love, and for good reason.
  3. Tarani Tempest

    System avatar - out of style?

    Don't forget the B holes and of course the worst of them...the C holes
  4. Tarani Tempest

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    You are for sure not alone. I would guess that probably 85% of my furniture/decor purchases originated from that very situation. When I am out and about, if I see something I like....I get the info and set out to buy it for myself. This, of course has not done my wallet any favors, but it is what it is I have another important reason for wanting copy/mod items. I often like to use furniture/decor items in my displays at events. At the bigger events that I have been in, like The Skin Fair and The Vintage Fair...there are rules that all creators must abide by. One of them is that NO scripts are allowed in our displays, except for the vendor scripts. That rule is very strict, and they will not OK your display until it meets all the requirements. During the Vintage Fair, I realized that a chair I wanted to use, was actually no mod. I did contact the creator, and she was very kind and sent me a set w/out the scripts....but it was too late for me to use them in the event. The bummer here is 2 fold; I of course had to find a replacement, which while not hard...I was pressed for time. Secondly, the designer missed out on having her item on display....which was really very lovely piece. Live and learn
  5. Tarani Tempest

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    If you are not currently up with what is going on the furniture/housing business at this time.... what you did or didn't successfully do in the past has very little to do with today's market. Things have changed so much....and designers have had to change along the way. Just one small look at the fashion market right now, and it's extremely obvious how much it has changed in a few short years. As for those Landlords (landlords are people too, why don't they ever get any love!).....as for those landlords, they can find amazing furniture by a lot of amazing designers that sell all their stuff copy/mod. They have no reason to have to deal with a 'no copy' rule.
  6. Tarani Tempest

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    The designer, of course , has a point of view...and however they decide how they want to sell something, that has and will always be up to them. But, the reality is....most people want copy/mod furniture and houses... period. I occasionally make exceptions for cute gacha items or an item of superb detail that I cannot live without it If I find a cute chair for my new dining table....and if I cannot copy it over and over to fill in seating for 40 people if I so choose, I am 100% not going to buy it. I would not hold any negative feelings about it, I would just simply move on and find a designer that offers something that will work for me. We all have a lot of choices.....that goes for both designers and consumers.
  7. Tarani Tempest

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    For anything my AV wears, I actually wouldn't mind all of it no copy/transfer. I am not interested in modding any of it, so that is not a problem. I do buy a lot of stuff, I also tend to get bored of stuff Ive had for a while. It would be nice to be able to just give it away, pass it on to someone that could use it. I am pretty brutal about trashing anything that does not fit or I do not wear anymore...I cringe a bit every time, as it I would prefer to just be able to give it away. I collect a lot of gacha stuff for that reason, aside from the fact that a lot of it is super cute too When I am buying furniture, housing and/or garndeny type stuff, I do prefer that to be Copy/Mod..for the obvious reasons. I don't mind having cute gacha decor though.
  8. Tarani Tempest

    what happen to SL?

    Kids these days....am I right? Ya know, back in my day......we read all the NCs and we liked it! "What happened to SL?" .... was there ever a time when everyone always read the instructions? This just seems like business as usual.
  9. Tarani Tempest

    Mesh designers: Who will update to BoM for free?

    As well as, being able to layer textures that use transparencies. Currently, layering them using the 'onions' of a mesh body results in the dreaded alpha 'glitching' . The onion layers can have applier textures added to them, that is where the real difference comes in. More textures (1 body, 3 onion layers) , larger textures...more to rez.
  10. Tarani Tempest

    LL advertising private businesses in their blog?

    Bingo! You win stuff
  11. Tarani Tempest

    LL advertising private businesses in their blog?

    It has been explained...numerous times. Blueberry ....if you've not noticed, has also given an explanation as well. My advice.... for what it's worth: Remove your tinfoil hat, the coast is clear.
  12. Tarani Tempest

    LL advertising private businesses in their blog?

    Much ado about nothing.
  13. Ahhh yes, I definitely understand the panty situation with mesh bodies. I switch between a few applier panties I like, if I need to. I have a mesh panty set from insanya that fits under a whole lot of mesh clothing though, not everything...but a lot of it
  14. Oh it's a trick many have thought about.....and many of us decide NOT to do it that way Personally I don't wear very many applier based things. The odd tattoo and/or lingerie. When I do, I just wear and save the applier HUD with outfit I am saving.
  15. Tarani Tempest

    Are we afraid to talk about who creates low lag mesh bodies?

    Low setting does not give me the same results as you are getting.....Why? that has been explained several times. I have no bias here. I don't oppose anyone or LL taking the time to optimize and make SL better. I have considered what you've said, obviously ..as I replied. I didn't realize it was suppose to be a one sided conversation, where only you were allowed to have opinions. My bad