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  1. I personally have not had this happen....I have accidentally deleted stuff for sure, but I just fish it out of my trash. But, I did have a friend went on an inventory cleaning spree, a couple of days later she could not find her entire shoe folder. Turns out she did accidentally delete it, but she did not check her trash before dumping it entirely. Yikes ! I have always needed to use the redelivery system for items that did not actually deliver to me in the first place. This happens fairly often, especially when shopping at a very busy event. So far, every store Ive had that happen wit
  2. I just want to add a bit here. One of the reasons we recommend troubleshooting , is that often the problem cannot be solved with a relog. So better to fix the actual problem. I cannot tell you how many times a HUD problem has been caused by another HUD's transparent area covering up bits of the Maitreya HUD. No amount of relogging is going to fix that. So, yes we prefer to find the actual problem. And sometimes, the fix is a relog. That is just not the first thing I tell someone to do. Just like the days of..."Clear your cache" for every single problem you run into...."Relog"
  3. I do almost all of my shopping inworld as well. For a couple of reasons. There are a few stores that don't keep their MP stores updated and I like experience of wandering around. I like to see stores that are all done up and have personality. That is the reason I am in SL, to see some stuff, do some stuff and make some stuff . So, I want some eye candy when I am out and about. Others don't enjoy the experience, I get that. That is where Marketplace comes in. To each their own.
  4. I do think adding a redelivery system to the Marketplace is a great idea. Something I think they should have implemented a long time ago. The Marketplace is their territory, their system...so it makes a ton of sense for them to offer that service. I personally would not close my inworld shop though. 50% of my sales are inworld, granted.... that is split between events and my own shop. And I still think the vendor system and redelivery is my responsibility there.
  5. Yep, this for sure. We all know that things can get mucked up from deliveries to accidental deletion. So, many SL businesses decide to offer it as part of their business plan. It is good customer service. Also Caspervend does Soooooooo much more for a designer than just redeliveries. I honestly would be lost w/out it. None of that is LL's responsibility. It really is the designer's responsibility...it is part of running a good business in SL. I would rather LL stuck to keeping SL running as optimally as possible and continuing to work on amazing projects for all of us to play with
  6. Not sure why it wouldn't be ok to gift something to anyone...on or off my friends list. I am in a position in SL where I am in constant contact with a whole lot of people I do not know. On occasion, I have helped a few of them out. I like the whole idea of the new wish list feature very very much And , thanks to this thread...I now understand how to look anyone's wishlist, sooooo thank you for that
  7. Use the CATWA HUD to clear the neck area....there is a section for the neck on one of the tabs, third tab down called Eyes Brows Neck-Tattoo
  8. It concerns me that this really seems to be a serious issue for someone ...or is it? C'mon man, LL does not owe you anything for voluntarily playing their game. Calm down , go get some fresh air..... take a nap or something.
  9. If I am not standing around working, which to anyone else looks like I am do nothing....I am out shopping. Either way, I cannot imagine it would be very interesting to anyone but myself
  10. The name of the section is : General Discussion Forum Second Life discussions welcome here! Please follow the community guidelines. .... Second Life discussions. I looked at the community guidelines to see if there was a more clear description of that particular section, and I don't see much, so please correct me if I am wrong . Vague at best. I think the OP has a valid request for more clarification about what is and is not allowed.
  11. This is basically just name calling. There are elitist on both sides of this. It really has nothing to do with mesh. And it certainly doesn't call for pointing out that they are jiggling mountains of jello lol. You say you believe we all should let others wear what they want, yet belittle them at the same time We all have our own aesthetics that we prefer. I am of course going to wear what appeals to me. But I for one , love having so many choices, I love seeing so many different types of looking AVs ....... even those that prefer a more voluptuous or "jiggling jello" body type.
  12. I have never found the system AV to be appealing. I do not now or ever think it had more 'personality' and that is more unique....both things I hear often from those who have chosen not to switch to mesh. Back in the olden days, I was still just as vain as the next person, and dolled up my classic/system AV to the best of my ability. I worked with what we had. I adore mesh, I have adored it from the first day it arrived, and I got my first rigged mesh hair.....and I squealed with delight that it did not stabby stabby me I think mesh heads and bodies are the best thing since sliced cheese
  13. This...very much this. Paying to be part of an event is normal. Paying to be part of hunt is not how most of them work, it is not unheard of though, bigger hunts are marketed pretty heavily...so the price can be worth it for some. But with any type of event you join, you need to know if you are dealing with something legitimate...something you can actually research before you make any sort of decision. If there is nothing in their profile regarding their 'Hunt' or events they are a part of , or past experiences with those things, absolutely be cautious. Big wavy red flags for sure.
  14. I do keep my inventory neatly sorted, mostly by the 'type' of thing it is. I do use the CTS wardrobe only for Hair, shoes and jewelry so far...and just as a visual catalog. Really though, tbh.... I rarely crack open that very neatly organized part of my inventory. I pretty much wear w/e I have just recently bought. I never end up having time to actually go back and wear all the other stuff I have. And there is never a lack of new stuff and events to keep me occupied with shopping
  15. Word! ...I am just hoping to get the last word
  16. Forum becoming more negative? self fulfilling prophecy? Irony? What in the world is going on in here?
  17. I just want to point out that most of us were not responding to how he ran his business in the past, as that is irrelevant in today's market. And that is the point. But he has already stated that even today , he would keep his business model. Which is fine and that is absolutely his choice. It is also our choice, as consumers (including the 'landlords') to buy from designers that will and can meet our current needs...and I am pretty sure, that would be....99% of alllll the consumer's choice.
  18. How is that not greed on your part as well? You want others to buy your items, then not be able to to do what they want with them w/out paying more of a price. The best thing going on here is that no one has to even deal with that nonsense. There are fantastic designers, selling everything imaginable ...that are in fact COPY/MOD. We buy it up...we display it ... we spread it around for all to see. Those are the designers getting all the love, and for good reason.
  19. Don't forget the B holes and of course the worst of them...the C holes
  20. You are for sure not alone. I would guess that probably 85% of my furniture/decor purchases originated from that very situation. When I am out and about, if I see something I like....I get the info and set out to buy it for myself. This, of course has not done my wallet any favors, but it is what it is I have another important reason for wanting copy/mod items. I often like to use furniture/decor items in my displays at events. At the bigger events that I have been in, like The Skin Fair and The Vintage Fair...there are rules that all creators must abide by. One of them is that NO sc
  21. If you are not currently up with what is going on the furniture/housing business at this time.... what you did or didn't successfully do in the past has very little to do with today's market. Things have changed so much....and designers have had to change along the way. Just one small look at the fashion market right now, and it's extremely obvious how much it has changed in a few short years. As for those Landlords (landlords are people too, why don't they ever get any love!).....as for those landlords, they can find amazing furniture by a lot of amazing designers that sell all their s
  22. The designer, of course , has a point of view...and however they decide how they want to sell something, that has and will always be up to them. But, the reality is....most people want copy/mod furniture and houses... period. I occasionally make exceptions for cute gacha items or an item of superb detail that I cannot live without it If I find a cute chair for my new dining table....and if I cannot copy it over and over to fill in seating for 40 people if I so choose, I am 100% not going to buy it. I would not hold any negative feelings about it, I would just simply move on and find
  23. For anything my AV wears, I actually wouldn't mind all of it no copy/transfer. I am not interested in modding any of it, so that is not a problem. I do buy a lot of stuff, I also tend to get bored of stuff Ive had for a while. It would be nice to be able to just give it away, pass it on to someone that could use it. I am pretty brutal about trashing anything that does not fit or I do not wear anymore...I cringe a bit every time, as it I would prefer to just be able to give it away. I collect a lot of gacha stuff for that reason, aside from the fact that a lot of it is super cute too
  24. Kids these days....am I right? Ya know, back in my day......we read all the NCs and we liked it! "What happened to SL?" .... was there ever a time when everyone always read the instructions? This just seems like business as usual.
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