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  1. Hi Blush! We MLFs miss you I don't disagree with any of this. My own work would, of course benefit from not having to make added textures with...lets say an added eyeliner to each eye shadow. So yea, I totally get it. And I am very excited about being able to layer make ups in using the BoM system, it is something I've wanted since I began doing what I do. I feel very restricted when creating textures for appliers, but only because I have to think my way around layering transparencies and the built in designated mesh areas of mesh heads. BoM would completely change that for me, for all of us. However, I still want the best of both worlds. I want to the ability to HUD up my system layers.... for all the same reasons I previously stated. I don't see this as part of the project that will or should delay it. I see it as an important aspect of the project that should be integrated while it's currently being developed and not sometime after. It needs to exist as an added choice for creators, another tool for them to work with. The more choices the better
  2. I actually like appliers ... GASP!SHOCK! Of course I do not like the pesky problem of layering transparencies, no one does. So, some points off for using appliers. Here is what I do like; I like having the ability to visually see my options, and clicking away until I am satisfied with the look. I also like that the applier replaces a folder full of system layers... which helps keep my inventory down. Now , I am a bit biased, as I make cosmetic appliers... but my reasons still stand. I am able to make fairly large elaborate cosmetic kits all wrapped up into ONE applier. Some of my kits are made up of a 100 (give or take) textures. If I were to release those only as individual system layers, it would be a nightmarish bloated folder of dooooom. I don't actually use clothing appliers, but I do use lingerie, tattoo and stockings/hose appliers. I have some sets, that creators have included a ton of options. Having all those options in one applier is pretty great, and would be perfection if it were not for the dreaded transparency annoyance. So, I am all for finding a way to combine the use of appliers and bakes on mesh.
  3. Here is a thought.... wait a few days. Events always calm down, and by the next week the 'full' sim problem, is no longer a problem
  4. Yes, unfortunately there really is no way at this time to have all our different mesh parts match up to perfection. We can get very close though. I personally do not cam in to see if someone has a hint of a seam. The only time I find it is noticeable, is if someone has not used matching appliers, or they have tried to skin match using the color pickers. It does become more of a problem, in my experience ..when I am taking pics. As there are certain windlights and lighting instances that can really highlight the seams. This is just something many of us deal with, it is annoying..no doubt about it, but..it is what it is. And you are right, that the only way to get that perfection would be to have one whole full mesh body...head, hands and feet all as one. Only time will tell where the mesh body phenomenon will eventually takes us.
  5. This is a really good point. I had to rely heavily on CaIWL when I had no choice but to use my crappy lappy. I could only use very low graphic settings, and that WL was a saving grace tbh.
  6. There is no way to make sure your Avatar looks good to everyone else. There are way too many variables, as everyone has their own set up...from low graphics to highest settings to having complexity turned as far down as possible. I gave up trying years ago. I have things set up to please myself now. As for CaIWL, it is just a generic Windlight to use solely for looking at your Avatar. There a many Windlights to choose from, it's always good to find what works best for you...if at all. It is why I prefaced it with 'optional'.
  7. Here are the steps we recommend in the Maitreya Lara Friends group: 1. Use matching head and body appliers from the same creator and in the same skin tone. 2. Make sure your body fat matches one of the neck sizes you choose on the last tab of the Maitreya HUD. 3. Do not use the neck fix with a mesh head. The neck fix is intended to be used with system heads. 4. This is optional, but it is really the very best way to look how you want...and that is choose a good Windlight, like CaIWL
  8. Exactly this. I agree with all my being
  9. This is a common practice. Some creators purchase full perm mesh to texture and sell as their own. So, you will find identical items from quite a few creators...usually with their own unique texturing added.
  10. ahhh ok, since subscription boxes are pretty specific.... I think that is a different sort of issue. I honestly don't know how wide spread that is, though. I think for the most part, Creators are chosen for what they make, and they are allowed to make what they want, as long as it falls in with the theme... if there is one. There may be acceptions to that, I really couldn't say though if that is true or not.
  11. I have never had an event coordinator tell me or ask me to make anything specific, only that I follow the theme. Of course, I have not participated in every single event on the grid, and I don't create clothing items, so I cannot really say if that is true or not. I do very much doubt it though. Event coordinators just want good quality items and for creators to be ready on time. Once a creator has been accepted for the event and have paid for their space.... what they create for the event, is up to them.
  12. Designers are going to do whatever they have the time and inclination to do. We can 'should' them all we like, but honestly ... they are free to decide what is best for their brand. I am of the mind that if someone feels there is content lacking, and they would like to have it....then they should jump in and create it. That is the way of SL It is not really very fair to shoulder that responsibility on a select few.
  13. Really? Accidentally cliking "gift" instead of "info" because they're so close together = idiot? In all my years I have never found an llProtectFromMoronicTrollTryHards (integer DUH). Let me guess, because you fail at scripting simple failsafe logic, you feel better blaming the customer? "Hur dur I dunno how to script a proper vendor that REFUNDS when something goes wrong, guess I'll just blame customer if something goes wrong cause I'm an idiot". Next time try harder when trolling, cause you fail at it. Seriously can't tell which one is worse, this forum or reddit. You people's logic is just baffling. I come on here warning people to be careful of the gift function in vendor scripts because it's scripted very poorly (which is your TLDR if you can't comprehend it) and get flamed, though why am I not surprised, not the first time it happened. Completely idiotic script used for vendor and I get 2 out of 3 posts blaming me for the vendor eating my money. Are you f-cking serious? Have you guys gone outside of your homes for the last 20 years? Ever heard of an ATM machine? Ever did online banking? Have you heard of something called failsafe? Ever heard of UX? If customer encounters in a bug in the system, it's supposed to simply just say "screw it"? If a customer clicks "cancel", it supposed to think it means "continue"? /triple facepalm Hyperbole much? Fact remains, the script did not fail and steal your money. You admittedly hit the wrong button. All you needed to do is contact the creator and have the problem cleared up.
  14. I use a script based payment system on my vendors, and they work just fine. You made a mistake, it happens. If a customer were to make the same mistake and get in touch with me.... I would make sure they got their product or a return on their money. Really not a huge issue.
  15. Pebbelz Ohmai wrote: I would for sure buy a mesh bento mesh body as well as bento mesh head because that is the wave of the future in sl simply because the classic av body doesnt not come with the newly added bones that bento mesh will have...meaning your av will have more movement in parts such as fingers etc ... I just wanted to correct you on this. The Classic sl body of course has the added bento bones. Mesh bodies are just worn over top that system ... the basic skeleton is still considered the classic body.
  16. It looks like it could be by L'Etre. It is always hard to tell in shots like that, but that would be my guess.
  17. 1) Maybe Doe or Olive 2) That hair looks a lot like something by Pr!tty ...and yes, it looks like she is wearing a mesh mouth
  18. Thanks so much for the reply It deffinetely gave me a better over all view of how land works.
  19. I am not entirely new to Second Life, started here over a year ago. I am, however, new to the subject of Land in SL. I have been trying to cure my curiosity by doing research....but seems it has made me more confused than before o.O. I know there are 'mainlands' and umm other places, I suppose. How do I know where I am in relation to these regions? How do I get to a mainland? How do I know if I am there...and is it important that I even know if I am? lol, ok....soooo yea. Completely lost on the subject. Ive looked at the SL wiki regarding ..mainland....and I see maps, and all sorts of decriptions. I do not see how to get there or how one knows if they are there. I would really love to find some info.... in one place maybe :) lol , that would make some sense out of all of it. Really after all this time... just wondering where ive been, where I am at in here. There is this huge virtual world that I have been hanging out in, making friends, shopping... doing w/e........like some of us do :P Now, Id like a bigger picture, so to speak.
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