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  1. Utilizator heads are modify. You can switch it to BOM mode yourself, in edit.
  2. Skin stores will offer the same tones for both head and body. Demo is the key
  3. Changing texture colors in PS is what PS does beautifully. There are a handful of different ways of doing this as well. You change the Hue w/out touching any of the highlights or darker areas...just one example. There are so many amazing tricks and filters, that its basically trivial at this point. One face...can hold one texture. An object can be made with many faces and each may have their own texture. You can select the face, but that in no way changes how the tinting built into SL behaves. It ignores all light values. Its works OK for subtle tinting, and fixing a color that may
  4. This is a big nope. Actual tinting in SL is not great, it tints the entire face. This means you lose a ton of detail. As white highlights get full on tint and dark areas get darker. Clothes with HUDs use a unique texture for each one , color or pattern makes no difference. Some do also offer a added color tinter, many hairs have begun to add them as well. But the orig preset choices are all unique textures , and will always look best before a tint is added.
  5. Bom can work on mesh nails. But it needs to make use of the Baked Aux channels and the universal tattoo wearables.
  6. Genus has applier layers for make ups, so you can still use appliers...and they have HD lip appliers, and those textures cannot be used for BOM (system layers). It is not always about how fast or slow creators are moving to BOM. There is a demand for HD lip appliers. There is also still a demand for normal make up appliers too, because peeps still want control over opacity. I am seeing that a mix of using BOM make layers and Appliers make ups, being the most popular atm.
  7. No one is here for fortnite, that was not the point. The point is, that free to play games with content that cost money is not a new concept. It is widely understood. That is not really such an issue. Most of us know the issue... retention. Attracting new people here is one thing, keeping them here is another. Social Media is like second nature to most people these days, seems like a natural place to throw some creative thinking at. And maybe not FB, something new, something old....etc. Meh....
  8. I have been watching her vids lately too, and she has showcased a lot about SL that many of us in here love. Beautiful AVs, Shopping and decorating... big mansions She is fun, pink and entertaining....AND she has a very substantial audience. But all that fun stuff she shows in her vids, are not as easy to get too for new sign ups. This is not new information, we all know that this has been an ongoing problem. What to do to get the new comers up and running ...to live that life Carmen has in SL. Her comments are often complaining that it was to confusing to get into. I feel that i
  9. All of this. Normally I would just tick the 'like' on a post to show my agreement. I am not fond of repeating all the same points or just posting for the sake of posting. But this has become so bad , that groups are barely usable. I moderate and help in a very large group, trying to answer questions that I cannot see, but someone else can see...as my messages show for some and not others.....and on and on. It's become almost comical , and most definitely cluster duck Yes, group chat has always had it's problems and annoying as they were....I would welcome that back any day over
  10. Save the look as an Outfit. Use the replace outfit function from your appearance window and it will add to you, as you saved it. No need to drag anything anywhere. This works for me. Also in edit outfits, if you move your layers up and down, exit out of the window...they will stay put. You can then re save the outfit with that new order.
  11. You use the Lelutka Hud to move the texture up,down,left,right and/or make bigger...same as you would an applier texture. Works just the same.
  12. I don't know that any head is "better" than the other. I have used a lot of them. They have all have great aspects and the not so great ones. It always just comes down to what appeals to you. I personally like to change things up a lot. I wore Catwa for a couple of years, They are a great product...but I just became bored. Genus has a very different look, and I like that
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