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  1. My guess is.... I don't care. The fees exist to keep LL viable. With so many businesses dead in the water atm......any that can weather this storm, well more power to them. LL's fees are not extraordinary. This is not a hardship. Good Luck, though *shrugs*
  2. I am a creator that now has to rely on my SL business income. I, like thousands of others, have had to change our lives around because of Isolation. It is what it is, and we have to deal with it the best we can right now. So, let me explain why the OP's request that LL lower it's fees, bothers me so much. 1. I need SL to remain stable and ONLINE ... so I am willing to pay those fees every time. No SL= no store for Tara = no small income to help get by. Running a business costs money. And thank the gods that the cost in SL is nothing compared to running an RL business. 2. I need SL to help keep my mind off it all. It helps ease my anxiety to log in and work on stuff, play a little dress up and chat with peeps. LL needs those fees to ensure, I can have 1. and 2. available to me. P.S. I see people also demanding inworld stores SLASH! their prices .... give stuff away for free. I am all for helping out, but... buying things is SL is already very cheap. If you are spending more than you should, don't. And if stores want to have sales, they will. SL is full of generous understanding people. Making demands , though...seriously...it's not cool.
  3. Make sure you have the recent updated hotfixes (body is 5.02, HUD is 5.01). Just have the body redelivered. You can do that easily using the new HUD, on the Misc. tab.
  4. All 3 layers: tattoo, underwear, and clothing are optional. With or without them, you can use the HUD driven alpha cuts. You can also choose to use system alpha layers as well or instead of. The choice will be yours.
  5. No, it's just a matter of applying the Bakes on Mesh texture to any worn mesh.... as soon as you apply that code, it's converted. Its done inworld. Anyone can do it to any modifiable worn mesh. With bodies and heads, the majority of them are not modifiable....but, the BoM code/texture/uuid, can be applied using ordinary skin appliers. Anyone that has access to Dev kits and the freely provided internal textures, can make a BoM 'relay' HUD : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Textures That is true 100% Bakes on Mesh, the real deal. Now any fun perks to go along with a BoM body , as Theresa pointed out....an optimized BoM ... that is up to w/e the creator wants to add. Creators do need enable the ability to use system alpha layers (so we don't turn red :P), also simple and done inworld.
  6. Bakes on Mesh is just a texture that is applied to mesh. Nothing needs to be done to the actual mesh, it has nothing to do with rigging. You can apply the Bakes on Mesh code on any worn bit of mesh. The BoM 'relay' HUDs ...are really just skin appliers. They use the omega or brand specific scripting to apply their skin, to apply the BoM code. The BoM Huds apply the bakes on mesh code, and that is True BOM. The mesh bodies themselves just need the creator to allow system alpha layers to be used, that comes with a body update. Converting worn mesh to allow BoM is way more simple than most believe it to be.
  7. https://sl-maitreya.blogspot.com/2019/09/bakes-on-mesh.html Gryphon is THE source.
  8. BoM is just one small part of the upcoming Maitreya update, and that part is done. Just because YOU cannot think of anything else that would take some well needed time to update....does not mean that is the reality of the situation.
  9. Yea, I get that. Ive read that page more times than I want to think about. My confusion comes from the why of it..... as you said, "I've discovered it's not such an easy task after all". This means, any tattoo maker that wants to use the univeral for a one arm tatt....also needs to provide a skin? Or are skin makers going to be expected to include one just for that on top of the work they are doing now? That is more or less my confusion.... how is this going to work? Or am I completely misunderstanding that process?
  10. You can use a universal on the BoM activated Maitreya , works just like a normal tatt. The problem happens when you want to use the universal for something like a one arm tattoo. That cannot be done on a standard BoM activated. It would need to be done using the Aux/left arm/left leg channels ..... and for w/e reason, cannot be applied like we can with the regular BoM textures using the Maitreya Skin applier kit. I too am curious how it would or is suppose to work. I was very confused by needing a universal skin along with a universal tatt. Anyway... I will be watching
  11. Maitreya has had a BoM relay available ..for free, since Sept 5th. An update is currently being worked on... https://sl-maitreya.blogspot.com/2019/09/bakes-on-mesh.html No laurels are being sat on.
  12. A designer does have the right to charge for their work if they want to. Not everyone is updating their stuff for free, nor do they have too. It is still work. I don't think it is fair to accuse them of "ripping" anyone off. Is it nice and preferable to get free updates, of course it is. But, I am also willing to pay for being able to use my fave skins as well.
  13. But, many system skins that were included with body appliers had blank faces. Also, Deetalez has just released a BoM versions for a few of her newest skins. The head appliers only come with tattoo layers for the face. The body appliers have been updated with new system layers, but those come with a big sign on the face of them, telling you need to buy the head tattoo. Soooo, yes... they can be sold separately.
  14. Demo. If what you are looking for is not there, don't buy it.
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